The 6 Best Croatia Sailing Itineraries Compiled

Our selection of itineraries from Split and Dubrovnik

Sail the Croatian Coastline

Choose between our 6 itineraries from/to Split and Dubrovnik.

Croatia’s coast is speckled with dozens of magnificent islands that range from tiny, verdant and unpopulated to massive and arid, sporting ancient towns and villages.  Island hopping is very common and certainly the finest way to explore the Croatian coast.
Makarska Riviera

The World’s Number One Yacht Charter Destination

The Jewel in Europe’s Crown

The Gem of the Adriatic. Despite being one of Europe’s most famous places to visit and the world’s premier sailing destination, Croatia doesn’t feel like a place that has been thoroughly worked over by the tourist industry. Blessed with a wealth of natural riches, Croatia boasts almost 2000km of rocky, indented shore, and more than a thousand islands, many blanketed in luxuriant vegetation.

Something for Everyone. Even during the heavily visited months of July and August there are still enough off-the-beaten-track islands, quiet coves, and stone-built fishing villages to make you feel as if you’re visiting Europe at its most unspoiled. There’s plenty in the way of urbane glamour too, with swanky hotels, yacht-filled harbours and cocktail bars aplenty – especially in Split, Dubrovnik, and Hvar.

Recommended Itineraries from Split

For both 7-day and 14-day charters

Beach in Croatia
Pebbled beach in CroatiaCombine your sailing with sea kayaking
Day Destinations (From – To) Distance
Day 1 – Saturday Split – Milna (Brac) 10NM
Day 2 – Sunday Milna – Stari Grad (Hvar) 13NM
Day 3 – Monday Stari Grad – Hvar/ Sv. Klement 9NM
Day 4 – Tuesday Hvar – Scedro – Vela Luka (Korcula) 20NM
Day 5 – Wednesday Vela Luka – Vis 25NM
Day 6 – Thursday Vis – Trogir 27NM
Day 7- Friday Trogir – Split 12NM
Day Destinations (From – To) Distance
Day 1 – Saturday Marina Kastela – ACI Milna 12NM
Day 2 – Sunday Milna – Hvar 14NM
Day 3 – Monday Hvar – ACI Korcula 32NM
Day 4 – Tuesday ACI Korcula – Pomena (Mljet) 14NM
Day 5 – Wednesday Pomena – Zaklopatica (Lastovo) 20NM
Day 6 – Thursday Zaklopatica – Vela Luka (Korcula) 16NM
Day 7- Friday Vela Luka – Marina Kastela 32NM
Cycling in Croatia
Try cyclingThe second best way to explore the country
croatia flotilla sailing
Relax and explore new placesFull of history and culture
Day Destinations (From – To) Distance
Day 1 – Sunday Split – Trogir 14NM
Day 2 – Monday Trogir – Komiza (Vis) 30NM
Day 3 – Tuesday Komiza – Vela Luka (Korcula) 27NM
Day 4 – Wednesday Vela Luka – Lastovo 16NM
Day 5 – Thursday Lastovo – Pomena (Mljet) 24NM
Day 6 – Friday Pomena – Sobra (Mljet) 13NM
Day 7 – Saturday Sobra – Slano 13NM
Day 8 – Sunday Slano – Dubrovnik 11NM
Day 9 – Monday Dubrovnik – Sipan 11NM
Day 10 – Tuesday Sipan – Polace (Mljet) 21NM
Day 11 – Wednesday Polace – Korcula 15NM
Day 12 – Thursday Korcula – Hvar 35NM
Day 13- Friday Hvar – Split 24NM
Day Destinations (From – To) Distance
Day 1 – Sunday Marina Kastela – Hvar 34NM
Day 2 – Monday Hvar – ACI Korcula 32NM
Day 3 – Tuesday ACI Korcula – Pomena (Mljet) 14NM
Day 4 – Wednesday Pomena – Sobra / Okuklje (Mljet) 13NM
Day 5 – Thursday Sobra / Okuklje – Dubrovnik 23NM
Day 6 – Friday Dubrovnik – Cavtat 12NM
Day 7 – Saturday Cavtat – Sipan 21NM
Day 8 – Sunday Sipan – Polace (Mljet) 23NM
Day 9 – Monday Polace – Zaklopatica (Lastovo) 23NM
Day 10 – Tuesday Zaklopatica – Vela Luka (Korcula) 16NM
Day 11 – Wednesday Vela Luka – Vis 24NM
Day 12 – Thursday Vis – Komiza 13NM
Day 13- Friday Komiza – Marina Kastela 30NM
Dubrovnik coast at sunset
Enjoy wonderful sunsetsEverywhere in Croatia

