Top 10 Luxury Greece Yacht Charter Destinations

With over 1,500+ islands and thousands of miles of coastline, on a luxury Greece yacht charter, there is a perfect destination for everyone.

Top 10 Luxury Greece Yacht Charter Destinations

A luxury Greece yacht charter can be reached from anywhere in the world. Many of the islands have their own airports along with the mainland airports depending on the area which you choose to sail in. Many of these airports have flights to other destinations in Europe, which connect the country to the rest of the world.

The weather in Greece is perfect for sailing with hot dry summers and mild winters. The wind varies depending on the location in Greece. The sailing season in Greece begins at the end of April/ early May and lasts until October.

The best time to go on a luxury Greece yacht charter is in May, June or September in order to avoid the crowds of people in the marinas and tourist hot spots. Although this being said, anytime throughout the summer is great just beware of the crowds.

A luxury Greece yacht charter is ideal for all sailing abilities, with areas of high winds and milder winds depending on the area of Greece. Greece is a great place to sail with hot and dry summers, and idyllic islands, beaches and beautiful villages waiting to be discovered.

1. Santorini

Luxury Greece Yacht Charter Destinations, Whitewashed buildings with Iridescent Blue Roofs.

Santorini. One of the most recognisable luxury Greek Islands is Santorini, with its idyllic clifftops, white-washed buildings, and incredible views. The island is shaped like a crescent and was created by a volcanic eruption hundreds of years ago.

The Cyclades. Santorini is part of the collection of Cyclades Islands, which offer a great place for a luxury Greece yacht charter. Santorini is known for having beautiful picturesque views, its small towns with colourful buildings, and its traditional produce.

Greek Islands Yacht Charter. Santorini is a great luxury Greece yacht charter destination, with turquoise blue waters, beaches with volcanic pebbles, black sand, red sand, and pure white sand.

2. Mykonos

A white-washed paradise in the middle of the Cyclades.

Mykonos. A luxury Greece yacht charter is where glam meets simplicity, with marble streets, pure white buildings giving the towns a pure glamorous feel, with their colourful doors and window frames. Mykonos is a popular sailing destination for luxury Greece yacht charters, with azure waters to anchor in or quaint fishing ports and marinas to berth in overnight.

Luxury Greece Yacht Charter. Visiting Mykonos on a luxury Greece yacht charter will allow visitors to discover islets, secluded beaches, and great diving destinations. Try some delicious typical Mykonos cuisine of kopanisti, which is a type of soft cheese seasoned with pepper and can be topped with grated tomato and meat dishes.

Little Venice. The 18th-century district of Little Venice has colourful and stylish windows, balconies, waterfront cafes, and quaint windmills in the distance.

3. Zakynthos

Discover some of the most beautiful beaches and quaint towns in the world.

Zakynthos. Best known for its thriving party culture Zakynthos is much more than just a party island. With the major bars and clubs confined to one street and area of the island., the rest of the island is home to beautiful bays, turquoise waters, caves, and Navagio Bay. Otherwise known as Shipwreck Bay, Navagio Bay is one of those places you have to see to believe. With its perfectly turquoise waters, white sandy beach, and even a rusty shipwreck. The only way to reach the beach is by boat, although there is a viewing platform from above.

Luxury Greece Yacht Charter. Located within the Ionian collection of islands, Zakynthos has idyllic sailing conditions, with a pleasant north-west wind which typically rises in the afternoon, reaching up to 25 knots. Occasionally you can experience violent gusts on the eastern coastlines of Zakynthos.

4. Paros

One of Greece's best-kept secrets.

Paros. Located in the Aegean Sea north of Santorini, Paros is a beautiful island with traditional villages and picturesque landscapes. Some of the most beautiful places to visit are the Old Port of Naoussa, swimming at Kolymbithres Beach, and visiting some of the best restaurants on the island.  Paros is often referred to as Greece’s best-kept secret, with monuments such as the sanctuary of Delian Apollo and Artemis.

