What is a Yacht?

Have you ever thought, where does the Modern Word Yacht come from?

Dutch Origins

The word yacht came from the Dutch word jacht which means to hunt or chase. Jacht is classified as a small sailing vessel that hunts and chased vessels. Jachtschip is a Dutch pirate ship. In 1960, the Dutch presented King Charles II a “jacht”.

The first Yacht Race

This happened after King Charles decided to leave Amsterdam after a long exile there to return to Britain. In 1661, the first yacht race was won by Charles. Yacht is specially built and rigged light sailing vessel used for racing. It is a vessel used for travel on sand, ice, cruising, travel, excursions or for private pleasure. It is a vessel propelled by electricity, sails, or engine steam. A common yacht is made up of steel, wood, fiber glass, carbon fibre, aluminium and iron. It also has modern products on it, which includes veneers, plywood, epoxy resins and balsa.

Motor yachts are classified into the following:

A day cruiser yacht is described as having sparse amenities and no cabin. Sport fishing yacht is described as having sporting fishing equipment and living amenities. Luxury yacht has the most luxurious amenities/ finishing. Weekender yacht is known to have plumbing, one or two basic cabins, and galley appliances. Cruising yacht is only used for few days. Because of this, it only has limited amenities for extended periods.

  • Day cruiser yacht
  • Sport fishing yacht
  • Luxury yacht
  • Weekender yacht
  • Cruising yacht.


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