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Luxury Yacht Charter n. (/ˈlʌkʃ(ə)ri jɒt ˈtʃɑːtə/) a highly desirable yacht or other boat with twin hulls in parallel item which is expensive or scarce to hire.

Top 9 Things You Need To Know About Luxury Catamaran Charter

Yacht charter is one of the fastest sectors of the leisure market and in particular Luxury Catamaran Charter. In the face of and in the aftermath of a pandemic, it’s seen as a safe way to spend vacation or holiday time with friends and loved ones. Before the pandemic setback, Luxury Catamaran Charter was already growing quicker than other forms of sailing charter.

For many, it is already the idyllic way to explore a destination, new or familiar, a way to embrace countries culture along its coastline; inculcating the genuine hospitality of the people and their region. Enjoying their stunning coastlines, islands and peninsulas, luxury catamaran charter is a passport to outstanding natural beauty, cuisine, company, and creation.

Whether new to luxury catamaran charter or not, we imagine you’ll be excited to learn about the latest boutique Luxury Catamaran Charter operators that are burgeoning on the back of increased popularity. We also imagine you’ll be keen to learn about some typical prices. Hear at SailChecker, we elect out the very best operators across the world, visit them and work with them to improve their offering to meet our clients’ exacting standards.

The luxury sailing market is growing rapidly and is likely to continue as awareness of this amazing sport, pastime, and vacation grows.

The biggest growth has in popularity in the luxury yacht charter sector has been in luxury catamaran charters. Shipyards are making boats bigger and more lavish than ever. Manufacturers are skilfully creating a luxurious spacious interior alongside stunning exteriors that resemble high-end hotel accommodation and comfort only previously seen on superyachts.

What is a Luxury Catamaran Charter?

Luxury yacht charters are split into two boat types: motor catamaran charter (motor cats) and sailing catamaran charter (sailing cats). There are then a number of charter types, you can choose from chartering a cabin, called cabin charter, a whole boat that you sail yourself called bareboat charter (assuming you have the right qualification), or a crewed luxury catamaran charter (check our some prices here).

We’ve gathered together all our experience on luxury catamaran charter, below are 8 things you need to know or maybe didn’t know, or we’re afraid to ask. We hope this article inspires and answers some of your questions about embarking or your next luxury catamaran charter, why not ask us a question today or leave a comment at the end of the article.

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1. Luxury Catamarans Offer Large Living Spaces

Size. Luxury catamarans are getting bigger. Mid-market luxury would see a boat ranging between 45′ to 52′ in length. Up-market cats can often exceed 60′ length overall (LOA).

Boatyards.  The manufacturers are building increasingly larger boats each year, especially within the luxury catamaran charter industry. With an increase in the want and need for bigger, better, faster and upscale boats. Many high profile celebrities and business executives, who enjoy sailing are paying for these boats, as well as the crew to manage them year-round.

Cabins. These boats are multi-hulled vessels, which are connected by a rectangular deck. The length and two hulled design of these boats allow for plenty of room inside for spacious living and dining areas, located in the main saloon space. The boats have cabins in the front and back of the two hulls, depending on the number of cabins (from 3 to 8) in the boat. The large space between the rooms and the width of the boat creates a sound buffer between the rooms and reduces unwanted noise. This means these boats are often quieter, especially in the cabins than other boats.

Modern. Luxury catamaran charter boats have modern, contemporary stylish interiors, with upscale furnishings, deluxe beds and bedding, elegant decoration and superb finishing touches. These boats can resemble 5-star hotel rooms or fell like homes on the water.


2. Bright Comfortable Spacious Interiors

The unique part of any catamaran is its dual parallel hulls. The space in between can be significant compared to a mono-hulled yacht. Designers ensure there are plenty of ports (windows on boats) to allow space and light for relaxing, dining and generally enjoying your trip.

Two hulls allow for a shallow draft (the bit of the boat under the water, this allows for ports below the waterline for extra special views.

This abundance of light through the ports floods the main cabin and living areas and allow offer panoramic views from the saloon (main living area).


3. Faster Sailing on Some Points of Sail

Point of Sail. Catamarans can offer a faster sailing experience than a monohull boat. The slimmer hulls reduce friction, and keep the boat flat, as they pass through the water. When the wind is fairly fresh and hitting the boat on the beam (the sides), even luxury catamarans charters can generate some impressive speeds.

