Greece Sailing Holidays Guide

Ever Thought About Going on one of our Greece Sailing Holidays? Greece Is The Perfect Destination

Greece Sailing Holidays Guide

Going on one of our Greece Sailing Holidays is ideal for all sailing abilities, with areas of high winds and milder winds depending on the area of Greece you choose. Greece is a great place to sail with hot and dry summers, idyllic islands, beaches, and beautiful villages waiting to be discovered.

Greece sailing holidays can be reached from anywhere in the world. Many of the islands have their own airports along with the mainland airports depending on the area of the country you choose to sail in. Many of these airports have flights to other destinations in Europe, which connect the country to the rest of the world.

The weather in Greece is perfect for sailing with hot dry summers and mild winters. The wind varies depending on the location in Greece. The sailing season in Greece begins at the end of April/ early May and lasts until October.

The best time to go on one of our Greece sailing holidays is in May, June or September in order to avoid the crowds of people in the marinas and tourist hot spots. Although this being said, anytime throughout the summer is great just beware of the crowds.

Why Go On One Of Our Greece Sailing Holidays?

Greece Sailing Holidays. Greece has over 13,676km (8,498miles) of coastline making it the 11th longest coastline in the world. This coastline brings with it over 486 beaches which have been awarded Blue Flag for environmental management and high water quality, and an abundance of islands, 227 of which are inhabited.

Greek Islands. Greece is considered by many as ‘paradise’ with consistent trade winds, sunshine, and blue sky. Sailing holidays in Greece are perfect for everyone, with different areas having different wind conditions. The Aegean Sea (experienced sailors), Saronic Gulf, Sporades Islands, and the Ionian Sea have milder winds and safer bays, which are ideal for less confident sailors. Aside from beautiful beaches, islands, and turquoise waters, Greece has 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore as well as fishing villages.

Things To Do On Sailing Holidays In Greece

Places To Visit. Greece sailing holidays are a great way to experience the best Greece has to offer at your own pace and discover a large number of islands or areas you would never discover on a resort holiday. Greece has lots of things to see and do, with a large number of great sites and islands to explore.

  • Zakynthos, Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach)
  • Milos Island, – The distinctive white sandy beach with volcano rocks on Sarakiniko Beach.
  • Crete – The pink sand and turquoise waters in Balos Beach and Lagoon.
  • Santorini and Mykonos – Two of the most photographed islands in Greece, picturesque villages and towns with whitewashed villages.
  • Crete, – A protected area with sand lilies, pink sand, turtles nesting at Elafonissi Beach.
  • Acropolis – The ancient ruins of Acropolis built in 510BC and Delphi a UNESCO site with Mount Parnassos.
  • Corfu – A multi-cultural heritage, with natural landscapes, historic buildings, and a Mediterranean feel.
  • Rhodes – Site of the first Greek Island, with the ancient town of Lindos.

These are just a small number of the things you can explore and see in Greece, as well as the traditional sailing activities of swimming, snorkelling, diving or just watching the sunset with a cocktail on deck on one of our Greece Sailing Holidays.

When To Book Your Sailing Holidays in Greece

Best Time to Book Sailing Holidays in Greece. The best time to book one of our Greece sailing holidays is now! We have fully qualified and knowledgable sales advisors who can find your perfect holiday in Greece and help make your sailing dreams come true.

Expert Advice. Our sales advisors can give you recommendations of areas to visit, itineraries, and help you with choosing the perfect boat for your trip. Our sales advisors have knowledge of the boats and area, as well as wind conditions and weather at specific times of the year.

What Boats Are Available To Charter?

Greece Sailing Holidays. In Greece, we have a large number of boats available for charter. Greece is a big sailing destination, with lots of options for itineraries and hundreds of marinas with boats available all over the country, depending on what itinerary you desire.

Bareboat Charter. For your Greece sailing holidays, you can charter a bareboat yacht to explore the islands, sail on your own if you have the relevant qualifications and experience.

Skipper Charter. If you have little or no sailing experience you can charter a yacht with a skipper who will take care of everything on the boat including helping you decide on an itinerary, while also recommending restaurants and towns to explore.

Catamaran or Monohull. On one of our Greece sailing holidays, you can charter either a catamaran or monohull boat depending on the number of people you have on your charter, and how much room you require.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Greece Sailing Holidays?

Greece Charters. Greece sailing holidays are great for families and groups who want to travel at their own pace around their chosen islands. These charters also offer flexibility and allow for variations in itineraries and changes to schedules. Greece sailing holidays are rewarding experiences and a great chance to use existing skills and qualifications to guide your group around their charter.

Freedom. Greece sailing holidays are ideal for exploring a variety of destinations and create your own itinerary. Adults, children, and families will all enjoy Greece sailing holidays with activities for all the family to enjoy.

Where Can You Sail?

Sailing Itineraries. On one of our Greece sailing holidays, you can take whichever route you desire, depending on what you what to see and explore. Greece has lots of options for itineraries, depending on whether you want to visit islands, villages or cities.

Different Wind Patterns. Each area of Greece has different wind activity and patterns, so it’s best to check which sailing area is suitable for your sailing abilities.

Greece Sailing Holidays Guide

Have you ever been sailing on one of our Greece sailing holidays? What tips or recommendations would you give to others?

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