Top Sailing Destinations for 2023

We Have Created a List of the Top Sailing Destinations for 2023

Top Sailing Destinations for 2023

2022 has come and gone and we hope everyone had a great time sailing. We are now onto 2023, and our list of the top sailing destinations for 2023. In our list, we have included old favourites and up and coming sailing destinations with a high demand for the country and it as a sailing destination.

Best Sailing Destinations for 2023

Our top sailing destinations for 2023 include an old favourite Croatia, the extensive islands of Greece, the British Virgin Islands, Turkey, Thailand, Bahamas, Canary Islands, and Italy.

Top 9 Sailing Destinations for 2023

1. British Virgin Islands

Old Favourite. The British Virgin Islands have always been an old favourite and again are included in our top sailing destinations for 2023. 

Wonderful Experience. A British Virgin Islands yacht charter is a unique and wonderful way to experience and take in the Caribbean and the beautiful islands of the BVI. The British Virgin Islands are considered one of the best sailing destinations for 2023 in the Caribbean. The year-round warm weather, consistent trade winds, and line of sight sailing, all make the British Virgin Islands one of the best sailing destinations for 2023 as they are great for everyone.

Nature’s Little Secret. The British Virgin Islands are often referred to as ‘Nature’s little secret’ by sailors and many believe it is a sailors paradise. On a British Virgin Islands charter, you can explore over 60 unspoiled islands, relax on white sandy beaches or swim in turquoise shallow waters.

Great Year-Round Destination. The British Virgin Islands has a year-round average temperature of between 23c and 30c. The most popular time to visit the BVI is between November and March, but it is ideal any time of the year. It often rains during the periods of September through October but is a top sailing destinations for 2023.

2. Kornati - Croatia

Croatia Sailing. Croatia has quickly become a go-to sailing destination and this will continue into the new year and it is one of the top sailing destinations for 2023, with over 1,000 islands, and a large coastline as well as natural wonders, historical sites, clear waters, perfect sunsets, and is filled with ample possibilities. Sailing in Croatia can take you to Mljet Island National Park to hike or bike, a 12th-century Benedictine monastery St Mary in Dubrovnik, Hvar’s stylish medieval architecture, or Korcula’s incredible hospitality, anything is possible in Croatia and this is what makes it one of our top sailing destinations for 2023. 

Kornati. Otherwise known as the Stomorski islands, Kornati is a collection of islands, located in the north of Dalmatia. The collection of islands are uninhabited with over 100 islands, with islets, reefs, islands, and national parks. Kornati is one of our top destinations for 2023 thanks to its uncrowded islands, and superb marine life. 

Top Sailing Destinations for 2023. Croatia has something for everyone, with idyllic sailing conditions, warm waters and weather as well as islands and beaches to relax on. The major problem with visiting Croatia is deciding what itinerary you want to take.

3. Kos - Greece

Greece. Greece is one of our top sailing destinations for 2020 because it has an abundance of islands to discover and explore, with an area for every sailing ability. Greece has over 8,000 miles of unique and beautiful coastline, but its real magic is found within its collection of over 2,000 + islands, which is what makes it one of the best sailing destinations for 2023.

Kos. One of our top sailing destinations for 2023 is Kos, located in the Dodecanese islands. Kos is a great island to explore on our Dodecanese Sailing Itinerary. Kos is the largest of the islands in the collection and is full of white sandy beaches, clear waters, lush vegetation, and historic landmarks.

4. Sicily, Italy

Sicily, Italy. If Sicily’s classical heritage isn’t enough to captivate you, you might be enticed to know that this island is also an artistic architecture of its own. A short stroll around Palermo will allow you to see Arab domes and arches, Byzantine mosaics, and Norman palace walls. To see Baroque architectural masterpieces, you only need to circle southeast Sicily. Throughout the island, you’ll stumble upon vast evocative remnants of Arab and Norman castles. This is just one of the reasons why Sicily remains one of the most captivating places in the world.

