Yacht Charter Montenegro – Sailing in the Bay of Kotor
Guest Blog by Danilo Tomanovic

This is the first piece in a short series from Danilo.  We would like to mention our gratitude upfront; an opportunity to have someone showcase this amazing and relatively new and burgeoning sailing destination, was too good to pass up.  I hope you enjoy first insight, we look forward to seeing more people chartering and sailing in Montenegro that is set to become a top destination.

If you enjoy this blog, please do leave your comments below, we look forward to encouraging Danilo and others to follow suit and allow us to find our more about new and amazing sailing and Yacht Charter destinations.

The Bay of Kotor

3 years ago our lives changed. We left the familiar streets of The Beaches, in the east end of Toronto, Canada to take on a new adventure, to Montenegro.

Our family settled here away from the -30 deg Celsius weather to a place, sub-tropical, mediterranean, sheltered from the noise, the pollution and from the busyness.

This place is magical, magnificent, charming and alluring.

So, what is it about the Bay of Kotor?

Byron is quoted as saying that there never was ever such a scene of mountains and sea merging.  Its true today as it was in his time.

There is a microclimate here which is subtropical. The rains during the spring, summer and autumn never stays the entire day.
A burst of rain and then suddenly it’s bright sunshine. The rains forgotten.

The sky changes into those hypnotic pinks, purples, greens and blues, that the med is known for.

Incredibly romantic, tranquil, soothing.

The waters are warm. And the mountains appear as giants that have decided to settle, lay their tired bodies to gaze at the sky and the stars, for eternity.

Many times I have described to others that it is like looking at a beautiful woman, that you look at from 5, 6 different views, and each one is more beautiful then the last.

Perhaps I am a romantic. Although one thing is for certain there is something here for everyone.
Something for the heart. Something for the (peace of) mind. And something for the soul.

To be in the bay

To glide through her waters is following the paths in the history of the Illyrians, Romans, Venetians, French, Austro-Hungarians, and Slavs.
All arrived here at some point in its history. All have left memories.

This is a (forgotten) magical kingdom whose charms today are priceless for those who search adventure.

Over the course of the next few days I’ll write about the gems you’ll find in the bay so that your time here is fruitful.
Feel free to contact me directly as well (danilo.tomanovic@gmail.com) and share with me what you find, as well.

Kind regards,
Danilo Tomanovic

Like to Sail in Montenegro?

We already have a few small operators in this area.  If Danilo has inspired you, don’t hesitate to visit www.sailchecker.con and fill out our Dream Maker with any kind of request or question.

Let us know what you think…

We’d love your comments; thanks.


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