Best 13 Sailing Blogs for 2023

Read All About the Best Sailing Blogs for 2023

 Best 13 Sailing Blogs 2023

Another year has gone and what a year 2023 was, the world is hoping for better this year. Yet again we have been thinking long and hard about which of our favourite bloggers and influencers to include in our top sailing blogs 2023 list. Throughout 2023 Instagram, blogs, and social media pages became more popular than ever with more people taking to the internet. Blogs of every kind such as lifestyle, travel, fashion, cooking, fitness, and sailing blogs, continued to grow in numbers. 

New blogs and social media platforms are created every day and 2.75 million blog posts are published every day. With over 409 million readers a month taking to blogs for advice, to increase knowledge, and for research into places and products. With this number of blogs every day, we have created our best 13 sailing blogs 2023 edition to narrow down these blogs and influencers.

The blogs and social media accounts featured on our top sailing blogs 2023 edition all feature many of the following destination guides, sailing guides, tips and tricks, reviews, recommendations, and just general wanderlust.

Best 13 Sailing Blogs 2023

The top 13 sailing blogs 2023 edition features more blogs and influencers than our 2023 version. All the sailing blogs featured in this article have something different to share, different experiences, knowledge, and lifestyles. 

The blogs on our top sailing blogs 2023 edition are a great place to start your sailing experience whether that may be a first-time sailing day trip, a week-long yacht charter, or a trip around the world. They will provide inspiration for you to book your yacht charter.

Many of these sailing blogs also have subsequent Instagram and social media channels to follow along with their journeys. 

1. SV Delos

Brian embarked on an around the world sailing trip and has made friends along the way.

In May 2008 Brian Trautman set off from Seattle, to embark on an around the world trip on his boat Delos (53ft Mel Super Maramu), with no intentions of becoming a YouTuber or travel blogger. He just wanted to take a trip across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand. When he reached New Zealand he was wishing for more so embarked on a trip to Australia and so it began. Somewhere along the way, SV Delos (Sailing Vessel Delos) was born.

SV Delos has become a very popular travel blog with sailing videos, travel guides, sailing guides, merchandise, and more. Delos and its crew have travelled to over 45 countries, 70,000 ocean miles, and produced over 300 YouTube Videos. They also sell sailing gear and merchandise to fund their trips. They are one of the most well-known sailing blogs and YouTubers in the world, being approached by journalists and large companies that wanted to make their journey into a tv show.

The crew has changed over the years but Brian is still aboard with his new daughter and wife, crew members have come and gone, some with the intention of a short trip on the boat but ended up staying.

The crew holds contests to find new crew members and crew members have turned the blog into a business with writers, businessmen, and photographers all becoming part of the crew. They spent 2022 in the Caribbean and United States making boat repairs and isolating, released their 300th video and they have created a four-part docu-series called 80 North.

Connect with SV Delos Website | InstagramYouTube | Facebook

2. Swell Voyage

Liz is a Californian surfer, environmentalist, captain, and published author.

Swell Voyage is owned and managed by Liz, who is a surfer and environmentalist from California. Liz studied environmental studies and competed in surfing competitions for her college team, upon graduating she began working as a member of the crew on a number of different boats.

She soon became captain of her own boat, a 40ft boat which she named Swell. In 2006 she left California and embarked on a lifelong dream of “surf exploration”. She has since sailed over 20,000 miles sailing to surf spots all around the world. Her sailing boat is powered solely by wind and solar power, she is an activist for climate change and is doing her part and influencing others to change their behaviour and save the planet. 

Patagonia Books approached Liz and offered her a 3-year book deal, in which she wrote over 100,000 words based on true stories of her adventures, challenges, weather, and different cultures.

Purchase Liz’s book, read her very useful sailing blogs or just dream through and follow her journey on Instagram.

