Have Fun, Enjoy and Just Party!

Focusing on your job and working hard every second of your life just makes you want to have a break and relax from your hectic schedule; and the members of the airline industry feel the same way too. They also want to pause from their stressful job and just party to relax and enjoy their freedom to have fun. That is why it is a really good thing that the Interline Regatta has been found.

What is Interline Regatta?

For starters, the Interline Regatta is basically an event made for the people in the airline industry: the members, crew, their families, and their friends. However, it is not limited to British Virgin Island, but anyone cool can join in! What would happen here? There would be a lot, but summing it up in two words, it would be racing and partying. And it is not just any racing; it is racing hard. It is not just partying; it is partying at its best. Interline Regatta brings a whole new meaning to ‘forgetting your work and just have fun’. You get to see a lot of people from everywhere brought by their desire to enjoy their selves.

What sets Interline Regatta apart from other parties?

Partying in a yacht is already a huge moment for one to take in, but racing with other people, even with your friends, in a competitive, yet fun manner is an addition to its enjoyment. For the whole duration, there is no day that you would feel the same as the level of excitement and enjoyment heightens up every day and the fun, whether you are part of one of the teams or just a mere spectator, is served at another level, leaving you no room for disappointment, but non-stop parties for you to drown yourself in!

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