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What is the Best RYA Day Skipper & RYA Yachtmaster?

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We Explore the Best Online RYA Theory Course

What is the Best Online RYA Theory Course?

Increasingly, people are using online courses to improve their on-the-water skills. We are often asked, what do you recommend, what is the best Online RYA Theory Course. So we tested a few and wow. Things have moved on a great deal since the correspondence courses of the past.

Try Before You Buy

Of those we tested, we particular liked this course which has a Try Before You Buy option that we particularly liked. It lasts a year (more than enough time)

Reasonably priced

You can feel the effort that has gone into the graphics and the questions, this has come at a cost, but it is extremely cost effective when compared to giving up your tome to go weekly to a college or sailing club.

SailChecker has joined forces with one of the leading online learning platforms to bring you an exciting way to learn to sail.

What’s Included in You Course?

  • 14 Lessons.
  • Over 30 quizzes & exercises that checks understanding of each topic
  • 1000s of informative 3D images, animations, videos, downloadable resources, and links to external references.
  • Instructor Support 7 days a week.
  • 12 months access to the software.
  • Unlimited attempts at Exams.
  • An RYA Course Completion Certificate when you’ve passed your exams.
  • Includes 2 RYA Training Charts.
  • An RYA Training Almanac.
  • The Course Handbook.
  • Free 1st Class UK Delivery (+£10 for Europe, £20 Worldwide).
  • Optional Plotter & Divider Kit (£28).

Why People Choose Us

Highly Relaistic
Use of realistic 3D graphics & videos to illustrate scenarios exactly as they might appear onboard.

Useful when learning Collision Regs, Buoyage and Pilotage. Know what to do in all circumstance aboard.

Dedicated Support
You are provided with backup and help by our RYA Ocean Yachtmaster instructors.

Your instructor will be available from 0800 until 2000 UT or BST seven days a week.

Fast Access
Access to you course is immediate when you book and your learning can start straight away.

Backed by a 48 hour money back guarantee.

Request More Information

Contact us now for help and advice on which course to take or any required information.

1. Realistic Learning Scenarios

The platform use realistic 3D graphics and videos to illustrate scenarios exactly as they might appear from onboard your vessel.
This is particularly valuable when teaching The Collision Regulations, Buoyage and Pilotage. You will know what to do in any circumstance while on board.

2. Step by Step Instructions

Straightforward, narrated and animated, step-by-step instructions, incorporating regular quizzes and exercises, teach navigation, meteorology, the collision regulations, buoyage and safety at your own pace.

3. Unlimited Resits

We prepare you carefully for the final exams, which are taken online after you’ve attempted mock papers. If you don’t quite make the grade we provide detailed personal feedback, suggest relevant additional study and allow unlimited resits. We want to be 100% sure you succeed and take the helm.

4. Step by Step Instructions

We understand choosing not to study in a conventional classroom is a big decision. We understand there are many pros and cons. So we think that students to be 100% satisfied with their choice.
For that reason we could not recommend a course that didn’t offer at least a 14-day money back guarantee.
In that way, we think there is nothing keeping your from trying the best online RYA theory course.
If you still have questions, feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to provide you with more information.

5. Unlimited Resits

Don’t worry about failing..! The package allows unlimited resits (not need to tell everyone how many you took)!.

6. Sign Up

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