10 Best Places To Sail in the Summer

Top Destinations to Sail in the Summer 2021

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Choosing the Best Place to Sail In Summer 2021

The best place to sail in the summer is tricky advice to give; the Caribbean and the Far East offer somewhat neverending sail in the summer, we decided to keep our list to the more seasonal destinations.

Seemingly summer sailing has advantages over late Spring and early Autumn/Fall.  In most regions, the sun is shining and the rain keeps away – but as for wind, it’s not always so straightforward. In the Cyclades during July and August, you will find the Meltemi means strong winds and clear blue sky for those looking for adventure. Go West to the Ionian means a real lack of wind until the late afternoon sea breezes fill in.

We have created this guide so you can easily identify the best place to sail in the summer from our destinations that suits what you are looking for. Please don’t forget, we have highly experienced consultants to navigate and guide you through every aspect of planning your dream charter.

Sail In The Summer 2021

Before considering going on a yacht charter in summer 2021, identify whether or not your home country has any restrictions. Many countries such as the UK and the USA have restrictions and advisories against all but essential travel. This level of advisory means it is challenging to purchase travel insurance and flights out of the country. As of February 2021, the UK has an advisory of all but essential travel and a mandatory self-isolation period of 2 weeks upon returning (beginning June 8th) to the UK from abroad. The US has a Level 4 Do Not Travel advising against all but essential travel out of the country. 

A yacht charter is a great way to visit a country and travel while also respecting social distancing. Even if you are allowed entry to a country doesn’t mean social distancing is not a requirement. When thinking about going on a yacht charter, you also have to consider if that country has any rules or regulations in addition to social distancing, such as wearing masks, or closures of restaurants, etc. This article is designed to help you identify and decide where you can sail in the summer 2021. 

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Where Can You Sail In The Summer 2021?

Discover The Destinations You Can Sail in the Summer 2021

1. Croatia

Croatia is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the world

Croatia has dealt with Covid restrictions in its own way and entry to the country was allowed during summer 2000, and we believe the same will be possible in the summer of 2021. The country has begun to lift many of its social distancing and other measured implemented by Covid-19. Public transportation has resumed, in addition to air travel and boat connections between islands. 

Entry into the country requires a negative Covid-19 PCR test within 48 hours of arrival into the country.

Sail in the summer of 2021 might be possible to Croatia with the implementation of another air bridge between the UK and Croatia or vaccine passports. 

2. Greece

Greece has the perfect yacht charter destination for all abilities.

It is hopeful that with a good vaccination scheme and vaccine passports those looking to travel to Greece and sail in the summer will be able to do so. In 2020 there was an airbridge between Greece and the UK and the same along with vaccine passports will be present for 2021.

Greece has made Covid-19 PCR tests taken no longer than 72 hours before arrival mandatory for entry into the country. A second test is required upon arrival into the country, and visitors will also have to complete a passenger locator form.

We are confident that in summer 2021 (depending on individual countries guidance) people will be able to visit Greece to sail in the summer 2021.

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3. Spain

The Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, and the Spanish coastline are great to sail in summer 2020 destinations

Spain has stated that they plan on allowing visitors to the country in summer 2021. This is great news for Spain to be a top sail in the summer 2021 destination, with the Balearic Islands, Spanish coastline, and the Canary Islands being a great place to sail in the summer 2021.

Currently, the country is open to EU countries and Schengen-area countries. From 23rd November 2020, visitors are required to present a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before arrival. However you may arrive into Spain visitors are required to complete a Health Control Form. You may also be randomly tested on arrival into the country. 

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4. Italy

Colourful buildings, pizza, pasta, and an abundance of culture.

Italy is a favourite European sailing destination, with islands to explore, Sicily, Sardinia, and the beautiful Amalfi Coastline. Italy is still set to be a great destination to sail in the summer 2021.

Italy opened it’s border to European travellers in the summer of 2020 after being closed since early March. Currently a mandatory negative Cocivd-19 PCR test. is required no more than 72 hours before arrival. An additional rapid antigenic or molecular swab test must be done no more than 48 hours before arrival. A self-declaration form must also be completed before arrival.

Currently, the UK government is in talks with the Italian Government about a potential air bridge or vaccine passports between the two countries, but nothing has been confirmed. This is hopeful for those looking to sail in the summer of 2021.

Italy has implemented strong social distancing rules in museums, libraries, shops, restaurants, and these rules will be in place for months to come. But. we are hopeful you will be able to sail in the summer of 2021 in Italy.

5. Turkey

Beautiful beaches and superb sailing locations, make Turkey a top destination to sail in summer 2020

Turkey opened its airport to international flights on June 10th 2020, where both domestic and international flights worldwide resumed. Turkey slowly reopened and there is hope that visits will be able to sail in the summer of 2021.

Every foreigner who enters Turkey will have to have a HES code which is a 10 or 12 digit number which will be used for tracking and passing on information to those who have been in contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19. A negative PCR test is also required within 72 hours of arrival into the country.

Turkey has moved on from many of its curfews, but social distancing is still a big factor and individuals visiting places with a high number of people such as the supermarket, marketplace, and transportation are required to wear a mask. This makes sailing in Turkey a great vacation idea as on a boat you will be secluded from others, allowing you to sail in the summer of 2021.

At Turkish airports, they have begun screening passengers with thermal imaging cameras. Its promising that visitors will be able to sail in the summer of 2021 in Turkey.

6. St Lucia

A beautiful island in the Caribbean filled with beaches and nature.

St Lucia allowed US citizen into the country from June 4th 2020.

Sail in the summer of 2021 will be different than it once was before with certain guidelines and recommendations to follow.

Arriving in the country at the airport, passengers will have their temperature taken. All arrivals into the country will be required to present a negative Covid-19 test dated within the previous 24 hours. Face masks are mandatory and social distancing is required in the country. QR codes will be utilised to inform visitors of any changes.

7. The Bahamas

The Bahamas has beautiful white sandy beaches to enjoy, blue waters to swim in and picturesque islands to explore

The Bahamas began allowing foreigners into the country from July 1st 2020. With a negative Covid PCR test required on arrival taken no more than 5 days prior to travel.

Sailing in the Bahamas in the summer is a perfect time to visit with lots of things to see and do, making it a top destination to sail in the summer 2021.

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