The Ultimate Guide to a Portugal Yacht Charter

Discover everything you need to know about a Portugal yacht charter.

The Ultimate Guide to a Portugal Yacht Charter

Portugal is a country that borders Spain in Europe. The country has over 1000km of Atlantic Ocean coastline along with the Azores archipelago located off the coastline. On a Portugal yacht charter, visitors can experience the towns and cities along the coastlines, such as Lisbon, the Algarve, Porto, and other quiet towns and villages. Portugal has mild winds and at certain times of the years quite a swell, making it a great place for surfing. 

Portugal yacht charter is great for everyone with over 340 days of sunshine a year, with coves, beaches, and beautiful coastline to explore. Portugal has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with beautiful villages, with colorful houses, and kilometers of coastline backed by cliffs and wide beaches. 

With all the wonders that Portugal holds, you can be sure a Portugal yacht charter will offer a vacation of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

A Portugal yacht charter has something for everyone whether you are a history buff, beach person or someone who likes to explore, it is the perfect destination for everyone.

In this guide, we hope to give you an insight into everything you need to know about booking and going on a Portugal yacht charter.

Weather on a Portugal Yacht Charter

Weather on a Portugal Yacht Charter. The best time to go on a Portugal yacht charter is anytime. Portugal prominently has a Mediterranean climate but can vary due to its Atlantic Ocean coastline. Portugal has long dry summers and mild wet winters. During the summer on a Portugal yacht charter, visitors can experience up to 11 or 12 hours of sunshine and up to six hours of sunshine in the winter months. During the summer months, the average temperature is 28c (83f) and the average winter temperature is between 14 and 16c (57 to 60f). 

Portugal Charter. The sea temperature during the summer reaches 19c (66f). On a Portugal yacht charter, you can find out more about weather forecasts and weather alerts on radio channels and in marinas.

Wind Conditions on a Portugal Yacht Charter

Portugal Yacht Charter. The best month to go on a Portugal yacht charter is any time of year. The winter months are pleasant with cooler wetter weather and the summer months are warm with dry weather. The winter months are mild, with great sailing conditions, warm during the day and cooler in the evening. A Portugal yacht charter is an ideal all year round sailing destination. 

Wind Conditions. Portugal’s wind conditions are heavily influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. These winds tend to be light to moderate, and vary depending on the location on the coastline. On a Portugal yacht charter, the winds tend to blow from a south-easterly direction and a northerly direction. 

Best Time to go to Portugal

When is the best time to go on a Portugal yacht charter? Any time of year is a great time to go on a Portugal yacht charter, depending on the individual’s availability.

Seasons. Portugal has a Mediterranean climate with mild wet winters and hot dry summers. During the summer months, the chance of rainfall is significantly lower than during the winter months. The summer months are the most popular months to visit with the shoulder months of May and September being quieter but while still having great weather and winds conditions without the crowds. 

Portugal is a Great Sailing Destination

Great Sailing Destination. Portugal is a great yacht charter destination, with a mild climate and lots to explore. Located in the Atlantic Ocean a Portugal yacht charter has favorable winds, with changeable winds, and occasionally calm. Lisbon is the countries capital city and is home to some of the best regattas in the world. With many prestigious events beginning or ending in the city and country including the Tall Ships Races, Volvo Ocean Race, the Clipper around the world regatta, TP/52 Audi Med Cup, and the Centenary of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). 

Portugal Yacht Charter. On a Portugal yacht charter, visitors can experience the country’s 1000km of beautiful coastline, with rock formations and cliffs lining the coastline. On a Portugal yacht charter, there are several great places to visit including Lisbon, the Algarve, Cascais, Lagos, Albufeira, Madeira, as well as the Azores archipelago located 670km off the coast of Portugal. 

Europe Itineraries

European Sailing Itineraries. There is no better way to discover Portugal than sailing; the most beautiful beaches, mountains, and towns. Either you prefer a flotilla or a bareboat charter, these itineraries are ideal to follow, in order to discover the hidden beauties of the country. You can also combine a Portugal yacht charter with a European charter which could involve nearby Spain and its islands.

Places Not to Miss on a Portugal Yacht Charter

Places to Visit. Portugal has a superb coastline with wonderful coast front towns and villages ideal for swimming or surfing. Here are some recommendations for the best places to visit on a Portugal yacht charter.

  • Portimao
  • Faro
  • Tavira
  • El Rompido
  • Vila Real de St. Antonio
  • Olhao
  • Porto
  • Lisbon
  • Caldas de Aregos
  • Pinhao
  • Pocinho
  • Barca d’Alva 
  • Ferradosa
  • Entre-os-Rios
  • Foz do Sabor

Best Time to Book a Portugal Yacht Charter

Best Time to Book a Portugal Yacht Charter. The best time to book a Portugal yacht charter is now! We have fully qualified and knowledgable sales advisors who can find your perfect Portugal yacht charter and help make your sailing dreams come true.

Expert Advice. Our sales advisors can give you recommendations of areas to visit, itineraries to follow, and help with choosing the perfect boat for your trip. Our sales advisors have great knowledge of the boats and area, as well as wind conditions and weather at specific times of the year.

The Ultimate Guide to a Portugal Yacht Charter

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