Top 10 Places to Visit on a Greek Islands Catamaran Charter

With Over 2,000 Islands to Explore on a Greek Islands Catamaran Charter is Perfect for Discovering Beautiful Destinations

Top 10 Places to Visit on a Greek Islands Catamaran Charter

Greece has over 8,000 miles of unique and beautiful coastline, but its real magic is found within its 2,000 + islands. A Greek Islands catamaran charter is the perfect way to discover a number of these islands and experience their magic, just choose the route you want to travel and go.

On a Greek Islands catamaran charter, visitors can explore inhabited and uninhabited islands, with picturesque beaches, small quaint villages, secluded bays, and unique anchorages. Greece is filled with ruins of their ancient history, delicious cuisine, and lively evening activities.

Best Places to Visit on a Greek Islands Catamaran Charter

Sailing on a Greek Islands catamaran charter, sailors can experience line-of-sight cruising, and a variety of sailing conditions depending on the area. The Ionian Sea offers light winds suitable for every ability, and the Saronic Islands offer long stretches of open water to enjoy.

The larger Greek Islands have their own regional airports and can connect to all over Europe and the rest of the world. The smaller Greek Islands can only be reached by boat, as with the uninhabited islands.

Top 10 Places to Visit

1. Santorini

Santorini is one of the most noticeable Greek islands catamaran charter destinations, whitewashed buildings, and incredible sights.

Santorini. One of the most recognisable Greek Islands is Santorini, with its idyllic clifftops, white-washed buildings, and incredible views. The island is shaped like a crescent and was created by a volcanic eruption hundreds of years ago.

The Cyclades. Santorini is part of the collection of Cyclades Islands, which offer a great place for a Greek Islands catamaran charter. Santorini is known for having beautiful picturesque views, its small towns with colourful buildings, and its traditional produce.

Greek Islands Yacht Charter. Santorini is a great Greek Islands catamaran charter destination, with turquoise blue waters, beaches with volcanic pebbles, black sand, red sand, and pure white sand.

2. Mykonos

A white-washed paradise in the middle of the Cyclades.

Mykonos. A Greek Island where glam meets simplicity, with marble streets, pure white buildings giving the towns a pure glamorous feel, with their colourful doors and window frames. Mykonos is a popular sailing destination for Greek Islands catamaran charters, with azure waters to anchor in or quaint fishing ports and marinas to berth in overnight.

Greek Islands Catamaran Charter. Visiting Mykonos on a Greek Islands catamaran charter will allow visitors to discover islets, secluded beaches, and great diving destinations. Try some delicious typical Mykonos cuisine of kopanisti, which is a type of soft cheese seasoned with pepper and can be topped with grated tomato and meat dishes.

Little Venice. The 18th-century district of Little Venice has colourful and stylish windows, balconies, waterfront cafes, and quaint windmills in the distance.

3. Ios

Leaving its party island reputation behind Ios is filled with timeless villages and 75km of sandy beaches.

Ios. Located in the south-central Cyclades, Ios is a small island with a large personality. Once considered one of the main party islands in Greece, the island has now moved forward from this reputation and is getting a name for itself for other reasons. On a Greek Islands catamaran charter, you will still find the lively bars and bustling cities that once were full of the young and free, but now you can escape them very easier. Confined to the town of Mylopotas the nightlife and partying is easy to escape with towns such as Chora gaining a name for itself. Chora has white square buildings, windmills, and blue-domed churches.

Timeless Villages. A great reason to go to Ios on a Greek Islands catamaran charter is to visit the towns which time has forgotten. Ios has over 75km of sandy beaches which are beautiful and picturesque. The port of Ormos Yialos is one of the biggest natural harbours located within the Aegean and a great place to visit on a Greek Islands catamaran charter.

4. Paxos/ Antipaxos

Two of the smallest islands in the Ionian Islands - Paxos and Antipaxos.

Paxos. Located in the Ionian Islands, Paxos is located around 20 miles south of Corfu, the island is one of the smallest in the collection of islands. On a Greek Islands catamaran charter, Paxos offers some of the clearest and bluest waters in the Ionian. The main village and port on the island is called Gaios, which has a small number of bars, cafes, and shops. Here you can anchor your boat and explore the village. Paxos is a great Greek Islands catamaran charter destination with small quaint villages such as Lakka and Loggos to explore, as well as bays and beaches, which are backed by the islands olive trees and greenery.

Antipaxos. Located 3 miles from Paxos is a small island called Antipaxos which has only 100 inhabitants. Antipaxos has two main beaches which offer great anchorages with blue clear waters for swimming on a Greek Islands catamaran charter. Antipaxos is covered in vineyards and local wine can be purchased from shops in Paxos. Scuba diving or snorkelling is a great way to spend time at anchor in Antipaxos with clear waters and an abundance of marine life. Alternatively, if you want to explore the islands, both Paxos and Antipaxos have a large number of hiking and walking trails all over the islands.

