A Luxury Sailing Experience - Running on Waves

Sail on board the 64m sailing yacht - One of the biggest sailing yachts in the Med

Our SailChecker Luxury Sailing Experience

We Review Our Luxury Sailing Trip On Board Running On Waves

It was a great pleasure to be invited by our partners from Running on Waves to join them on a luxury sailing trip from Corfu, Greece to Dubrovnik, Croatia. We had the opportunity to sail on board this amazing 64m sailing yacht – Running on Waves (aka ROW), with stops in Albania (Durres), Montenegro (Kotor) and finally Dubrovnik.

A Luxury Sailing Experience – Running on Waves

We know how difficult it is to decide what to choose when it comes to a luxury sailing holiday, especially, when it’s for bigger groups (more than 20 guests). We receive lots of requests from clients who want sailing yachts that can accommodate a large group and we were always sceptical about suggesting a suitable one that won’t be just an old wooden motorsailer.

Running on Waves is the best and most suitable option for everyone looking for a luxury sailing yacht for a group between 15-20 guests, as the normal-sized sailing yachts can only take between 12 and 14 guests on board.

Not only you will all be able to sail together on board the same vessel, but you will also be pampered by the 21 crew members, who are always available and ready to fulfil all your requests. To add to that a very experienced and friendly captain, available 24 hours a day at the bridge to respond to any questions you might have.

Running on Waves is ideal for weddings, bachelor parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, business trips and so on. Contact us to get a personalised quote: info@sailchecker.com

The Boat

Safety Standards. According to SOLAS convention, the highest safety standards are maintained on board a vessel of this class, the same as would apply to a cruise liner carrying thousands of passengers.

Design. The ship was conceived to combine manoeuvrability of a sports yacht, the highest standards of comfort and decor, with a shallow draft that allows calling at small marinas, inaccessible to many big sailing yachts, let alone cruise liners. Every guest on board the luxury sailing yacht Running on Waves enjoys 15,5 sq.m. of available open teakwood deck space, that is three times more than aboard most expensive cruise ships and would befit a most prestigious private mega-yacht.

Refitting. Running on Waves goes under profound refitting every winter so that she is ready and in perfect shape for the Spring, Summer and, Autumn charters.

Power. The main driving power of the boat is the sails, so there is a very low level of fuel consumption, on average 75 l per hour, which is about 10 times lower than on a motorboat of comparable size. With a favourable wind, she can run at 16 – 17 knots under sail.

Amenities. The boat is fully equipped with air conditioning, generator and, desalinators, so there is a high level of comfort, even during the hottest summer days. The state-of-the-art hydraulic ramp at the stern of the vessel allows for direct access to water for swimming and water sports (water-ski, kayak, SUP, snorkelling and more).

Accommodation - The Cabins

Guests. The luxury sailing yacht Running on Waves is registered for 42 guests. There are cabins on the main deck and the tween deck.

Cabin Amenities. All cabins on board Running on Waves have outside access. The bathrooms are finished with marble and are equipped with modern lavatories and showers. Every cabin is fitted with a telephone, multifunctional TV monitor, safe, refrigerator, air-conditioning, and heating systems.

Internet and satellite television are available on board. TV Screens broadcast additional information such as:

  • Signals from two underwater cameras and from a camera mounted on one of the masts.
  • Data from navigation devices directly from the conning (navigation) room – depth gauge, GPS, etc.
  • Onboard events information, details and agendas for ports of call, etc.

Main Deck Cabins. Cabin sizes located on the Main deck vary between 14m2 – 20m2 (150ft2 – 215ft2).

Interiors are decorated in Mediterranean style with fabric wall décor and redwood furnishings. A medieval-style mosaic greets guests at the entrance to the cabin and the flooring is made of teakwood. All lanterns and fixtures are of nautical style. These cabins have a king size bed, a wardrobe and a bar. Cabin №5 also has a soft corner couch.

Tween Deck Cabins. The cabins located on the lower deck are fitted with portholes (circular windows). Cabin sizes vary between 11m2 – 12m2 (118ft2 – 129ft2). The tween deck cabins can accommodate up to three people with the Pullman berth.

Cabin interiors are decorated in light blueish colors with Gobelin tapestry wall décor and high-quality solid wood furnishings. A medieval-style mosaic greets guests at the entrance to the cabin and the flooring is made of teakwood. All lanterns and fixtures are of a nautical style and paintings by modern artists adorn the walls. All cabins have a wardrobe and a bar.

A few cabins on the tween deck have king size beds, while others feature bunk beds or twin/triple beds.

Comfort and Lifestyle

Facilities. Running on Waves is equipped with a deck bar and a cafe/bar/restaurant. The guests will enjoy breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. There is also a wide range of drinks and a big list of wines available.

Drinks. You can enjoy a drink at the bar, the restaurant, the lounge areas, or the jacuzzi area – just ring the bell and your waiter will be there within a few minutes.

Extras. Running on Waves also offers a variety of sports like SUP, Kite-Surfing, Snorkelling, Waterski etc.

Sail On Running With Waves

Cruises. Whether you have a big group that would like to sail all together on board Running on Waves, or you are just individuals who want to share a cabin, we have something for you.

Greek Islands. There are scheduled departures in the Greek Islands every year, which are ideal for individuals who want to just book a cabin and share the boat with others, or you can just privately reserve the boat and sail in the area of your choice.

You can select from a wide range of options;

  1. South Aegean Cruise (from/to Kos)
  2. Big Blue Cruise (from Kos to Athens/Lavrion)
  3. Corinth Cruise (from Athens/Lavrion to Corfu)
  4. Ionian Cruise (from/to Corfu)
  5. Delphi Cruise (from Corfu to Athens – Nafplio)
  6. Northern Sporades Cruise (from/to Athens/Lavrion)
  7. Peloponnese Cruise (from/to Nafplio)
  8. Cyclades Cruise (from/to Nafplio)

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details on the routes.

Prices. The prices vary and depend on the time and route.

Special prices for children. Contact us for more details and prices.

If you want a luxury sailing experience on board Running on Waves, please send us your enquiry by using the form below:

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