5 Great Reasons to Yacht Charter in Turkey

Ranked as the third Best Destination by Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice™ Destinations 2015

Why Yacht Charter in Turkey this Summer?

It was very pleasant, and not all that much of a surprise to those in the know, to see Turkey make it into the top 3 travel destinations according to Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice™ Destinations 2015, chosen from 25 worldwide destinations.
In recognition of this, we thought we would give you our 5 reasons for Sailing in Turkey this Summer.

1. Wonderful Diversity

Turkey is surrounded by three seas and sits imperiously between Europe and Asia. This country is a melting pot of cultures, religions, and traditions delivering wonderful historic sites worthy of this magnificent country.  There are many ways to enjoy Turkey, seeing the wonderful land and seascapes from the deck of your sailing yacht is amongst the very best.

2. Stunning Beaches

Who doesn’t adore the crystal clear turquoise waters? The word, “Turquoise”, actually originates from the French word for “Turkish”. Take your chance to experience the real turquoise in Turkey and be dazzled by their charm.

5 Great Reasons to Yacht Charter in Turkey
KızkalesiShore of Mersin

3. Be a Time Traveler.

Almost every Turkish city has its own castle or fortification – behind each and every one of them is a fascinating and interesting (hi)story. From legends to real events, take a good guide book or ask a local to tell you what is hidden behind the old walls of all the monuments you’ll see. A region where the worlds ancient empires once met, it is a great opportunity to visit some of the archeological treasures.

4. Taste Exceptional Cuisine

You are going to love the amazing food. You will find a wide range of ingredients and spices in all their recipes leading to an unforgettable taste experience. From fish to lamb, a simple pie (borek) to desserts such us baklava, kunefe and kazandibi, millions of mouthwatering dishes are waiting for you to explore them.

Tip: Turkish serve breakfast (kahvalti) like no one else. Don’t miss it.

5 Great Reasons to Yacht Charter in Turkey
Exceptional cuisineWith over 50 types of Kebab
5 Great Reasons to Yacht Charter in Turkey
Grand Bazaar, IstanbulYou'll find hundreds of bazaars spread all over the country

5. Shopping

Try not to leave Turkey without visiting one of their bazaars – open or covered markets where you can find a bewildering array of gifts,  keepsakes or even a rare collectable. From spices to pottery, scarves, lanterns and even clothing or shoes, you can find anything you need at very affordable prices. For the book lovers, there are secondhand book markets that date back to the Byzantine period, where you can find rare prints. so be sure to include this in your travel itinerary.

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