Connect with Liz Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

3. Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing La Vagabonde has over 1.5 million YouTube followers 

Maybe one of the most popular sailing couples in the world with over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. Sailing La Vagabonde is an Australian couple Riley and Elayna and their son Lennon who has been sailing and documenting their travels since 2014, through the Mediterranean, Atlantic Caribbean, and the Pacific Ocean, travelling over 90,000NM. 

Their website has blogs with sailing tips and they have a sailing guide, and merchandise, and Elayna has produced a music album. Their YouTube videos (over 280 of them) show every part of their life and boat or sailing tips as they travel on their adventures. 

Connect with Sailing La Vagabonde Website | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

4. Sailing Britican

Successful CEO who gave up corporate life for a life on the ocean with her family.

Kim Brown was once a successful CEO living the corporate life when she decided to leave that all behind to buy a dream yacht and sail the world with her husband Simon and daughter Sienna.

The name Britican comes from the fact that Kim is American and her husband Simon is British. They purchased a 346 Moody named Selene and set sail from England on a world adventure.

Their blog shows their life onboard, destinations they have travelled to and how-to guides, through 400+ sailing blogs and articles, a members area, videos on their YouTube channel and images.

They offer advice and guidance via their cruising mentorship programme – Bluewater and people can join them onboard for a week-long Britican Experience to learn everything you need to know onboard.

Connect with Sailing Britican Website | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter

5. Sailing Uma

A couple who live by the motto “..if you want to travel the world, don’t buy a couch”

Couple Dan and Kika are the faces of Sailing Uma, Dan was born and raised in Canada and Kika was born in Haiti and moved to the United States for her studies. They both met when they were studying architecture in Atlanta. After the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti, Kika decided she didn’t want to ‘live life behind a desk’ and that she needed to travel and see the world. Their motto is “..if you want to travel the world, don’t buy a couch”.

They have a boat called Uma which is a 1972 Pearson 36 and since leaving the United States they have travelled to over 22 countries and have sailed over 18,000NM, without using any fuel. In 2019 they completed a 3-year circumnavigation of the Caribbean and are sailing in Europe currently. 

Sailing Uma has over 217 videos on Youtube showcasing their adventures, along with an Instagram page and website where they offer products for sale and information. 

Connect with Sailing Uma Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

6. MJ Sailing

An American couple who turned their hobby into a lifestyle.

Americans Matt and Jess discovered sailing as a hobby in 2008, and they were hooked, and soon they purchased a boat. In 2010 they brought a bigger boat, a Sabre 34 Targa. They saved up and in June 2011 they sold their house, moved in with family and in August 2012 they set sail from the US and have since travelled to the Bahamas, Cuba, Central America, and South America and they have crossed the Atlantic twice. Like our other sailing blogs, they have plans to return to dry land anytime soon. At the end of 2020 they sold their boat and began designing a new catamaran and taking on another boat project. 

Their blog includes tips, guides, and travel destination guides and they have over 170 videos of their travels and tips. 

Connect with MJ Sailing: Website | Facebook | YouTube

7. Project Atticus

Jordan and Desiree and sailing around the world on a budget

Jordan and Desiree are two hard-working individuals who are travelling the world on a budget. They met while both working on a superyacht in 2012 when they realised they shared the same dream of travelling around the world while they are still young enough to do so. They saved up as much money as they could working on superyachts and they now have a boat called Atticus which is a 1963 Allied Seawind 30, which they brought for $5,000 and spent over 3 years refurbishing. At the end of 2020 they. had boat damage and are selling their boat Atticus and looking for Atticus II. 

Project Atticus has a large number of videos on YouTube split into seasons and episodes with a new episode every Thursday. Each season and episode follows a new adventure or journey while documenting their adventures and how they are sailing around the world on a budget. 

Connect with Project Atticus Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

8. Trio Travels

A family of three who sold almost all their belongings to live a simpler life and travel

Trio Travels is a family of three Brad, Krista, and their son Cole, together they are exploring new countries, seeing new sights, and experiencing new cultures. In 2015 they decided to sell the majority of their belongings to search for a simpler life on their 42’ catamaran sailing boat. 

