8 Reasons To Go Sailing With Kids

Sailing With Kids Will Give Them Unique And Wonderful Opportunities

8 Reasons To Go Sailing With Kids

Sailing with kids would be considered by many a bad idea but it really isn’t. Many people believe it is unsafe to sail with kids or they will not enjoy it, or it will be crowded. But it doesn’t have to be any of these things. Sailing with kids can be very beneficial for them and for the family as a whole.

The benefits of sailing with kids are significantly higher than the problems. Sailing with kids is perfectly safe, and they will, in turn, learn a large number of new skills and the family will spend some quality time together with minimal distractions.

Children can learn new skills to use to their everyday lives, make memories which will last a lifetime and maybe even learn new things about themselves.

No matter where you decide to go on a yacht charter you will be sure children will learn something new, from visiting Greece or Croatia to taking an island-hopping trip around the Caribbean, any new location will teach children something new.

1. Learn New Skills

New Skills. Sailing with kids can give them a large number of new skills and an opportunity to learn not only about sailing but about themselves and general skills too. Taking a sailing holiday with children will allow them to learn about living within a small environment, learn things to make the boat shipshape. How to rig and unrig a boat, basic sailing skills as well as things like how to keep the boat tidy, how to live in a small space, how to share, not only things but maybe a room with another sibling. Even how to clean up after themselves, split tasks, help with the cooking or cleaning onboard the boat.

Small Environments. Boats are smaller environments to live in than normal family homes, keeping them organized is essential to be able to sail and having room to do activities.

2. Sailing With Kids Will Teach Them About ‘The School Of Life’

School Of Life. Being on a sailing boat will allow kids to learn about things they wouldn’t normally even consider or wouldn’t learn anywhere else. Sailing with kids can teach them about different cultures depending on the locations visited, how to read the wind, try new cuisines or foods which they normally wouldn’t, some children may decide to help with sailing and learn about reading the wind, avoid seasickness, conserving water and living without power.

Ample Learning. The learning really begins when they start packing, by identifying what to pack for a sailing trip to being prepared to set sail. Children may even pick up words in another language while onshore or at a restaurant, and learn to entertain themselves throughout the day on board a boat. Far beyond anything they would learn on a regular resort holiday or by staying at home.

3. Work Together As A Family

Work Together. Sailing with kids is a family sport and activity. Each family member can help to do tasks, such as configure sails, check the wind, anticipate the ocean and adapt together to changes and deal with any issues which may arise. You will have a goal as a family and spend quality time together without any distractions. You can choose your itineraries and make decisions together about meals, stops and activities you want to enjoy.

4. Adventure

Sense Of Adventure. Not only does sailing with kids offer them new skills they can have a sense of adventure too, out on the open seas, sailing into the wind, discovering new places each day, having no specific plan on where to go, but just looking at a map and making a decision. Sailing can be as much about controlling situations as sailing and living in a faced pace or relaxed environment.

5. Sailing With Kids May Give Them A New Hobby

New Hobby. Children love to learn and identify what they enjoy and are good at, and on a yacht charter, they may decide they want to take up a new hobby. Especially after spending time sailing, swimming, snorkelling, even diving. Sailing allows them to try new things and decide what they enjoy. Maybe they take to sailing and want to learn and continue when they get home.

6. Memories Which Last A Lifetime

Memories. Taking kids on a yacht charter will give them a week or two of memories to take away and remember. Unique experiences they may never have anywhere else. Kids remember times when they laughed and had a fun time, especially with their family.

7. Few Distractions

No Distractions. Everyday life is often fast-paced and busy, with everyone living separate lives filled with routine and technology. When you go sailing with kids on a yacht charter you will be away from the world you know, away from routine and distractions. It will allow for quality family time, together, time to talk and open up without the distractions of everyday life. Without cell phones or television, allowing for time to talk, play card games or board games together as a family, on a trip sailing with kids.

8. Get Active

Be Active. Sailing with kids will allow them to not only learn to sail but to get outside and get active. Whether it’s swimming in the ocean, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkelling, diving, playing in the water, hiking or walking around towns or villages. A sailing holiday is an active one, no sitting around the television or inside, the majority of the day will be spent outdoors in the sun and fresh air.

8 Reasons To Go Sailing With Children

We hope this article has inspired you to consider sailing with kids and taking them on your next sailing adventure.

Have you ever been on a yacht charter or sailing with kids? Let us know your tips and experiences in the comments below.

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