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St Ursula holding a child Master Of The Legend Of St

St Ursula with Child

Historical references indicate that Christopher Columbus was the first European explorer who has set an eye to the beautiful islands along the borders of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean in 1439. It happened during his second voyage to the New World. Columbus compared the beauty of the islands to that of a British Christian saint, St. Ursula, along with the 11,000 virgins who followed her to Christianity and martyrdom. In the accounts of Roman Martyrology, these virgins are said to have been beheaded by Huns after they and St. Ursula were besieged while setting out for Cologne. But, due to lack of definite proof, the story of the 11,000 virgins was omitted from the calendar of Catholic saints.

St. Ursula and the 11,000 virgins

Inspired by the legend of St. Ursula and the 11,000 virgins, Columbus named the islands as “Santa Ursula y las Once Mil Vírgenes” or Saint Ursula and her 11,000 Virgins, which was shortly reduced to Las Vírgenes, or the virgins. In the contemporary period, the islands are known by their name, The Virgin Islands.

Blackbeard-the-Pirate Blackbeard the Pirate





Long before the idea of yacht charter was introduced to the world, the Virgin Islands were already popular among local and foreign sailors. The pristine blue waters and sheltered coves have long been loved and enjoyed by the people who have seen them. Today, the same bays and coves that have once attracted the great Christopher Columbus, the honourable Sir Francis Drake, and even the notorious pirate Blackbeard, are continuously attracting people from all over the world with their timeless beauty and magnificence.

Modern Day BVI

Since the British Virgin Islands became a haven for water sports enthusiasts, adventurers, explorers and yacht charters, a center for all marine-related commerce has been established at the advent of tourism in the Caribbean. Hailed for its subtropical climate, steady winds and calm waters, the islands provide a perfect sailing condition in the Caribbean. Thus, sailing is conceived as the foremost sport in the whole of the British Virgin Islands. Yacht Charter specialists are certainly recommending BVI as top class destination for aquatic sports aficionados!

Sailing History
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    Over the next 200 years following the naming of the islands, the BVI were held by various European powers, including France, Denmark-Norway, Great Britain, Spain, and the Netherlands. The company of Danish West India had settled on Saint Thomas and Saint John in 1672 and 1694 respectively. They have purchased Saint Croix from France and these islands became part of the royal Danish colonies. The economy of these islands under the Danish rule was outstanding until the slavery was abolished in 1848. Since then, the economy in all islands ruled by the Danish royal colonies have fallen. In 1867, a treaty was made to sell Saint Thomas and Saint John to the United States. However, it was never realized. Finally, during the submarine warfare in World War I, the United States feared that Germany might seize the islands and make it as their submarine base. With that, the former approached Denmark to buy the islands. The final selling price was $25 million in United States gold coin. The current equivalent of that amount is $2,200,000,000 as of 2012.

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