Part of the Aegean archipelago, the Cyclades offer all the best of a traditional greek experience. Here you’ll find classic greek culture, rich history, and gorgeous scenery. White washed buildings against stunning deep blue sea, delectable Mediterranean food, Don’t miss out on the greek island vacation of your dreams, it’s just as good as you imagined.

Our Guide to the Cyclades Sailing Itinerary - Paros Route

If you long to go island hopping, the Cyclades are a can’t-miss! The most famous islands in the Aegean, the Cyclades are laid out in a circle, making it easy to go from one to another. Made up of 2,200 individual islands, only 25 are populated. Our Cyclades Sailing Itinerary will take you to all the best stops of this island group.

Greek Mythology maintains the Cyclades as Poseidon’s creation and territory, making it the ideal sailing spot. The islands have been inhabited since prehistoric times and over time developed as trade and business hubs. This gave way to a unique and multi-faceted culture on the islands. The islands were later subject to numerous pirate raids, and would become part of the Turkish occupation for a bit. However, today the islands and part of the Greek state and have become a destination for travellers from all over the globe.

Getting There

For the Paros route, we recommend flying into Athens, which can be easily accessed from all over Europe, as well as through many International Airports. As Greece’s capital city and the biggest airport (ATH- Eleftherios Venizelos) in the country, you will find a large number of flights daily, year round. You can then get to Paros via ferry. From Athens, this is about a 4 hour ferry ride. Be sure to check the ferry schedules, so you can catch a ferry the same day your flight lands. If that doesn't work with your flight itinerary, you will have to make overnight accommodations in Athens.


Mooring in most of the places in our Cyclades Sailing Itinerary is “stern to” with mooring lines or anchor at the bow. You can also enjoy “free-swinging” in idyllic, secluded bays, with or without long-lines ashore. If you want to visit a couple of private marinas, you should expect a relatively high fee per night.


The weather in the Cyclades is warm in summer with varying winds, which can become strong when the Meltemi hits. This makes it the perfect sailing destination for intermediate or advanced sailors.