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The Complete Guide to Becoming a SailChecker Ambassador

What is a SailChecker Ambassador?

SailChecker Ambassadors, first and foremost, love our brand and want to share in the success of a new and vibrant business. In return for a range of benefits, SailChecker Ambassadors amplify our message, attend events on our behalf, receive complimentary clothing and merchandise, work as interns, able to undertake projects that earn them revenue, work as hosts and hostesses on trips, enjoy complimentary sailing opportunities and much more.

As a bare minimum we expect you to mention SailChecker to everyone you meet and know!

This article is designed to answer 90% of the questions you might have. Just to set your expectations in advance, Ambassadorship are not jobs, that comes as a disappointment to many. That said, like others, they can be extremely valuable and we hope we have something we exchange for the benefit of you, SailChecker and the sailing community.

Who can become a Brand Ambassador for Sailchecker?

We prompt suitable candidates as and when we meet them in real life or social media. Around 1 in 10 applicants goes on to represent our brand.

When can I expect to receive benefits?

We don’t put a time on it, it largely depends on the amount of energy you put in. Bethan, who has been an ambassador for over 2 years around her University Course, has enjoyed sailing in Greece, attending the London Boat show 2015 and earning through hostessing, writing content for our website and booking yachts following an internship.

What is it exactly that I do?

No two Ambassadors or interns offer the same thing. As a bear minimum we expect you to mention SailChecker to everyone you meet and know! We want you to be justifiably proud of your new position. Once we know you, dependant on your skills, ambitions and energy, you will be offered sailing, to attend boat shows, attend parties and VIP events, offered paid opportunities, etc.

If You’re still not sure

We reflect the energy you put into your role. We are extremely responsive to your suggestions and ideas. Do you know a sailing event in your country you would like to attend? Do you have access to a possible audience to sell to – your university, your local sailing club? We create a place where you can follow your dreams.

Do I get to sail?

Yes! Whilst we prefer you to have some knowledge and understand of sailing, we do invest in courses, qualifications and opportunities for interns and ambassadors.

Open Access

It time, we give ambassadors the opportunity to run their own events. We support them in every way. A recent ambassador was given a project to run a party flotilla in the British Virgin Islands, where he had plenty of experience. We helped find suitable charter yachts, a skipper, helped him with pricing and as he had some experience, agreed he could lead the event as the Rep alongside one of our experienced skippers. On top of this, he was given an advertising budget and a slot in our newsletter (9,000 recipients). Not only will he get to enjoy the sailing and the British Virgin Islands, he will be paid and receive commission for any places he sells.

What’s the catch?

You can be doing this kind of work within weeks of joining us and spreading the SailChecker Word. However, you do need to go through a short internship where we teach you all about the sales and marketing process. This is a cutting edge programme from a brand leading in it’s field. This is why we do need to select the right Ambassadors.

Do I have the time?

We always find time for the things we love. Our best ambassadors fit their duties around the busiest of lifestyles. To begin with, if you want to access events and paid work, we expect around 4 hours a week on a structured internship lasting 3 months. You can expect to be offer opportunities to earn commission or organise events (dependant on your experience and progress on the programme.

Is this a job?

Ambassadorships are not jobs and you should only undertake one if you are passionate bout our brand and sailing. That said, they do lead to jobs and we have Ambassadors working for us. We also think it would look great on your CV if your looking for work in the marketing or sailing space.

I’m Interested!

The first step is to reach out to us with a message on Social Media – that’s your CV in this game. Why not leave us a nice comment at the bottom of this blog, it shows you read this far if nothing else. If have the drive and energy to be part of our vibrant team, we look forward to hearing from you soon  Write to us

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