How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht

A Complete Guide to the Cost of Yacht Rental

Yacht Charter n. (/jɒt ˈtʃɑːtə/) a yacht or other boat available to hire, rent, charter, etc.

What Are the Costs of Yacht Charter

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht. It costs at little as £400, €500, or $550 to charter your own yacht for a week, in Europe, in January.

For that you will get a 10 year old yacht, around 32 feet (9m) in length, with two 2-person cabins, plus the saloon space that can accommodate guests too. So if you are up for a winter sail in Croatia, and you have the right sailing qualifications, you can sail for around €12 per person a day.

The Challenge. Although we can say with some confidence, chartering a yacht is not too difficult, getting it just right can be a challenge. It’s rare, but if you do get it wrong and you could face some unwanted costs at the end.  Get it right, and you can stay relaxed with all your expectations not just met, but exceeded.

The Options. These can vary slightly from one charter operator to operator, but don’t worry, we are here to navigate you through all the options and terminology.

If you are chartering regularly or booking for the for the first time,  you will find our article an indispensable guide.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Cost of Chartering a Yacht

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  • Adding Crew
  • Recommended Extras
  • Final Cleaning

Avoiding That Spiralling Bill

Bareboat Charter Cost. Let’s start with the basics. When calculating how much does it cost to charter a yacht, the main cost is simply the bareboat charter cost. This is the price before mandatory and optional extras and the one you will be quoted most often. You should usually use this to compare quotes.

Length and Cabins. The next two factors are length (LOA) and the number of cabins. In the graph below, we have the average cost of bareboat yacht charter in the Mediterranean in 2015 based on cabins and length. Most cabins are sleep two people. There are occasionally single cabins and crew cabins (not usually considered suitable for guests).

You might see the number of berths wrotten like this: 8 + 2 +2. This means 8 berths in cabins, 2 in the saloon and 2 crew berths.

The Biggest Factor – Cabins

Finding Value. The trend of the price increasing with cabins ceases at the over 15m category for a number of reasons. for a start, greater skill and experience is required to sail a charter yacht of this size safely, it is approaching the point where many non-professional skippers no longer feel comfortable. We are also beyond the typical group size who are generally looking for 3 or 4 Cabins.

You can find extra value for large groups if you hire a 5 cabin >15m Yacht.

The Three Biggest Components of Yacht Charter

If you know what type of boat you want, and even what model and make, these will all have an effect on the final price. Needless to say, if it’s your first time and you don’t know what will suit you, your expert consultant will take you through all the possibilities.


Means: Consider Your Group Dynamic


Means: How Much Space Are you Seeking


Means: Increasing Chance of In-Charter Maintenance.

The Extras, Deposit & Insurance.

Big Choices Out of the Way. So, by now you will have chosen the right size, length, age, type and model of boat! Now there are some other extras to be considered, both optional and compulsory.

Variations. There is a variation in how charter operators deal with this, for example, for some towels and sheets are included in the charter cost, for others, it’s part of a mandatory starter or welcome pack.

Deposit. You also need to consider that you will have to pay a deposit to cover any damage up to the price of the deposit. Any damage after that is covered by the operator’s insurance policy.

Final Cleaning. Sometimes included, sometimes added as a compulsory extra or included in some other compulsory element like a comfort pack. Most companies will not allow you to clean the boat yourself.

Insurance. Boats are typically insured against:

  • Risks arising from liability to third parties and damage to hull
  • Μachinery & Equipment
  • Third party liability
  • Sea pollution liability

* Prices options and availability vary.

Read more about Specialist Sailing Insurance options


more about Yachtsman Sailing Insurance


all about Yacht Charter Excess Waiver.

Insurance – What’s Not Covered

In each case below, the chances of being involved with something that is going to get bills spiralling are low, but we think it’s well worth looking at what they are, and what you can do about them

Liquidation Liability. Although it’s very rare, your operator could go out of business. This is something for you to consider and look to insure against.

The Deposit. It’s worth mentioning again that you can stand to lose all of your deposit if something happened. There are insurances available in some jurisdictions that can insure against this liability. Do ask you charter consultant for advice on this.

Change of Circumstances.  Very often, our clients are booking al long way in advance, do be aware that your initial deposit is non-returnable. You may want to seek out insurance to cover cancellation.

Holiday Insurance. Just like any holiday, there is the chance that you need to use local medical facilities, or you could lose your luggage. We do recommend that you seek out adequate insurance cover for your needs.

Often Mandatory

Usually Optional

  • Spinnaker: 210€ per week plus extra security deposit of 500€
  • Windsurf: 210€ per charter week
  • Kayak: 140€ per charter week
  • SUP (Stand Up Paddle): 140€ per charter week
  • Safety net: 150€ per charter week
  • Extra linen: 10€ per set per charter week
  • Beach towels: 10€ per set of 2 per charter week

Typical Deposit

  • Refundable Security Deposit*
    • Yachts up to 44′: € 2,500
    • Yachts above 45′: €3,000
  • Security deposit reduction insurance*:
    • Yachts up to 44′: € 250 euro plus a refundable security deposit€400
    • Yachts above 45′ & all catamarans: €330 plus a refundable deposit €500

Recommended Optional Extras

Outboard Engine. 

Whilst an Outboard Engine is strictly an option with most fleet operators, it is optional, it’s not for most people.

Some charter companies include this cost in the charter price, others separate it out, whilst a few offer different sizes.  Expect to add €80 to your weekly charter to have one included, or if you’re feeling athletic, you can always row ashore!

Safety Net. If you are sailing with children, a safety net, rigged around the guard rails is a must. Expect around €80 for one to be added.

You can read more information on family sailing on our page Is it Safe to Travel with Children.

Adding Crew

Private Cruise…
… just add affordable crew

If your budget allows, then why not add a hostess or a cook? For the cost, this is a very effective way of arranging something very tailored and great value for money.  At around €100 a day (a little more for a cook), the crew will look after your every need.

A point to note, you will be expected to include the food costs of your crew.


Let a professional sail you and act as your personal guide to find the very best out of your cruising area.


Get the very best of local produce and cruising by hiring a cook.


Sit back and relax whilst you hostess serves your food and drinks and helps out around the boat.

A Quick Yacht Charter Check List

  • Cleaning
  • Outboard engine
  • Linen & Towels
  • Wi-Fi
  • Captain/Skipper
  • Hostess
  • Cook
  • Hand
  • Gennaker

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