Yacht Charter Turkey - The 6 Top Sites

A Turkey Sailing Charter Offers an Opportunity to Visit the Turkey's Top Sites Whilst Enjoying Area

The 6 Top Sites on a Yacht Charter Turkey

The Turkish Riviera is a 1,000 mile stretch of coastline, with green mountains, crystal clear waters, historic sites, and superb beaches. From diving in Antalya, the archaeological site of Ephesus, the vibrant city of Fethiye, Ölüdeniz lagoon, and the medieval castle, and underwater museum in Bodrum. There are plenty of must-visit sites to see on a Yacht Charter in Turkey plus great sailing conditions, warm weather, world-class diving, and snorkelling.

There are many ways to explore Turkey sailing, yet many of its amazing destinations lie on its coastline abundant in natural beauty and rich in history. You do not have to be experienced to create wonderful memories of Turkey on a yacht charter, local companies offer local skippers who sail for you and act as a guide. You can also join other groups on large transitional sailing vessels called gullets.

Get in touch today to learn more about how to charter a yacht in turkey and discover the best time and places to visit. Now enjoy the Best 6 sites to Visit on a Turkey Yacht Charter.

1. Gümüşlük

Gümüşlük is perfect for a quick dip and to enjoy a drink or a meal of freshly caught fish at stylish yet simple beach eateries.

Gümüşlük. A local favourite section of beaches, which are perfect for mooring up at, with oceanfront restaurants that serve delicious local plates and use local produce. The small town is filled with picturesque cobbled streets and is a contrast to the liveliness of Bodrum. The town has an open air market which offers a range of products including handmade souvenirs, jewellery, lanterns, and much more.

Lokma. Be sure to sample the towns famous lokma with orange, which is a small fired ball of dough, which is then dipped into a syrup. Gümüşlük is a perfect place to stop at and great must-visit sites to see in Turkey.

Surrounding Islands. Gümüşlük is surrounded by the smaller islands of Küçük Kiremit, Büyük Kiremit, Çavuş Island, and Çatal. These islands also make for one of the great sites to see in Turkey.

2. Bodrum Amphitheatre

A dramatic structure, cut skilfully into a hillside, dates back to BC and Roman era

Bodrum Amphitheatre. Located close to the port, the Bodrum Amphitheatre is a marvel of ancient history, where you can climb up to the top of the amphitheatre and take in the view of Bodrum, the surrounding area and the historic monument.

History. Dating back to the 4th-century B.C. the amphitheatre is one of the best sites to see in Turkey and Bodrum. You can imagine the atmosphere in the past within the theatre and the 13,000 spectators enjoying entertainment. You might be lucky enough to be in town when there is a concert

3. Marmaris Marina

Climb the pleasant old hilly streets surrounding Marmaris Castle and look down on the juxtaposing modern yacht-filled marina.

Leisure Paradise. Marmaris Marina is a great place to take a leisurely walk around with a great atmosphere. There are restaurants serving local delicacies, live performers, souvenir shops selling Turkish traditional products. If it isn’t the starting point on your itinerary, it should definitely be a stop as it as one of the must-visit sites to see in Turkey.

4. Carian Rock Tombs

A great place to sail past and stop to admire as one of the sites to see in Turkey is the Carian Rock Tombs.

Carian Rock Tombs. Preserved these majestic carvings in the rock formations are a great landmark to enjoy. You can learn all about the history of the tombs from locals or your skipper.

10th Century BC. 8km from the ocean the Kaunos archaeological site is the remains of an ancient city and must visit sites to see in Turkey on a yacht charter. The site displays Roman and Hellenistic features, a temple, a Byzantine basilica, and Roman baths.

5. Cold Water Bay

Site of an underwater spring flowing in from mountains high above keeping the water cool even in the heat of summer.

Secret Bay. Cold Water Bay is a secluded and secret bay which is enclosed but worth finding, Located west of Olu Deniz, the site has a family-run restaurant, where the owners will help you drop anchor and guide you to the best anchorage spots. The bay takes its name from the cold water spring which flows into the bay. The owner’s name Ali and has been located in the area for a large number of years.

The Abandoned Town. Once you drop anchor you can take a short walk to a traditional abandoned city which is like a time capsule into Turkey’s past. In Cold Water Bay visitors can also swim in the cooler waters and eat at Ali’s restaurant which serves freshly made traditional food and delicacies, one of the must-visit sites to see in Turkey on a yacht charter.

6. Serce Limani

The perfect idyllic hidden bay.

Serce Limani. Serce Limani is a 24NM sail from Marmaris, with lots of things to stop and see along the way. Serce Limani is a sanctuary and nature lover’s paradise with cliffs to dive and jump from, sheltered bays to visit, and shipwrecks to dive and explore. Serce Limani has no roads or cars and offers a tranquil environment. Serce Limani is a great place to anchor overnight with a T-pier located just outside the restaurant, with a wooden deck. Alternatively the south and north of the bay are ideal anchorage locations, with a deep seabed to anchor at one of the must-visit sites to see in Turkey.

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