They have visited more than 45 countries and sailed over 17,000NM, mostly in the Caribbean. The trio has a YouTube channel split into four seasons with a large number of episodes. These videos showcase their adventures and experiences while teaching and offering advice for sailing and situations. They also offer the opportunity for visitors to come aboard their boat to spend a week with them learning everything they need to know. 

Connect with Trio Travels Website | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook

9. Sailing Zingaro

A young couple who have travelled over 25,000 miles.

Sailing Zingaro is a young couple James and Kim, who have built their home on a home-built catamaran and have travelled over 25,000 miles through the Pacific Ocean, South American, and Central America. They have a catamaran called Zingaro and it is a 1984 Crowther Spindrift 38; that was home-built in Canada. 

They have a popular YouTube channel where they post videos from their adventures as well as tips and guidance, they have over 80 videos so far. They also have a blog on their website. 

Connect with Sailing Zingaro Website | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

10. Sailing Nandj

Australian couple travelling the world one youtube video at a time.

Sailing Nandji is one of the most popular YouTube sailing blogs and was created by an Australian couple who brought a yacht (Nandji) and began living full-time on it in 2016. They also have a dog onboard.

They have since travelled over 5,000NM around the Pacific and Australia. Along the way, they have used their blog to showcase their adventures, and create weekly YouTube videos with over 200 videos and how-to guides. They use their YouTube channel, Instagram and blog to document their life at sea, they have also written a book about their adventures.

Connect with Sailing Nandji Website | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

11. Sailing Tranquilo

A family of three sailing on an around-the-world trip.

In May 2017 Sailing Tranquilo (Fi, El, and Aiden) set sail on a 20,000NM (36,000km) around-the-world trip, they set sail on their 46′ yacht and documented their preparation and journey through sailing blogs and Instagram.

Sailing Tranquilo has lots of travel guide, sailing guides and useful tips on their website their Instagram page are filled with inspiring photos and their YouTube channel gives viewers an insight into their journey.

Connect with Sailing Tranquilo Website | Instagram | YouTube

12. Sailing Ruby Rose

Sailors, Creators, Storytellers.

After meeting on a tour of India and Nepal in 2009, Nick and Terysa. They connected over a mutual love for adventure and travel. Nick was passionate about sailing and had a dream to sail his boat around Europe and beyond.

They sold their Hanse 32 and brought a Southerly 38 – Ruby Rose. In 2013 Nick sold his business. After some sailing around France and travelling in Australia, they set off on their new adventure onboard the Southerly 38 in May 2015.

After sailing around Europe’s Atlantic coast – France, Spain, Portugal, and Morrocco, they embarked to the Caribbean and the rest is history.

They have an active YouTube channel and publish a new video every week of their adventures and useful tips, they have over 130 videos. They also publish a new blog on their website each week.

Connect with Sailing Ruby Rose Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

13. Gone With The Wynns

A family of three sailing on an around-the-world trip.

In 2011 Jason and Nikki Wynn swapped their everyday life for a world of adventure and Gone With The Wynns was born. They spent the first 6 years of their travels on a North America road trip before embarking on a sailing voyage around the world.

They are currently sailing on S/V Curiosity which is a 2005 Robertson and Caine Leopard 43 Catamaran. So far they have sailed 13,106NM and counting.

Between their blog, social media channels, and YouTube videos they share their adventures, how they live off the grid, sailing tips and tricks, local places they visit, how they make money and travel, and how they travel in an RV.

Connect with Gone With The Wynns Website | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

Top 13 Sailing Blogs 2023 Edition

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    The BALI 4.6 is recognizable at first glance thanks to the new design of its hulls with fine arches and its new very elegant lines drawn by Xavier Fäy and Samer Lasta. The BALI 4.6 benefits from all the innovations signed by CatanaGroup that make up the DNA of the BALI:

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