Diving and Sailing Holiday

Is Diving and Sailing a Good Combination?

Diving n. (/ˈdʌɪvɪŋ/) the sport or activity of swimming or exploring under water.

Sailing n. (/ˈseɪlɪŋ/) the sport or activity of using boats, typically with sails.

What are the Different Diving and Sailing Options?

We are often asked to arrange sailing memories that include diving or…  diving memories that include sailing. Typically there is a dominant pursuit; but whether you re seeking to do a couple of dives whilst in the British Virgin Islands, or  planning to dive every day with a sailing boat taking you from dive site to dive site, we’ll explain what to think about,

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  1. Boat. Is the boat suitable for carrying dive equipment?
  2. Where. Are the distances between dives short enough for a sailing boat?
  3. Budget. Find the right budget for your crew.
  4. Qualifications. Do you have both the right dive and sailing certification?
  5. Search. Get in touch with SailChecker!
  6. A Bit Like This? We see how it looks with an example.

The Choice of Boat for Diving and Sailing

Sailing & Diving Boat Choice. Typically dedicated dive trips are done on dive boats, motor boats with all the necessary equipment. Some smaller ones operate form shore bases, others you liveabord.

Immediately there is going to be some compromises to the diving, you won’t be able to get to places quite so quick and your not going to have a compressor on board many sailing boats.

My most successful dive sailing holidays have been on catamarans with racks added for the canisters. There is plenty of space to stow all the paraphernalia that you need.

Where to dive and Sail

Where to Sail and Dive. Compared to a dive boat you will move from site to site much more slowly, a compact area is essential. For this reason the British Virgin Islands are just 25 nautical miles end-to-end and have dozens of amazing dive sites.

Dive and Sailing Budget

What to Budget. You will often find with enough people sharing a boat, the cost of diving and sailing is cheaper than going on a dedicated dive holiday. It’s also quite possible to dive from a monohull, saving even more.

Create The Perfect Diving and Sailing Memories

Images Taken During a SailChecker Diving and Sailing Trip


Qualifications for Dive and Sailing. Só don’t forget you will need to have both qualified divers (to get tanks recharged) and a qualified skipper. It is possible to hire both skippers and dive instructors of you need them.

How to Search

Finding Your Perfect Sail and Dive Experience. So you have decided this is for you, you have a crew and your ready to start searching. Searching for the right experience is not straight forward. There are lots of elements to be considered.

SailChecker have years of experience helping organise dive and sail memories. All our tailor made service is completely free of charge and we will take all the hassle out of finding the perfect boat.

A Bit Like This?

A bit like this. A 6 year old catamaran, with tank racks, in the British Virgin Islands, for one week in June would cost you $6,000, £5000 at the time of writing. Add some flights, divide this amongst 8 other friends and you have one amazing time for a great price.

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