Malta Yacht Charter Guide

Learn everything you need to know about going on a Malta yacht charter.

Malta Yacht Charter Guide

On a Malta yacht charter, you can discover Malta an island off the coast of Sicily, in the Mediterranean, 80km (50miles) off the coast of southern Italy and 284km (176miles) off the coast of Tunisia. Malta is filled with history, culture, colourful buildings, turquoise oceans, sandy beaches, and vibrant resort towns.

Malta and its surrounding islands of Gozo and Comino have been long forgotten as tourist or sailing destinations, with many sailors and visitors choosing other nearby popular areas instead. With coastal and port cities to explore, high-class hotels and restaurants as well as great beaches to be explored Malta has something for everyone.

A Malta yacht charter has something for everyone whether you are a history buff, beach person or someone who likes to explore, Malta is the perfect destination for everyone.

In this guide, we hope to give you an insight into everything you need to know about booking and going on a Malta yacht charter.

Weather on a Malta Yacht Charter

Weather on a Malta Yacht Charter. The best time to go on a Malta yacht charter is between May and September. With the warm hot dry summers of the Mediterranean averaging a high of 31c (87f) and a low of 22c (71f). The weather is mild during the winter months between 9 – 16c (48 – 60f), the tail ends of the season at the end of April and the beginning of October offer cooler weather but with less crowded areas and marinas. The sea surface temperatures vary between 15°C (59°F) in February and 24°C (75°F) in August.

A luxury Yacht Charter. On a Malta yacht charter, you can find out more about weather forecasts and weather alerts on the local channels and in the marinas.

Wind Conditions on a Malta Yacht Charter

Malta Yacht Charter. The best months to go on a Malta yacht charter are between April and October. A prevailing wind blows steadily throughout the island depending on which part of the island you are sailing, at between 8 and 10 knots. The average wind speed between June and August isn’t normally higher than 20 knots, with a line of sight navigation.

Tides and Swells. On a Malta yacht charter, the tide is minimal and only ranging up to 3.3ft (1m) at a maximum.

Best Time to go to Malta

When is the best time to go on a Malta yacht charter? Any time of year is a great time to go on a Malta yacht charter, depending on the individual’s availability.

Seasons. Malta has predominantly a Mediterranean climate with dry hot summers and mild winter, the temperatures varying and cool off during the winter season. During the winter months, the chance of rainfall is significantly higher than during the summer months. The area is still beautiful and if you prefer the cooler temperatures a great time to visit is at the beginning of the summer season in May or at the end of September. During these months the temperatures are cooler but the water temperature hasn’t cooled down completely and the summer crowds haven’t appeared yet.

Malta is a great Sailing Destination

Great Sailing Destination. Malta is also a great destination for sailing in the Mediterranean, with the unspoiled coastline, good anchorages many of which are remote and secluded. Malta is made up of beautiful coastal towns, villages, some of the best beaches in the world, coves, turquoise waters, and historic cities. All these locations are the perfect stop on a Malta yacht charter, with beaches, islands, delicious restaurants, and picturesque locations.

Malta Yacht Charter. When you are on a Malta yacht charter, you can create an itinerary depending on your desires and requirements. One thing that makes Malta so appealing for sailors is the surrounding islands to discover and the opportunity to sail longer passages to Sicily. If you have a skipper, your skipper can recommend bays to explore, marinas to moor in and restaurants to visit. They also have expert knowledge of how to book marinas and what needs to be done in advance and what places you can just arrive at without pre-booking.

Malta Itinerary

Malta Sailing Itinerary. On a Malta yacht charter, visitors can choose to sail to different destinations around the island, discovering bays, and secluded spots, while stopping at villages and towns around the island. You can also sail to the nearby islands of Gozo and Comino. Alternatively, you can choose to sail to nearby Sicily which is 50 miles away, but this is only advised for experienced sailors as its a long passage.

Places Not to Miss on a Malta Yacht Charter

Places to Visit. Malta is filled with wonderful places to visit and places to anchor or swim on a Malta yacht charter. Here are some recommendations for the best places to visit along the coastline.

  • Valetta – Visit the famous old historic city.
  • Take a day trip to Mdina
  • Upper Barrakka Gardens
  • Dive HMS Maori
  • Fort St. Elmo
  • Dive in Comino
  • Visit Comino
  • Visit Gozo – A small island next to Malta
  • Golden Bay 
  • St. John’s Cathedral
  • Ggantija Temples
  • Marsaxlokk – A quaint fishing village.
  • Valetta Harbour 
  • Senglea
  • Cospicua
  • Vittoriosa
  • Sliema – A hub for delicious food and great shopping.
  • St. Julians – With Portomaso, Spinola Bay, St. George’s Bay, and Paceville.
  • Dwejra
  • Blue Lagoon, Comino

Best Time to Book a Malta Yacht Charter

Best Time to Book a Malta Yacht Charter. The best time to book a Malta yacht charter is now! We have fully qualified and knowledgable sales advisors who can find your perfect Malta yacht charter and help make your sailing dreams come true.

Expert Advice. Our sales advisors can give you recommendations of areas to visit, itineraries, and help with choosing the perfect boat for your trip. Our sales advisors have knowledge of the boats and area, as well as wind conditions and weather at specific times of the year.

Malta Yacht Charter Guide

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