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Amalfi cliff

Interesting Sight at Amalfi Cliff


Sailing in the Tyrrhenian Sea is one of the most favorite activities of Mediterranean travelers during holiday season. The romantic sunset, beautiful islands, deep blue water, amazing rock formations and beaches and cliffs will definitely enchant you. Each island offers a unique experience to every traveler. Unlike other modern tourist destinations, the cities surrounding the Tyrrhenian Sea had preserved their historical heritage as seen on their grandeur architectures.


Archeology enthusiasts will love to visit the MuseoArcheologicoPortoferraio in Elba, Islands. If you’ve grown tired of the vast sea, you can find a little area in Basilicata with beautiful lakes. On the other hand, you can enjoy basking under the sun in the shores of white sand beaches of Sardinia. You can also witness the wonderful beauty of Neptune Caves’ interior. Sardinia is also home to about 7,000 nuraghe, a kind of ancient building.

Breathtaking view of the coastline in Cefalu, Scilia

Breathtaking view of the coastline in Cefalu, Scilia

Elba island

Pristine water surrounding Elba Island



Some of these were even declared as world heritage site by UNESCO. If you want to be enthralled by the intricate architectural designs of Italian buildings, then Lazio is the place for you.Explore the rich Italian culture and beautiful sceneries surrounding the turquoise water of Tyrrhenian Sea. Are you ready to take your sailing adventure to the next level?

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