Learn to Sail at Home

Expand your Sailing Knowledge with our Best Ways to Learn to Sail at Home

Our 3 Ways to Learn to Sail at Home

The SailChecker Team has done all the hard work and have prepared a list of ways to improve your sailing knowledge and learn to sail at home. From finding the right books, to digging out cool apps to offering The best online RYA Theory Course – an exciting was to learn to sail at home.

Learn to Sail easily. All the 3 ways we’re presenting, will help you learn to sail in the comfort of your home, and will cover every taste. You could either purchase a book and get it delivered directly to you, or could get the e-version to take it with you, easily, wherever you are, or just sit back comfortably and watch the online courses and seminars.

SailChecker Bonus. SailChecker has secured a free PDF copy of a Sailing Guide, written by Shirley Reekie, which will teach you everything you need to know to get into the blue and sail away.

1. Read a Book

Feeling like purchasing a book? The Team has found the best books for you to start with, and learn everything you need to know about sailing.

  1. You are still as busy as usual, while everyone is staying inside, but want to learn something new? Your regatta to knowledge is ‘Fast Track to Sailing’! The book is written by a couple that owned a sailing school, so you can be sure you’ll get to know everything effectively. The title promises to get you out into the water in just three days.
  2. Who hasn’t heard about the ‘… for dummies’ books? And yes, there is one for sailing a well. This bible will get you from sailing terminology to chartering. Before you know, you’ll be cruising the ocean leaving your friends astonished.
  3. The Voyager’s handbook is something you should keep near if you are an experienced sailor. Full of crucial information, you will find things that broaden your knowledge, help planning… Recommended by professionals and passionate sailors, you should have this book on board.
  4. There is no better way to make plans and dream than sitting at home in your rocking chair. Have you thought about getting some inspiration from other sailors trips? The #1 trending book in sports travel is… Yes! A sailing story. Escape from the ordinary is written by Julie Bradley and contains adventures she has been through with her husband, in the furthest corners of the world.
  5. We don’t have to tell it to those who own one. Maintenance of a boat takes a lot of time and energy, but necessary if you want to keep it in good shape. But don’t worry, from the top of the mast to stir, Don Casey covers everything you need to know in his +800 page illustrated sailboat maintenance manual.
  6. For our little sea enthusiasts we have a couple suggestions as well. If you are busy, but your kids love reading a book together, you can have someone else read a book aloud for your kids. Give Brilliant Boats a shot, filled with rhimes by Tony Mitton and drawings by Ant Parker.

2. Download an App.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn about terminology, sailing rules etc quickly? That’s possible through one of the two Apps we’ve found for you, which will help you Learn to Sail in a very interesting way.

  • Sailing in another part of the world where different rules apply? Navathome.com will help you out with a free trial. You can learn about buoys, collision regulation and practice using online flip cards. Furthermore, you can find different Royal Yachting Association courses on their website. (web)
  • SeaProof allows you to practice morse, maneuvers, interpret vessel lights and much more. The application can be downloaded on Android and Apple phones and has a free trial to discover whether this is something for you or not. (app)

3. Join Online Courses/Seminars

Online Courses.  

SailChecker has joined forces with one of the leading online learning platforms to bring you an exciting way to learn to sail.

The course employs state-of-the art technology used by major corporations including  IBM, Microsoft, Sony and others to deliver online training to their employees. The lessons run on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and all Android devices. Click Here to Read More.

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