This fast speed through the water either under sail or motor allows for a quicker and smoother ride from one place to another whether it be island to island or marina to marina, allowing for more time swimming, relaxing, discovering and exploring what the port and places have to offer. You can take a relaxing luxury catamaran charter and cover a large number of places and shorelines within a group of islands or countries.


4. Catamarans don't heal (lean over)... much.

One nice advantage of a luxury catamaran charter over a luxury monohull boat is stability. The two parallel hulls provide the weight to keep the boat flat, typically up to 5 degrees. This can make a luxury catamaran charter an ideal for:

  • first-time sailors
  • families
  • those who suffer seasickness; or
  • Nervous passengers.

The increased stability of the boat creates a smoother ride. Passengers can sit in comfort while under sail or motor, relax, sunbath, or eat lunch without their food falling off the table!


5. Where You Can Charter a Luxury Catamaran

Luxury catamaran charters can take place anywhere around the world in over 48 destinations, the most popular destinations are Croatia, Greece and the Caribbean. These boats are a popular choice for sailors who want to explore islands that they could possibly not explore with another type of boat. Croatia, Greece and the Caribbean are great places to explore on a luxury catamaran charter, with unique and breathtaking places to explore, see-through clear waters, white sandy beaches, as well as historic sites and activities to be done on land.

Catamarans are the ideal boat for exploring, thanks to their shallow draft you can navigate them in shallow water. This allows you to get close to the shoreline, caves, islands, and into inlets that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Where you can moor up in secluded bays or take a break and have a swim or snorkel off the boat, close to coral reefs or beautiful bays (but remember not to hit or sail over shallow reefs, we don’t want to disturb the ecosystem).

A luxury catamaran charter will be easy to navigate as the skipper will not have to take as much note of the water depth as it would with a monohull and keel. This gives a whole new extensive list of destinations waiting to be explored.


6. Crewed Luxury Catamaran Charter

Luxury catamarans charters on boats with a permanent crew are known as Crewed Luxury Catamaran Charter. Typically have two members of the permanent crew who are hand-picked experienced marine hospitality professionals. The crew keep the boat in pristine condition and are often are of a higher standard than those that are available for a bareboat charter.

Crewed charters often come with a range of inclusive extras, you can also expect to have some meals onboard and assume the food will be of a very high standard. Members of the crew are often superb chefs, mariners and/or hostesses.

The number of crew requested can vary depending on preferences and the size of the boat, between 2 and 4 crew members are common. On a luxury catamaran charter, crew members have space to themselves with their cabins separated from the guests.

Imagine sitting on the deck of a luxury catamaran eating a gourmet meal while a hostess refills your wine glass, or brings you hot towelettes in the afternoon. These are typical of a crewed luxury catamaran charter. The crew is there to attend to your needs and ensure that you have a great trip.


7. Toys and Fun On A Luxury Catamaran Charter

The outside space in a catamaran is perfect for dining al fresco, or just relaxing in the sunshine. The deck often has an abundance of space and the trampolines between the two hulls make for the perfect sunbathing and relaxing spot. Guests will have an abundance of space, no matter how many guests there are on board.

Picture having your breakfast on an outside dining table surrounded by the ocean in the sunshine with an incredible view. Or your evening meal alfresco in the warm evening climate with drinks on the deck and the opportunity to look up into the night’s sky at the abundance of stars, on a luxury catamaran charter you can.


8. Sailing for All

Predominantly sailing is safe, with well-equipped boats, extensive safety checks being taken before every charter, and safety equipment on board each boat. All of our boats are of the highest quality, with checklists before and after each charter, up to date certifications, and equipped with everything you need in any situation.

But for some people, this isn’t enough, the risk of falling overboard is low if everyone follows the right procedures and uses their common sense. With catamarans, the risk of falling overboard under sail is very low, as the boat is more stable and “leans over” a lot less than monohulls, even in rough conditions. With the two hulls designed to break through the waves and reduce the lean.

Catamarans are also constructed out of a very buoyant material with buoyancy compartments, meaning if something was to happen there is very little chance the boat would sink.


9. Our Favourite Luxury Catamaran.

So with all this newly discovered information, would you not like to know, which luxury catamaran is our favourite? Although no longer top of the Lagoon luxury catamaran range, we love the Lagoon 77.

Why not read more about her and how much it would cost to charter a Lagoon 77 her. You’ll find lots of informative information.

8 Things You Need To Know About Going On A Luxury Catamaran Charter

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