Hints on some of the best places you will visit

Useful information and tips

Maslinica, Solta Island, Croatia
Maslinica – Solta Island

A small village with the most breathtaking sunset.The restoring of the castle into a hotel and the construction of a nautical marina have turned it into the tourist centre of the island that you shouldn’t miss.
Recommended restaurants: Šakajet, martinis Marchi
Berthing possibilities: Marina Martinis Marchi

Skradin, Krka Waterfalls, Croatia
Skardin – Krka Waterfalls

Simply magical in its each and every detail. Visit the peaceful Visovac monastery and admire the Skradinski Buk waterfall. Small, picturesque and filled with flavour, Skradin is located at the point where the river passionately embraces the sea.
Recommended restaurant: Konoba Dalmatino
Berthing possibilities:

Kornati Islands, National Park, Croatia
Kornati National Park

A nautical paradise that offers great sailing through the 89 unforgettable islands, islets, and reefs in the Kornati National Park.
Restaurants: a) on the island Zakan – Ravni Zakan b) on the island Kornat – Ante’s in Vrulje, Opat in opat cove, Mare’s at Katina
Berthing possibilities: ACI marina on island Zut , ACI marina on island Piskera

The Best Croatia Sailing Itineraries Compiled
Trogir – The Ancient City

Trogir, one more town in Croatia, which is on the UNESCO list of the World Cultural Heritage as the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in Central Europe. Must-see sights: Cathedral of Saint Lawrence with its remarkable portal by Master Radovan, the Kamerlengo Fortress, the Town Gate, the Čipiko Palace, the Town Hall, the Church of Saint Nicholas, the city museum, the picture gallery and the ‘Kairos’ art collection.
Recommended Restaurant: Alka, Kamerlengo
Berthing possibilities: ACI marina Trogir
SCT Trogir

Sali, Dugi Otok, Croatia
Sali – Dugi Otok

Sali is a place of a thousand-years-old fishing tradition and ancient olive groves that surround the village. The cultural heritage of Sali is represented by sacred buildings such as the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a gorgeous wooden altar from the 17th century and inscriptions written in Glagolitic, as well as the churches of St. Roch and St. Nicholas. There are also remains of layouts of other Christian churches in the fields of Sali. One of the most interesting events is the Sali Festival called Saljske užance, a three-day festival with the famous Tovareća mužika (donkey music) performing at the festival.

Komiza, Vis Island, Croatia
Komiza – Vis Island

Komiža lies on the sunny side of Vis island and is well sheltered from the cold northerly winds. It is located at the bottom of the largest bay on the island and compacted within narrow alleys and slender houses. It is a famous place for its fishermen on the Adriatic and perhaps even in the Pacific.
There are several beautiful pebble beaches of which Kamenice is the most famous; the beach with springs of ice cold water coming from the stone, a shaded area provided by the tamarix trees, and which every night turns into a party area.
Recommended Restaurants: Bako, Jastozera

Recommended Itineraries from Dubrovnik

For both 7-day and 14-day charters

sailing in croatia – dubrovnik-top
Dubrovnik A magestic medieval city
Day Destinations (From – To) Distance
Day 1 – Saturday Dubrovnik – Kobas 12NM
Day 2 – Sunday Kobas – Sobra (Mljet) 20NM
Day 3 – Monday Sobra – Korcula 24NM
Day 4 – Tuesday Korcula – Zaklopatica (Lastovo) 23NM
Day 5 – Wednesday Zaklopatica – Polace (Mljet) 23NM
Day 6 – Thursday Polace – Sipan 12NM
Day 7- Friday Sipan – Dubrovnik 18NM
Day Destinations (From – To) Distance
Day 1 – Sunday Dubrovnik – Sipan Luka (Sipan) 17NM
Day 2 – Monday Sipan Luka – Kobas (Stonski Canal) 8NM
Day 3 – Tuesday Kobas – Polace (Mljet) 21NM
Day 4 – Wednesday Polace – Korcula 18NM
Day 5 – Thursday Korcula – Scedro 17NM
Day 6 – Friday Scedro – Hvar 12NM
Day 7 – Saturday Hvar – Scedro 12NM
Day 8 – Sunday Scedro – Lastovo 11NM
Day 9 – Monday Lastovo – Korcula 19NM
Day 10 – Tuesday Korcula – Pomena (Mljet) 12NM
Day 11 – Wednesday Pomena – Okuklje (Mljet) 19NM
Day 12 – Thursday Okuklje – Janska 10NM
Day 13- Friday Janska – Dubrovnik 12NM
The blue cave in Vis
Thousands of islands, islets and reefsEnjoy some of the best caves in the Med

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