What is a Cabin?

Cabins Explained

Cabin n. (kæbɪn) A private room or compartment on a boat or ship.

What are the Different Cabin Options?

What is a Cabin? Put simply, cabins are bedrooms on boats, although there are other places to sleep. The saloon is the indoor living space and often doubles up as sleeping space for larger crews.

How much Luxury? Like houses of different value, the level of luxury you can expect does vary from operator to operator, from manufacturer to manufacturer, from model to model, even from cabin to cabin on one boat.

Cabin Size. As you can imagine, cabins do come in all shapes and sizes. Cabins are generally 2-berth (meaning they sleep two people) unless stated. There are single cabins and even triple cabins (these are pretty rare). The majority are doubles but can be twin or bunk bed in style too.

Cabin Layout. We invite you to take a tour of the 6 basic types of yacht cabins. And don’t forget to leave us a message at the end. If you have further questions we’re only one call away.

The ultimate ‘sailors guide of all levels and ages seeking the answer to the question “What is a cabin?”

Aft Cabin

Aft cabins. This is nautical speak for ‘after cabins’ and describe those at the stern (back) of the yacht. The number of cabins ranges from none, like on the new Sense range from Beneteau, to the more common 2 – one of each side. These cabins can easily accommodate 2 people and are often the most spacious cabins on the yacht. Often they have direct access to a head (bathroom/WC).

Bunk Beds Cabin

Cabin Bunks. Typically found at mid-ships in older 40 – 50′ yachts. Despite being small, the sleeping accommodation is often generous.  Occasionally used for crew and ideal for children; offering bunk beds as well as storage places for clothes and shoes.

Crew Cabin

Crew Berths. Larger monohulls, typically 50ft and over, and many catamarans provide an extra cabin(s) designed for professional crew (skipper, hostess, etc.) often situated in the bows (front). They make great dens and hideaways for older children (and the snorers!). Use of these cabins by guests is at the charter operator’s discretion.

Beneteau 46 Sense

All Images Courtesy of Beneteau Yachts

Forward Cabin

Forward Cabins. Pronounce “for’ad cabin”, for those wanting to sound like salty sea dogs, are in the bows (front) of the yacht.  Often smaller than their aft counterparts, there is enough space for 2 people. On larger yachts, they might have access to their own bathrooms. On the modern designs, much has been done to make these cabins larger and more luxurious.

Saloon Berths

Saloon Berths. In many designs the charter yacht’s saloon can temporarily turn into a double bed, offering accommodation for 2 extra crew members. These berths can only be used at the discretion of the owner or operator. You will often see berths described, for example, as  “6 + 2”, here the 2 refers to the saloon berths and normally indicates they can be used.

Master Cabin

State Rooms. Manufacturers provide different layouts and configuration of their boats. You will often see a boat described as an owners version or center cockpit (cc). Here where there would have been two cabins, there is now one much larger one almost always with it’s own ensuite shower room and head (WC).

This configuration is ideal for couples chartering with their family where the division of luxury is not an issue! It’s also perfect those wishing to add a little more glamour to their sailing adventures.

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