New Caledonia is a French overseas territory located in the Southwest Pacific, east of Australia. New Caledonia is made up of a small number of islands, which include the main island of Grande Terre, as well as some small islets. The islands are filled with beautiful natural scenery, UNESCO listed lagoons, amazing landscapes, great hospitality, and a wonderfully welcoming culture.

Our New Caledonia Sailing Itinerary 

Our New Caledonia Sailing Itinerary discovers the wonders of the main island and the surrounding picturesque islands. It also explores world class diving locations, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and has superb sailing conditions. 

Getting There

New Caledonia can be reached by flying into La Tontouta International Airport, which has flights to and from Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Osaka, Sydney and Tokyo, with the possibility to connect to flights all around the world. The starting marina is located 45 minutes transfer from the airport. 


New Caledonia has a tropical climate, with the months of November to March being hot and humid with an average temperature of between 27 - 30c. Between June and August is the cooler dry season with an average temperature of between 20 and 23c.


New Caledonia Sailing has a variety of mooring locations, from marinas to beautiful anchorage spots located just off the shore lines.