Black Friday Yacht Charter Offers

5 Things You Need To Know

Black Friday yacht charter n. (/blak ˈfrʌɪdeɪ,ˈfrʌɪdi jɒtˈtʃɑːtə/) yacht charter booked on the day after the US holiday of Thanksgiving, regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season, on which yacht charter operators and agents make many special offers.

Black Friday Yacht Charter Offers

Too Good to Be True?

The History Black Friday Yacht Charter Offers

Black Friday is the name given to the day following Thanksgiving (the 4th Thursday of November). Predominately an American holiday Black Friday has been gaining traction around the world in recent years. It has been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States since 2005.

Black Friday has become increasingly popular around the world, as American companies have gone more and more global they have taken Black Friday with them. Offering people all around the world access to these incredible discounts.

5 Things You Should To Know

If you are thinking about booking a yacht charter for 2020 look no further. At SailChecker we offer the best deals year round but our Black Friday yacht charter discounts are not to be frowned upon. Black Friday is the perfect time to book a yacht charter.

Not only can you get great Black Friday yacht charter deals, but flights are also often discounted on Black Friday making it the perfect opportunity to save on your yacht charter and flights to the start location.

Genuine Discount?

1. Are the Black Friday Deals Genuine?

Yacht Charter Offers. Around Black Friday and the holidays, you can expect a large number of operators and agent offering Black Friday yacht charter discounts. Discounts can vary from a percentage reduction a monetary value discount for the regular price. In our experience, a great many of them are real and honest.

Bait & Switch. Some of these discounts can seem too good to be true, sometimes they are. Occasionally we see offers on boats that are long sold; this is know as bait and switch or bait marketing. For sure, many boats will get sold over this period, don’t be too quick to judge, but be wary if the follow up offer lacks the attraction of the bait offer.

Marketing Spin. Often operators will simply just rename previous or standard offers and market the underlying discount in a different way for each sale period. In rare cases, you can fine discounts are simply a reduction of the a previously inflated regular price.

SailChecker has technology and experience to identify the best genuine offers, even the ones which are time sensitive, such as Black Friday yacht charter deals.

When Can I Pay?

2. Do You Have to Pay Immediately?

Time Limited. Typically Black Friday yacht charter offers come with a limited time frame and payment is expected soon after to confirm the deal. Sometimes these time frames are a small number of days or a week-long period.

At SailChecker we can often arrange a later payment plan, and hold the boat for additional days until you have conducted your relevant research, and found a superb Black Friday flight deal to complement your Black Friday yacht charter discount.

Airlines also discount tickets for Black Friday, which means you can purchase a discounted return flight deal to get to and from your yacht charter destination.

Are such big discounts real?

3. How Can Operators Offer Such Generous Discounts?

You Need to Know. As mentioned above not all operators offer their customers the best Black Friday yacht charter discounts available. The operators just manipulate the price of the booking to make it seem like a big discount.

How they Do It. The best deals are joint ventures between the owners of individual yachts and the operator that manages and offers the fleet. The will combine to offer incredible one-off not repeated prices within the sale period.

Using our blend of technology, knowhow, and our buyers negotiating directly, we are able to:
  • Identify the best Black Friday Yacht Charter Deals
  • Offer unique and exclusive deals

Beating Black Friday

4. Can I Get a Bigger Discount than Black Friday

Through Our Relationships. In reality, there are a lot of upsides to Black Friday for Yacht Charter Operators, early bookings and revenue; there are downsides too, often giving away quite a lot. Beating them is not always possible, yet we often do exceed published black charter deals here at SailChecker.

Last Minute. Leaving your charter to the last minute can sometime be cheaper, but we don’t recommend it. For certain the best boats have been booked and there are very few cancellations in this market.

Over time we have our own special relationships with operators which enables us to offer boats even cheaper than the operators themselves.
We ensure that everyone gets the best price available without losing the high standards and quality of our sailing holidays.

Maintaining Standards

5. Will a Highly Discounted Boat be of Equivalent Standard?

Sub-Prime Market. Many Black Friday yacht charter offers are sub-prime operators attempting to offload their sub-standard stock though high discounts. It’s also a ploy used by some better operators with a mixed bag of yachts.

Pick and Mix. There are boats they know they can rent every time, which will never be included in offers or discounts, and others that will always struggle. So they discount the stock which is harder to sell and don’t discount the stock they know people want to use.

Peace of Mind. We are wise to these tricks, and we use our 15 item checklist to ensure that the boat you book will be of the highest standard possible. We do not rent boats old boats, each boat has a full safety check before each and every charter which includes a detailed check of the interior, exterior, hull, and everything in between.

We only offer charters on boats we know are of a high standard to ensure our customers get the best value and sailing trip on offer.

Black Friday Yacht Charter Offers - SailChecker Deals

30% Off The British Virgin Islands (January - March) or 30% Off Croatia (April - May)

Don’t miss the opportunity to utilise these great Black Friday yacht charter offers.

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