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How Can I Get Great Value Yacht Charter?

One of the most popular questions we are asked is, how can I get a great value yacht charter. It is not as difficult as you might think.
There are, actually, two ways to get a great value charter. One is booking early, whilst the other is booking a last minute sailing trip. The advantages of booking early are more or less known; great availability of yachts and prices, along with some special early booking discounts.

On the other hand, booking a last minute sailing trip can equally be of great value when it’s properly done. Below, we reveal the 3 best ways to save money on last minute sailing.

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jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509

1. Choose a Popular Destination

Get competitive prices and the widest choice

Choosing a popular destination is a sure way to keep your costs down as operators compete for your business. You will find an abundance of yachts, prices, and options. In a large marketplace, you will find plenty of nooks and crannies to find great value, some inventory can even return having been held as an option. All in all, it’s a great way to find that last minute sailing deals.

Our Top Tip

With so many different operators, where do you start your search? Even the best search engines can’t keep up to date in the fast moving yacht charter markets of Greece, Croatia, and the British Virgin Islands. The answer is to take advantage of our system where we send your request to every operator in that region. That’s right – every operator is asked if they can ffullfill your requirements.

Maslinica, Solta Island, Croatia
CroatiaOne of the world's most popular sailing destinations in 2015

2. Find the Centre of Gravity

There is always somewhere with a great attraction

Having picked a popular destination, it’s now time to pick your point of embarkation. In most countries, there is somewhere that leads the pack; fo yacht charter in Greece it’s Athens and for sailing in Croatia, it’s Split. Heading for these areas in the height of the Summer can be problematic, but rarely so, they are the most attractive for a reason, and normally have the cruising area and options to cope with numbers and give you plenty of options.

The same goes for the marinas in these areas – there’s a wide choice – competition leads to well-equipped marinas offering a wide range of facilities, yachts and, of course, keen prices.

Our Top Tip

Be as flexible as you can. Pick your airport (or cheapest flight) and then let us hunt around every operator that region to find you the best deal. If you tell us your departure airport – we will even try and link the two things for you.

Using this template is certainly one of the best ways to lower the costs of yacht charter, especially with last minute sailing.

Alimos Marina at night
Alimos MarinaThe busiest marina in Athens, Greece

3. Grab a group; Charter a 5 Cabin Yacht

Per person – it’s the cheapest way to sail

Although a large luxury 5 cabin yacht (the bigger boats are usually more spacious and better appointed)  does sound too expensive, this is not the case. Okay – we know this is not possible for everyone, but if you are thinking of getting a group together, 5 cabins is definitely the sweet spot.

In fact, the 5 cabin yachts are mostly offered for a better price than the 3 and 4 cabin ones. This happens because they are not as popular as the others are. Adding to that splitting  the cost between  10-12 people (the number of people that can sleep on a 5 cabin yacht), the price per person will be much cheaper than on a 4 cabin one.

On the last minute sailing deals you will be able to find 5 cabin yachts on great discounts (even 50% off) and this will make your trip of a great value.

Our Top Tip

Ask for a list of all the 5 cabin yachts in the areas you would like to sail.

jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509
The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509Offers you 4 double cabins and 1 with bunk beds

Need a few examples?

Check out the best last minute sailing deals below, always following the above tips.

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