Luxury Greece Yacht Charter. Located within the Cyclades collection of islands, Paros has the same Meltemia strong northerly winds as the rest of the Cyclades, during late July until the middle of August. This gives more advanced sailors an opportunity to take on the stronger winds on a luxury Greece yacht charter.

5. Corfu

Corfu has a multi-cultural heritage, with natural landscapes, historic buildings, and a Mediterranean feel.

Cosmopolitan Island. Corfu has been influenced throughout time by the Venetians, French, and British, which can be seen throughout the island. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with palaces, fortresses, narrow cobbled streets which have a resemblance to Naples.

Luxury Greece Yacht Charter. Located in the Ionian, Corfu is a great sailing destination, with surrounding islands to discover, great diving destinations, and secluded beaches.

6. Syvota

A quiet and sleepy traditional Greek town.

Syvota. Located on mainland Greece close to Igoumenitsa and opposite Corfu, Syvota is a quiet town in the Ionian. Syvota is a great sailing destination due to its close proximity to many other great locations and is a great addition to any Ionian Sea yacht charter and a great luxury Greece yacht charter destination.

Luxury Greece Yacht Charter. Syvota is a great place for an overnight anchorage or a stop in the town’s harbour. The town has a number of great restaurants and boutique shops to stop at on a luxury Greece yacht charter.

7. Parga

A beautiful colourful village in the Ionian.

Parga. Located in the Ionian on mainland Greece close to Preveza and the airport, Parga is a great traditional fishing town to stop at. With colourful houses, boutique stores, luxury clubs and restaurants, there is even a castle which visitors can walk up to gain a beautiful view of the city.

Luxury Greece Yacht Charter. Parga is a great addition to any yacht charter with a small beach and great sailing conditions for everyone. Parga is also located close to a number of small towns and villages to stop at and explore.

8. Lefkada

Luxury beach clubs, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and traditional restaurants.

Lefkada. Connected by a bridge to mainland Greece, Lefkada is a unique island with an island feel but also the influence from mainland Greece. Lefkada is surrounded by bright blue waters, which are crystal clear, the beaches of Kathisma, Egremni, Porto Katsiki, and Milos beach are well worth anchoring in at. Lefkada Town is a great destination to moor up at for a great meal, shopping attractions, and even just to walk around the town on a luxury Greece yacht charter.

Luxury Greece Yacht Charter. Lefkada is located within the Ionian collection of islands and is generally sunny and warm with light breezes in the afternoon, the South Ionian really is a sailor’s paradise.

9. Rhodes

Site of the first Greek Island, with the ancient town of Lindos.

Rhodes. Rhodes is considered to be one of the first Greek Islands and is filled with historic buildings and sites from the middle ages. Lindos is a beautiful town to visit with lots to see and do while taking in the historic sites of the Old Town, which is one of the biggest medieval towns in Europe. Here you can sample the local Greek delicacies especially moussaka. On a luxury Greece yacht charter, you can explore the island as well as swimming in the clear warm waters which surround it.

Luxury Greece Yacht Charter. Located within the collection of Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is a great luxury Greece yacht charter destination with a northwest or west breeze or soft wind system called the ‘Meltemi”, which can become rougher and winder on long stretches between islands. In summer months the wind is often stronger between islands and between 11 and 25 knots.

10. Crete

The largest island in Greece with beautiful beaches and national parks.

Crete. Crete is home to ancient treasures, vibrant cities, sleepy villages, a collection of beaches, and beautiful landscapes. The picturesque beaches of Chania, Falarsana, Elafonissos, Agios Nikolaos, and Elounda, offer beautiful sights to visit.

Luxury Greece Yacht Charter. The northern wind blows down from the mountains. The Meltemi can blow at between 35-45 knots if not stronger. Great places to visit on a luxury Greece yacht charter in Crete are the Gulf of Mirabello on the northeast of the island with beautiful sunsets. Spinalonga Island has superbly clear waters perfect for snorkelling and swimming.

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