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Bareboat Yacht Charter

For many, a bareboat yacht charter in Venice is something for the summer months; whats is more, under normal circumstances we’d agree! Save for a day sail on a crisp sunny winters day, there may not be that much to tempt you out into these glorious seas for all by the hardiest of souls. But here’s the thing, even when not sailing, yacht make great alternative and economic luxury accommodation.

Increasingly , fleet operators in prime locations are looking for ways to increase revenue. So if you are looking for accommodation in a place on the water and where other options are in short supply, this is a real option.

Okay there are desperately cheap hotels and youth hostels if you can get in, but did you there is a luxury and economical way to enjoy a magical Venetian Christmas using a bareboat charter yacht. Consider the cost of accommodation, even if you were able to find somewhere (which is unlikely); 5 double rooms in Venice would set you back a pretty penny. Your charter yacht can be sailed or used as floating hotel rooms. They are well appointed as you would expect.

Let’s take an example:

A stunning BAVARIA 50 cruiser has 4 Double and 1 Twin Cabin:

Plan of a bareboat yacht charter being used for accommodation in venice at christmas

With -20% special discount the price, based on a week’s charter and full occupancy is under €40 person per night. Yes, you get luxury accommodation, in the centre of Venice for £32. We can even arrange shorter charter periods for you.

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Using yachts as accommodation, what do you think?

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