Should I travel to Greece this summer? Our Travel Advice

All you need to know about the current situation

General Situation and advice

Some of you are worried about the situation in Greece and the financial crisis that has reached a climax these days.
However, the situation for tourists is not bad at all and traveling there is safe.

Although there is no certain limitation on cash withdrawals, it is necessary that you take enough cash with you in order to face your local expenses such as provisioning, restaurants, etc, in case any of the current announcements that Greek government and banks have made, changes. We also suggest that you carry small banknotes of 5, 10 and 20 EUR as this will ease transactions with small businesses.

The Foreign Office has advised British tourists travelling to Greece to avoid relying on cards and that cash will be the best form of currency as the country enters a week of political and economic uncertainty.
Regarding the charters, the down payments or the fully paid charters are absolutely SAFE. Most of the operators have also bank accounts located in other European countries and the transacations can be safely completed.

About SailChecker

As you already know, our company is based in London, UK. This means, that even if you want to sail in Greece, your money will be safely tranfered by us to the operator.

We can accept every currency, even if the operator’s price is in Euro. We can, also, ensure that your booking will be safe with us, as well as your payment.

We communicate with Greek operators every day and they ensure us that it is absolutely safe for the tourists to go and visit this beautiful country, even know. Greeks were always known for their hospitality and they are waiting to prove this to you for one more time.

Contact us for all the Last Minute Offers in Greece.

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