How to Quarantine on a Yacht in Thailand

Learn About How You Can Quarantine on a Yacht in Thailand

How to Quarantine on a Yacht in Thailand

The Thailand Government announced that they are trialling a scheme to allow tourists to return to Thailand and avoid hotel or self-quarantine by doing quarantine on a yacht in Thailand.

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How to Quarantine on a Yacht in Thailand

The quarantine on a yacht in Thailand trial is was created to help kick start and resume tourism within the country.

The scheme was introduced in a partnership between the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Depa), telecom group Advanced Info Service (AIS), and Thai Yacht Business Association.

Back in March 2020, Thailand made the decision to close its borders to foreign tourists, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since December 2020 it has been slowly opening its borders with golf course quarantine and promises of vaccinated tourists skipping quarantine.

The Government of Thailand is hoping the yacht quarantine scheme will bring in £42 million ($58 million) back to the yacht industry within the country.

This new quarantine on a yacht scheme will be trialled in conjunction with the other schemes, all attempting to rescue Thailand’s tourism industry.

What is the Quarantine on a Yacht in Thailand Scheme All About?

Thailand currently has a strictly enforced hotel quarantine for all foreign arrivals, this trial is aiming to allow this quarantine to take place on a yacht in Phuket instead of in a hotel.

Travellers would be allowed to fly into the country with a negative Covid-19 test prior to arrival and proof of health insurance. On arrival people will be taken to the yacht to proceed with their 14 days of quarantine, skipping past health screenings.

Trial Information

100 yachts are currently taking part in the trial in Phuket with between 300 and 500 people taking part.

Each person taking part in the trial is required to wear a wrist band that can monitor a person’s vital signs (blood pressure and temperature), while also tracking their location up to 10 km out to sea.

The Royal Thai Navy is monitoring and tracking the boats to ensure no one steps foot on land or mixes with other boats.

Participants are not permitted to step foot on land but will be able to sail, relax on the boat, and swim in the ocean. But once the participant has completed their 14-day yacht quarantine they are permitted to moor their yacht in a marina and step foot on land.

What Can We Expect from Thailand Yacht Quarantine?

In the future, if successful the quarantine on a yacht in Thailand scheme is set to be open to tourists from around the world.

Upon arrival, visitors will present a negative Covid-19 test and receive a tracking watch. This will allow tourists to relax on their yacht, explore the islands (from afar), swim in the ocean, all while still in quarantine. This is a great alternative to be outside, undertake activities, and enjoy sailing while still also being in ‘hotel quarantine’.

Thailand is a great yacht charter location and this way of yacht quarantine will bring a boost for tourism while still ensuring that tourists don’t bring Covid-19 into the country.

When Can We Go to Thailand?

The 100 yacht trial is currently taking place, and we will update this article once more information is released.

Thailand Yacht Charter

Thailand is a great place to go on a yacht charter with over 1,430 islands with turquoise waters, beaches, blue lagoons, and coral reefs. From Phang-nga Bay with its beautiful emerald waters to the Phi Phi Islands in the south, and more than 130 isles located within the Krabi area. There is lots to explore on quarantine on a yacht in Thailand.

Thailand is the ideal destination for sailing year-round, with a tropical climate. Thailand has two seasons the north-east monsoon (November and April) and south-west monsoon seasons (May and October) or the wet and dry seasons.

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