Catamaran Charter Everything You Need To Know

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Catamaran Charter Everything You Need To Know

Ever wondered what it is like to go on a Catamaran charter and why you should pick one over any other charter type.


There are many different types of yacht charters available all over the globe. It can be a little confusing deciding which charter is best for you. In this article, we are going to go through every part of a Catamaran charter and why it would be a good choice for your next yacht charter.

It’s Comfortable Sailing on a Catamaran Charter

A catamaran has two hulls, which are linked to each other. This design creates stability and ensures a calm sailing experience even during strong winds and high waves. For those who have never been on a sailboat in the sea or are afraid of sea-sickness, the best option is a catamaran charter.

The benefit of a catamaran is increased stability and a comfortable journey on a yacht, not only for passengers but also for the crew and service staff.

A Catamaran Charter Offers Stability

On a catamaran charter, the boat doesn’t roll like sailing yachts, which move a lot from side to side. The constant throwing of the ship on the waves can be uncomfortable for travelers and it forces them to keep their muscles in tension. If you are a novice sailor or want to relax on a yacht deck, a catamaran charter is perfect for you.

The construction features of a catamarans saloon ensures you have a comfortable living area on the yacht. The cabins and galley of the catamaran are located on the deck level which allows you to enjoy views from the window during lunch or while reading. A catamaran charter is suitable for those, who want to have breakfast in the pure fresh sea air!

Safe Sailing

All sailing boats are safe, but many people believe Catamaran’s are the safest options for a yacht charter. The boat is constructed by using special materials which allow the boats to stay afloat even if there are leaks are in both hulls.

Increased safety is available on a catamaran, as it has two engines. Meaning if one engine fails the other can provide the ship with movement. During a bad storm, the stability of the catamaran means you will feel very little movement depending on the size of the storm. A catamaran charter will suit even for the most cautious sailors.

The catamaran is not only safe but it is also more environmentally friendly compared to other types of sailing boats. The optimal design of the catamaran allows you to use the motor and sail at the same time. Some models are completely environmentally friendly and have been equipped with an additional source of energy for motor operation. Catamaran charter ensures you unforgettable holidays.

A Catamaran Charter Is Perfect For Exploring Islands

Another advantage of catamaran charter is sailing in any water depth. The underwater part of the catamaran is much smaller than that of the monohull yachts, so the catamaran can be moored in places with the shallow depth.

It will provide you an intimate and comfortable mooring away from other boats or in areas of low tide. If you want to get into hard-to-reach places, such as coastal cliffs, where it is difficult for tourists to travel to, then a catamaran charter is the ideal option.

The ability to stop sailing catamaran close to the shore will provide you with convenient swimming at any beach. Additionally, the catamaran will overpower any sandbanks and you will be able to enjoy a relaxing holiday in secluded places protected from bad weather. Catamaran charter is suitable for all occasions!

A Catamaran Charter For Adventurous Sailors

Catamaran charter is also suitable for lovers of speed. The catamaran is much lighter than conventional yachts and has no keel to align the vessel in a vertical position, so it has great speed. The low height of the underwater part allows the boat to reach speeds of up to two times faster than traditional yachts.

Another advantage of the catamaran at high speed is the design of the sharp bends of the hulls. This form of hull reduces wave resistance, then the rate becomes even higher during fast sailing. A catamaran charter will give you full comfort in when driving yacht over large distances!

Perfect For A Family Holiday

A catamaran has plenty of space both on deck and in the cabins. Take a stroll on the deck and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. The luxury saloon offers a place to enjoy meal times with your group.

A catamaran charter is ideal for families with children and groups of friends. Children will especially enjoy their first voyage. A day on a sailing catamaran is always full of entertainment. You can sunbathe on the deck, have lunch with the whole family, enjoy the sea sunset and much more. Diving and swimming on the Islands will give you and your children an unforgettable experience!

Great For Any Event

A catamaran charter is perfect for any occasion from birthdays and weddings, to corporate parties. Our team organizes any journey at an affordable price. Special sailing catamarans can be rented for sports activities.

A bareboat catamaran charter will allow you to fully control your route. Have a fully relaxing vacation, and you can even book a catamaran charter with a crew.

Ever been on a Catamaran Charter?

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