Top Sailing Destinations for 2023. Sicily is one of our top sailing destinations for 2023, the island has an abundance of sailing destinations, with Mediterranean culture and exquisite beauty with Norman churches, Greek temples, and Baroque infrastructure forming it. The wonders don’t stop there, Sicily is also rich in natural resources – on this island, you will find Mt. Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano.

5. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, Italy. In Sardinia, you can discover an island with an amazing coastline, history and heritage, exceptional cuisine, and wine. Sardinia captivates with its wild interior, dazzling beaches, and endearing eccentricities.

Top Sailing Destinations for 2023. The sand in Sardinia has that beautiful white colour that you can find in the Caribbean and the sea the bluest blue. Costa Smeralda with its scalloped bays is the ideal place to drop anchor and swim in the crystal clear emerald waters. Play castaway on the Golfo di Orosei’s coves, where sheer cliffs ensure seclusion or sail to La Maddalena’s cluster of granite islands. The island is also a culinary paradise, with great varieties of pasta, bread, and dolci, its wines (Vermentino whites, Cannonau reds), and cheeses. Sardinia is one of our top sailing destinations for 2023.

6. Gocek, Turkey

Turkey Yacht Charter. The Turkish Riviera is a 1,000 mile stretch of coastline, with green mountains, crystal clear waters, historic sites, and superb beaches. From diving in Antalya, the archaeological site of Ephesus, the vibrant city of Fethiye, Ölüdeniz lagoon, and the medieval castle, and underwater museum in Bodrum. There are plenty of must-visit sites in Turkey with great sailing conditions, warm weather, world-class diving, and snorkelling.

Gocek. One of our top sailing destinations for 2023 is Gocek, Turkey, with superb marinas, beautiful scenery, and islands to explore. Gocek can be reached on our Gocek Sailing Itinerary with lots of places to explore, markets, and delicious Turkish cuisine. Gocek is a high-class sailing resort with 5 superb marinas and 3 resorts. The town is surrounded by 12 beautiful islands, each with their unique features (many include mountains, hills, coves and plenty more unique things to explore). 

7. Nassau, Bahamas

The Bahamas. With turquoise waters, constant trade winds, and a tropical climate, a Bahamas yacht charter is a great place to sail. Palm trees covering your sunbeds, cocktails in hand, crystal clear light blue waters as far as you can see, and endless white sandy beaches. The best snorkelling spots and in the centre of it all, one of the largest protected marine parks in the world.

Top Sailing Destinations for 2023. Nassau and the Bahamas are one of our top sailing destinations for 2023. With many yacht charters starting in the marina and town it is the perfect place to begin your Bahamas yacht charter. The Bahamas is a great place to go snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, relaxing on the beaches, and mooring at picturesque anchorages.

8. Phuket, Thailand

Thailand. Thailand is one of our top sailing destinations for 2023 as you can discover some of the 1,430 islands Thailand has to offer with turquoise waters, beaches, blue lagoons, and coral reefs. On a Thailand yacht charter, sailors and visitors can explore several areas but the most popular being the Phuket and Andaman Sea area. Thailand is now easier to reach with more and more airlines flying directly to the country and more and more boats have become available to charter there. 

South-East Asia. Located in south-east Asia, Thailand is a great sailing destinations for 2023 with tropical beauty in its islands and beaches. From Phang-nga Bay and its beautiful emerald waters to the Phi Phi Islands in the south and more than 130 isles located within the Krabi area. One of the best places to go sailing is around the Phuket area. Which is known for its white-sandy beaches, uninhabited rugged islands, resorts, and the Andaman Sea to explore at one of our top sailing destinations for 2023.

9. Canary Islands

The Canary Islands. In the Canary Islands visitors can explore what each island has to offer, with national parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the third tallest volcano in the world on the island of Tenerife, and much more. 

Top Sailing Destinations for 2023. The Canary Islands is one of our top sailing destinations for 2023, with year-round sailing, thanks to its proximate location to Africa the weather is warm throughout the year with only mild winters. A Canary Islands yacht charter is an exhilarating place to go sailing but not for the faint-hearted with long passages between islands and strong wind speeds its a great but challenging sailing destination. 

Top Sailing Destinations For 2023

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