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Far East Yacht Charter

From Australia to Tahiti and everywhere in between, which Far East yacht charter would you choose?

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Far East Yacht Charter

In time gone by, Australia, South America, Africa, India, and the Antarctic joined Gondwana‘s vast landmass.

Fortunately for present-day yachters, the break-up all those millions of years ago created sailing waters of incomparable diversity; islands with fascinating cultures; fjords to rival Norway; and one mighty coral reef stretching half the length of a continent, aptly named the Great Barrier.

Throw Australia’s great city, Sydney, and its huge natural harbour into the mix; include its New Zealand rival, Auckland, the aptly named City of Sails, surrounded by its Bay of Islands; add a dash of French-influenced spice islands and a pinch of the Far East, and you have more than enough variety to ocean contain thousands of stunning tropical islands and tempt the most jaded of cruising palates.

The far east has lots of yacht charter options to choose from, including Australia, Tahiti, Malaysia, and Thailand.


The Australian Whitsunday Islands comprise 73 continental islands right at the heart of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef.

Sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, the tranquil ocean surrounding the Whitsunday promises ideal sailing conditions. The Whitsunday Islands provide calm, smooth seas, ideal for sailing.

Nestled on National Park land, the 17 Whitsunday islands have the outdoor and water activities you crave. You can snorkel amongst tropical fish. Hike across rough terrain. Swim the pristine turquoise waters, or camp out against the backdrop of a lush green rain forest.


Thailand has some great yacht charter destinations, with some of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches, many of which are backed by picturesque tropical rainforests.

The clear waters of the western shorelines are located in Southern Thailand, which also contains over 32 smaller, equally beautiful islands, all of which are located in the Andaman Sea.

These islands and the surrounding islands of the Andaman Sea attract visitors from all over the world, who come to discover what the islands have to offer.

The best time to visit Thailand is during the dry season, which lasts from December to March; it is also referred to as Northwest Monsoon season, where the winds are generally between 10 and 20 knots. From May onwards is referred to as the Southwest Monsoon season or wet season; winds can reach up to 20+ knots during this period.


On a far east yacht charter in Tahiti, you will find all the most exciting spots on these French Polynesian islands. With rare and exotic flora combined with rich native traditions.

Famous for its romantic scenery, providing the perfect honeymoon backdrop, Tahiti is sure to steal your heart. Escape to this classic island paradise, where the natives will welcome you with open arms.


Malaysia is a country rich in history and mythology, along with its 99 islands waiting to be discovered. Located in Southeast Asia, just above the Equator, Malaysia is a dream destination for everyone.

Nature lovers, beach lovers and divers will find peace and tranquillity among the islands and the bright turquoise waters surrounding them.
Malaysia has no cyclones, but monsoons are the major influence on the weather. The Northeast monsoon season runs from November, and it brings light northeasterly winds ranging from 10-20 knots and cooler dryer temperatures. The southwest monsoons begin in May and bring with them winds above 20 knots. The rainy season reaches its peak in September and October and the hottest months of the year are from March to June, where the temperature can reach 32c.

Far East Yacht Charter

On a far east yacht charter, there are lots of places to choose from. Each country and option has its own unique and wonderful places to explore, with ideal sailing conditions.

Whichever sailing destination you choose to embark on, your yacht charter will be filled with culture, great sailing conditions, and lots of things to see and do.

Have you ever been on a far east yacht charter? Let us know your tips and comments below.

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