We are often asked: Will I get seasick sailing?  We know that it affect some more than others and that if you suffer, it can be very uncomfortable to manage.

For some, the love of sailing is sufficient to not worry  simply managing the symptoms.  For others, the thought of it, really inhibits the possibilities of enjoying this amazing pastime.  It very often  steers them well away from a yacht charter and sailing holidays.

But it this really fair and wIll I get Seasick Sailing!

There are a number of things to consider:

Location and Route Selection


Location and Route

So if you’re going to cross an ocean, the chances are you will sucomb at spme point if you don’t have your sea legs.  But be sure you’ll have them by the end, no matter who you are!

Not all Cruising Areas Are the Same

There are areas, even within the same areas, that have very different sailing conditions.  Compare the Southern Cyclades in Greece to it’s western Ionian neighbour.  The different prevailing winds and coast make for a very different sailing experience.

Time your long passages.

If you think you or one of your crew may be susceptible, then consider short sails, especially early in the week.  Cruising areas like those South of Cuba, may offer some of the most unspoilt scenery and underwater ecology on the planet, but you are going to have a 12 hours sail straight out of the marina.  This is certain to make life uncomfortable for sufferers, with few opportunities for respite.  Compare this to the British Virgin Islands whose main island group measure just 25 Nm from end to end, and no end of possibilities for respite, it offers a very different experience to someone feeling the effects.

Not Sure about an Area?

Our experienced staff will be able to guide you on any cruising area you are considering.  When no ask us now?  You can expect an answer back very quickly.

Ask us a Question

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Prevention Better than a cure

Prevention Better than Cure

There are so many great remedies on the market today.  We aren’t going to recommend any here, but we may get someone who really knows what they are talking about to do a guest blog soon.  What we do know is that in our experience, the various methods work for most consideration you’re likely to experience on a Yacht Charter or Sailing holiday.

We have found that by suing precautions, it does not completely rule out the possibility of falling to a bout of seasickness, but normally means it only happens in conditions you are not likely to encounter and if you do, it is hopefully a one off.



There are some cruising grounds to be avoided when sickness is a consideration.  But there are so many we could recommend.  if you have any questions at all, when not pop your question in here and we’ll see if we can help.

  • Chose where you sail and take some advice
  • Try and get out on the water before your big sailing vacation
  • Look at what pills as and potions are available and look for one to suit you
  • Stay Positive!
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