The 10 Best Party Islands Where You Can Sail

Tick off these Sailing Locations for Anyone Seeking Thrills, Adventure and NightLife

Party Islands to visit on Your Yacht Charter

The party scene at islands you can sail to is vibrant and extensive, from the mega clubs of Ibiza to the chic bars of Santorini. It is a good time to add that clubs now attract visitors of all generations.

Best Party Islands you Can Sail to

We have focused not just on the worlds’ party islands, but those you can sail to. There are all of the many wonders of yacht charter, but that ability to have rock the night is on many crews list.

Having decided you want a party Island to spice up all or some of the nights, we will look at which island is most suited to whom and give you a feel for the the kind of experience you are likely to experience.

So, let us dive in to see which are the best party islands and why they need to be on your travelling checklist.

10. Party Sailing - Ios, Grece

Aye Aye Ios! 10th Best Party Sailing Island

Located midway between Santorini and Naxos is Ios, a hilly island with the best sunset views and parties. Ios is known for the Greek traditional architecture and white sand beaches. With a rich culture, the island conducts the best parties that people have seen, this trait inherited by their greek roots. 

This party island attracts people from all over the world due to its scenery, restaurants, and streets. It is a hotspot for crazy nightlife clubs and sensational bars as they have a completely different vibe. With the best 360 degree views from the island, any spot is the best spot for scenery. 

The long beaches are the perfect place for you to calm yourself since they have a peaceful environment. If you are a person who needs some peace in between, visiting here would help you. In fact, you should visit since, at night, the place lights up and goes crazy with parties and nightclub events.

9. Party Sailing - Magaluf, Majorca

Mega Magaluf 9th Best Party Sailing Island

Located in Palma towards the west Magaluf is the hotspot for the largest nightclubs of Europe such as the BCM Planet Dance. With renowned places like Boomerang and Bananas, Mulgaluf has attracted the world’s best DJs who play in clubs that run till the morning. 

The most popular place here is the Magaluf Strip. It is a street named Punta Balena, which is well-known among tourists. This 600 meters plus street houses the best hotels, bars, and nightclubs. Thousands visit this street as it is the main place to be on this island. All the parties, Dj events, and food are available on this street. 

The atmosphere is filled with vibes of parties, which a majority of young people come to experience. So, if you are looking for an island that is filled with young people and that has the best energetic vibe, Magaluf is a great choice. It is one of the best party islands to be on and you might not want to leave this wonderful place once you visit it. 

8. Party Sailing - The British Virgin Islands

Boogie in the BVI our 8th Best Party Sailing Island

In the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands are a treasure to visit as it is one of the most happening places in the world. The parties, events, and bars go on 24*7. Off lately, these islands have started to grow and attract more and more people from all over the world. With world-class scenery and new clubs that entertain thousands of young tourists every year, it is easy to be an introvert and still make new friends here. 

The islands have grown to appeal more to the young people. For experiencing the crazy lifestyle and best parties you need to be at Pirates bight, Willy T, Jost Van Dyke, and Soggy Dollar. The islands have beautiful scenery along with long beaches and a crazy nightlife. 

These islands are rising up as a party destination with all the new things happening here attracting some of the best DJs. If you fancy meeting new people and living life crazily this place will provide you with all that as it has recently been rising to be one of the best party islands. Since this is a newly growing party island, it has a vibe that is unique and modern. And we bet, you will love it.

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7. Party Sailing - Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Ayia Napa our 7th Best Party Sailing Island

With a short distance, if you are sailing from Turkey, Ayia Napa is a beautiful growing island with numerous clubs and bars around 250 with wonderful areas to be at. This party island is situated in a convenient location with the best dancing clubs and R&B, house music and EDM. Easily accessible to you, on this island you get the best seafood on this island as they are freshly fished and also made by the best cooks in restaurants.

While going here remember to have an open mind and an empty stomach and the culture and food is one of the main attractions of this place. With a long stretch of beach with golden sand, it houses the most happening beach clubs with crazy music. The beach houses and beach clubs offer a variety of things to do such as playing beach football, volleyball, and other fun sports during the day.  If you are a music fan and want to drown yourself in the beauty of this art then it is the best island for you.

If you are planning to go to Ayia Napa, remember to visit the Pantachou Beach for the electrifying boat parties and the ghost town for wine tasting. Also, one of the best things to do is to charter a boat and sail around the island to get a good view at the beauty entirely. This makes the journey more adventurous, peaceful and engaging.

6. Party Sailing - Pag, Croatia

Party Peg is our 6th Best Party Sailing Island

This is the fifth-largest island in Croatia and is known for the Hideout Festival which is legendary with the party heads. Commonly known for its Pag cheese moonlike landscape and barren, it is a place to be in during the summers. The most popular places on the island are Spiaggia di rucica, the main square TrgKralja Pedra Kresimira IV, and the Bosana beach. 

The home to Zrce, it has been labeled the Ibiza of Croatia. The island is rich with culture, food, and music. On this island is a never-ending festival that party fanatics will love as it is a whole vibe to be here. The music and culture is very bright which is why some of the best DJs in the world come to play over here. 

Sailing to and around this island is the best way to go there as you will be able to see the entire island before stepping on it. In doing so, it raises your interest in the places you saw from the boat and you will be encouraged to visit the best places. While sailing up the island you will notice that it has beautiful beaches with an awesome scenery. In Europe, this is one of the best party islands to be on.