5. Rhodes

Site of the first Greek Island, with the ancient town of Lindos.

Rhodes. Rhodes is considered to be one of the first Greek Islands and is filled with historic buildings and sites from the middle ages. Lindos is a beautiful town to visit with lots to see and do while taking in the historic sites of the Old Town, which is one of the biggest medieval towns in Europe. Here you can sample the local Greek delicacies especially moussaka. On a Greek Island catamaran charter, you can explore the island as well as swimming in the clear warm waters which surround it.

Greek Islands Catamaran Charter. Located within the collection of Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is a great Greek islands catamaran charter destination with a northwest or west breeze or soft wind system called the ‘Meltemi”, which can become rougher and winder on long stretches between islands. In summer months the wind is often stronger between islands and between 11 and 25 knots.

6. Zakynthos

Discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Zakynthos. Best known for its thriving party culture Zakynthos is much more than just a party island. With the major bars and clubs confined to one street and area of the island., the rest of the island is home to beautiful bays, turquoise waters, caves, and Navagio Bay. Otherwise known as Shipwreck Bay, Navagio Bay is one of those places you have to see to believe. With its perfectly turquoise waters, white sandy beach, and even a rusty shipwreck. The only way to reach the beach is by boat, although there is a viewing platform from above.

Greek Islands Catamaran Charter. Located within the Ionian collection of islands, Zakynthos has idyllic sailing conditions, with a pleasant north-west wind which typically rises in the afternoon, reaching up to 25 knots. Occasionally you can experience violent gusts on the eastern coastlines of Zakynthos.

7. Lefkada

A great place to stop for calamari and a dip in Porto Katsiki.

Lefkada. Connected by a bridge to mainland Greece, Lefkada is a unique island with an island feel but also the influence from mainland Greece. Lefkada is surrounded by bright blue waters, which are crystal clear, the beaches of Kathisma, Egremni, Porto Katsiki, and Milos beach are well worth anchoring in at. Lefkada Town is a great destination to moor up at for a great meal, shopping attractions, and even just to walk around the town.

Greek Islands Catamaran Charter. Lefkada is located within the Ionian collection of islands and is generally sunny and warm with light breezes in the afternoon, the South Ionian really is a sailor’s paradise.

8. Hydra

A beautiful, wild, unspoilt island located within the Saronic Islands.

Hydra Island. Located within the Saronic Islands, Hydra is a truly unspoilt island filled with history and beautiful locations. Hydra is a must-visit for any Greek Islands catamaran charter with beautiful bays to drop anchor and a crescent-shaped harbour filled with great restaurants, creating dishes with local produce. The island is car and vehicle free and the only mode of transportation through the cobbled streets is by donkey. Much of the island is accessible on foot including the museums, restaurants, cathedrals, and other ruins.

“Real Greece”. Hydra brings a sense of the ‘real Greece’ with taverns and restaurants frozen in time, along with boutiques, and picturesque ports. The wild untouched landscapes along with the idyllic towns make it the perfect stop on a Greek Islands catamaran charter.

9. Lemnos

Lemnos is filled with sandy beaches and archaeological sites.

Lemnos. Lemnos or Limnos is an unspoiled island located off the northeastern Aegean Sea, with natural scenery and mountains. The island is under the radar and is perfect for privacy and relaxation. Lemnos also has an abundance of archaeological sites including the Medieval castle of Myrina, the Ancient Poliochni, Ancient Kavirio, and the caves of Philoctetes.

Greek Island Catamaran Charter. Lemnos is the perfect sailing destination with the lively Myrina Lemnos and Plati. The Greek island also offers safe anchorages and picturesque bays to swim in or stop for lunch.

10. Skopelos

An island in the Northern Sporades made famous by Hollywood blockbusters.

Crystal Clear Waters of Skopelos. The island of Skopelos is an island located in the western Aegean Sea, close to Skiathos and Alonissos. The island boasts unspoiled locations, with two villages called Town and Glossa, these towns are located high on the tops of hills boasting great views of the Aegean. The island has lush vegetation, exotic beaches, and traditional unique taverns. The beaches of Stafylos, Panormos, and Elios are great places to stop and drop anchor on a Greek Islands catamaran charter.

Hollywood Blockbuster Set. The island was made famous by the movies which have been filmed there, most well known is Mamma Mia. The production company used the island for many locations in the film and the church called Agio Ioannis Kastri was an iconic landmark in the movie.

Greek Island Catamaran Charter. Located within the northern Sporades Islands is the island of Skopelos. The Meltimi blows through the islands, with an average of force 4-6 winds, with stronger gusts.

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