What To Pack for Sailing?

The Ultimate Sailing Packing Guide

That Sinking feeling…

Okay, you have booked a yacht, your flights and transfers – everything is ready. Then, a question crosses your mind; “What to pack for a sailing holiday?
What to Pack for a Sailing Charter. There are some additional considerations when considering what to pack, some things will be obvious some comfortable clothes, swimsuits, a light jacket in case you are cold during sailing or at night, sunblock and a pair of dark sunglasses and a hat with string! Quite simple, isn’t it? Well we thought we would make it even easier with our comprehensive blog and a checklist you can download.



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What, Where are When

The climate at your location for the time of year, your position in the crew, how far you plan to sail, are you planning eating on board, if so how often and what meals, are you going to be doing any night sailing, and so on.  For that reason, we can’t write a perfect packing list for all occasions, but we can give you a great guide, some top tips and a great checklist to download and run through.


Clothing is always the main issue. If you have not sailed before, your holidays wardrobe may will of consisted of your best bib and tucker to make you feel glamorous and smart at every turn.  Whilst it’s important to have something for every occasion, sailing is more suiting to light comfortable clothes and items that can tolerate a little sea water.  Some items of clothing and when they are worn might be down to: who you are sailing with and your modesty threshold – trying to get into a small boat to get ashore in that short skirt may be tricky if you want your modesty to remain completely intact!

What type of Bag Should I Use?

Stowage space is a premium on all but the largest boats and catamarans where things are a bit more spacious.  The ideal bags to pack are soft and without any kind of frame.  You can easily stow your belongings in your cabin, your bags can pack away safely somewhere deeper. Anything bigger of stiffer, then you will have to ‘live’ with it.  This means moving it around at sleep time, and when trying to access equipment that might be stowed under your bunk.

A Thought About Safty

Lifejackets are provided by law on every charter boat in every jurisdiction. It’s a really good idea to try them out of day 1, the chances of you needing them are rare, but should the moment arise, it’s nice to have that confidence.

The life jackets are likely to the cheap, but very effective foam type. This makes them very difficult to wear as a precautionary measure. If you are a weak or non-swimmer, likely to sail far from the land or in windy conditions, you should consider your own PFD.

The horseshoe style ones are much easier to wear as a precaution. We recommend the Baltic Winner 150N Manual Lifejacket with Harness.

The Little Things Help

The little things.  If you start sailing, and suddenly realise that you have no way of charging your phone, life can get a bit tricky. One of top tips (you will find the rest on the checklist) is to ensure you have a 12v Car USB charger, the type that goes into the cigarette lighter.  Nearly all boats have these fittings, and if you get one with a  couple of ports, it will ensure you can charge one or two devices.  Most yachts have some kind of sound system.  The best way to get your own tunes is to have a lead that runs from your iPod or smartphone to the radio; ask for a 3.5mm – 3.5mm jack lead.

How much gear to bring?

When I brief my crews it’s some pretty straight forward advice.  Pack, remove half, remove half again, and you should be about right!  Okay, that’s a bit tongue in cheek, but you are more likely to make too much, than not enough. For those serious about sailing, he’s a great bag that will never let you down.

Download Your Free Checklist

Our comprehensive 7-page checklist and guide of what to pack on a sailing holiday.:


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