5. Party Sailing - Santorini, Greece

Scenic Santorini is our 5th Best Party Sailing Island

Santorini is known for two of its towns, Oia and Fira as they look over the sea and the other islands that are made of red, white lava, and black pebbles with extravagant scenes. Everyone has seen the pictures of this place once in their life, mostly without the knowledge that the picture is of Santorini. This place is the greek center of white-walled villages with a beautiful look upon the Aegean sea.

The beauty of Santorini begins way before you reach the island. The view and scenery on your way there would leave you dumbstruck. You would not be able to miss the view of the submerged volcanic crater because of its size. It can be seen from a distance as you sail towards the island. The multicoloured beaches rise up your mood no matter how you feel because the atmosphere on these beaches is full of energy and good vibes. 

There is a lot more to this beautiful island, especially for a party fanatic. The nightlife and clubs are some of the best experiences that you will have on this island. With some of the best clubs, bars, and events, it makes the list not only for being the best party island, but also for the sensational architecture and peaceful views. So, if you are an explorer, this place would keep you busy all through your trip with more than just parties. 

The 10 Best Party Islands Where You Can Sail

Tick off these Sailing Locations for Anyone Seeking Thrills, Adventure and NightLife

4. Party Sailing - Mykonos, Greece

Hedonistic Mykonos comes the 4th Best Party Sailing Island

Another one of the best party islands is Mykonos; it is also called the island of winds. Within the Aegean Sea, it is an island that is commonly known for thumping music, massive night clubs, and it’s summer party atmosphere. Due to its great atmosphere, it is also known for attracting famous people. So, you might end up meeting your idol or favorite star. 

The best places to be on this island are the little Venice Mykonos Quarter, Island of delos, platys gialos beach, and Panagia Paraportiani. It is a peaceful place if you want to relax. The winding streets are accented in pink flowers, beach clubs, astonishing architecture, and best restaurants to dine at to make it peaceful and relaxing. But if you are about the partying life it is also famous for having an extravagant nightlife. Paraga beach is the most adventurous place that has the best bars and beach clubs.

3. Party Sailing - Phuket Island, Thailand

Party Phuket Comes is as our Third Best Party Sailing Island

Located in the Andaman Sea on Thailand’s west coast is the ideal place for the people that love to live their life beyond their wildest dreams. Staying up throughout the night till the morning, resting for a while, and repeating everything all over again. That is how things are done in Phuket.
Phuket island has a global reputation as a nightlife hotspot and it is a well-deserved reputation. With the night clubs, cabaret shows, go-go bars, and the beach road, it is a sight to see. The bright lights, exciting nightlife, and live music venues complement the scenery to make it a one of a kind experience.

If you are a party freak during the night and want a peaceful time, the long beaches and extravagant lifestyle here will be the best for you. The party in Phuket goes on all year round. So, you can pack your bags and move out to visit this place at any time of the year when you need to party.

2. Party Sailing - Hvar, Croatia

Happening Havr the Second Best Party Sailing Island

Hvar is on the second of the list because of its beautiful beaches, nightlife, and charming streets. It is situated in Croatia in the Adriatic Sea, between Korcula, Vis, and Brac. Known for winemaking, this island also has the best beach clubs and exotic sceneries.

You can obviously begin your stay by going to the clubs. In Hvar, you will easily be able to find bars and nightclubs. As the lively bars and events are what make this place sensational. You won’t get bored for even a second on this party island. And after you are done with parties and want to explore the beautiful place, do visit the blue caves, and Truvada Fortica. 

Another great place is the fort Napljun that offers great boat rides and is the harbor of Hvar. If you are a wine lover, the vineyard is always open for wine tasting. At the end of the day, you will have appreciated the time you took out to visit these places along with enjoying this great party island.  

Tip: The best time to go to this island is during the ultra Europe festival with about 75 thousand people attending it every year.

1. Party Sailing - Ibiza, Spain

The World's Number 1 Party Sailing Island

You must have heard of Ibiza, and if you are a party freak then you must have already visited this wonderful island. But for those who have not been here or do not know about this place, Ibiza is the best island to party on. In fact, if you are a person who loves to explore different cultures, then Ibiza is the place for you. One of the famous dance cultures here is the Ball Pagè. Also known as the Peasant’s Dance, it is the folkloric dance that is easy to indulge in. 


There are various styles of this dance based on the pace of the dance, including slow, medium, and fast. The fast dancing style is called SA Llagra. It is the most energetic and dynamic kind of dance style out of the three. And it is common to find most people, including tourists, dancing to it. The two main hotspots on the island are Ibiza town and San Antonio. In addition to this, the best beaches to visit and suck the sun in include Les Salinas and Playa den Bossa. In fact, when you’re on the way to the party island, the scenery will take your breath away. You will love every part of the trip as well as the party on the island. 


Tip: The best time to visit the island is during the Ibiza traditional folk festivals. 


If you are planning to sail to a party island, these are the best places you can go to as they are the most happening islands in the world. These party islands offer you everything you will need. In fact, even if you are not the most social person, visiting these places will bring out the ‘crazy’ within you. Each island provides you with unique and vibrant cultures with a mix of modernization. 

The parties, beaches, and clubs are not only the best parts, but sailing to the island amidst the beautiful scenery is also a part of them. If you are an adventurous person, you can also hire boats and go sailing around the islands. This will help you take in all the beauty of that place. Along with this, you can enjoy the ocean by diving into it. So, what are you waiting for? Dance it off and sail off amidst the peaceful sea. Book a charter to get to one of these party islands today!

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