Sailing In January: 6 Places You Must Visit

January is a great month to go sailing with the Caribbean season in full swing and more destinations around the world for winter sun.

Sailing In January: 6 Places You Must Visit

The best destinations to go sailing in January vary with temperature and crowds depending on what type of yacht charter you desire. January is a great month to go sailing, because in Caribbean destinations as the weather is warm and the sailing season is in full swing, with plenty to do and see, with fewer crowds as the holiday season has passed. New Caledonia is also a great place to go sailing in January as the weather is perfect for sailing.

Some of the best destinations to go sailing in January are the Caribbean and New Caledonia. January is a great time to go sailing as conditions are favourable, with great deals to be had for yacht charters and flights. In January you can often find the last minute or bargain trips in the middle or late January after the holiday period with fewer people opting to go to sailing in January after the holiday period is over and people are going back to work etc.

Depending on where you decide to take a sailing trip too, January has superb weather and favourable sailing conditions. The water temperatures are still ideal for swimming when you go sailing in January to get some warm winter sunshine.

1. Grenada

Weather. Grenada is the ideal location to go sailing in January, with an average temperature between 28c (82f) and 24c (76f). In January winds have stabilised and settled in a northeasterly direction ranging from 10 – 25 knots. January is the beginning of the dry season which runs until May, so rain is less likely during this month.

Grenada. With beautiful mountains, unique fauna and flora, lakes, and an abundance of wildlife, Grenada has something great for everyone. In addition to its deep colonial history, Grenada is an island of volcanic origin. This gives it a wonderfully interesting landscape of rocky coastline and beaches set against bright green foliage and rich vegetation. Coupled with the amazing scenery, the island is home to armadillos, mona monkeys, and mockingbirds. The marine life is also present in abundance, Grenada’s waters are full of colourful coral reefs, seagrass beds – making it ideal for snorkelling and sailing in January.

2. Antigua

Antigua. Located in the middle of the Leeward Islands, Antigua is a great January sailing destination with natural beauty, a vibrant live music culture, and water which boasts thousands of shades of blue. This quiet paradise has over 54 miles of coastline to enjoy, with over 365 beaches, all with white sand and natural beauty. Antigua not only has beautiful beaches there are ample opportunities and places to snorkel in the coral reefs (may even spot a Hawksbill sea turtle), take a hike up to Fort Barrington, and you can even zip line through the rainforests.

Sailing in Antigua. Antigua is a great place to go sailing in January with short passages, clear blue waters, and line-of-sight navigation. In January the average daily high temperature is 27c (80f) and the average low is 22c (72f). During the month of January, the winds are predominately blowing from an easterly direction at around 12 knots.

3. The British Virgin Islands

Winter Sun. The British Virgin Islands are a great winter sun sailing destination as high season has got into the full swing but the holiday season has past and the crowds have somewhat subsided but the middle or end of the month. The BVI is one of the best places to go sailing in January.

Weather In January. The BVI’s weather makes it one of the best places to go sailing in January. The average high for the month is 83f (28c) and the average low is 75f (24c), although rainfall can occur it is rare at this time of year. The wind tends to be stable between 15 – 25 knots in a northeast direction, which varies from a southeast direction in the earlier winter months.

Peak Season. The peak sailing time in the BVI is between December and April, with private boats venturing from the Mediterranean across the ocean, bring more boats and tourists to the area. In January the majority of these boats have arrived from the Mediterranean but the majority of sailors have come and gone over the busy holiday period and the new year. By the middle and end of January, the BVI is quieter once again.

4. Bahamas

Weather In January. The Bahamas is one of the best places to go sailing in January with an average high of 78f (25c) and an average low of 60f (18c). The water stays at a comfortable 76f (24c) and wind conditions stabilise, gentle, trade winds of between 5 -20 knots, which are usually blowing from the northeast.

The Bahamas. 200 km of island paradise; Gentle winds and easy sailing conditions allow guests to enjoy some of the finest scuba-diving spots in the world, and navigation is very straight forward, mainly due to the line of sight.

5. New Caledonia

Weather. New Caledonia has a tropical climate with hot and humid summer months (November to March) and a cooler drier winter months (June to August). New Caledonia is a great place to go sailing in January with the average January weather temperatures ranging from 29c (84f) to 23c (73f) in the evening. The islands average 7 hours of sunshine a day with the sea temperature reaching 26c (79f), which is ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Island. Located within the Southwest Pacific, off the coast of eastern Australia, and is a French overseas territory. New Caledonia is a small collection of islands, islets all filled with beautiful natural scenery, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the form of lagoons, landscapes, and culture. New Caledonia is a great place to go sailing in January and these are some places worth visiting are;

  • Grande Terre – Which is the largest and main island.
  • Turtle Bay (Baie de la Tortue) – A great destination to snorkel with coral reefs and crystal clear water.
  • Loyalty Islands
  • Chesterfield Islands
  • Belep archipelago
  • Isle of Pines –  Deserted beaches, blue water and lagoons, a great place to visit is Kuto Bay with ruins to explore and the village of Vao.
  • Moro Islet – Ideal for watersports, relaxing and enjoying the beaches.
  • Nokanhui – With underwater wonders.
  • Upi Bay or St Joseph – Which are ideal for kayaking, spotting turtles, reef sharks, and stingrays.
  • La Piscine Naturelle –  A turquoise bay with tropical forests and reefs.
  • Baie de Prony – On the south end of the mainland which is a nature reserve with sandy beaches, coral reefs, and red mineral sand.

6. Cuba

Cuba. The largest island in the Caribbean, there’s an abundance of beauty on the island of Cuba. With over 300 white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and quaint coastal towns, Cuba has exactly what you need for a lovely getaway. Cuba is one of the best places to go sailing in January with a one-of-a-kind culture filled with life, music, and colour. Here you’ll find a deep and rich history, gorgeous beaches, wonderfully unique art, and architecture.

Weather In January. Cuba is a great place to go sailing in January with an average high temperature of 26c (79f) with 7 hours of sunlight a day and a low of 16c (61f) at night. Cuba has long passages depending on the chosen itinerary but they can vary from 30 – 60NM. In January the winds tend to blow between 15 – 25 knots, in east or northeasterly direction. Cuba is a great place to go sailing in January for experienced sailors.

Have you ever been sailing in January? Let us know your tips and experiences in the comments below.

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