SailChecker Payment Policy Letter

SailChecker Payment Policy Letter

SailChecker Ltd

Kemp House
152 City Road

22nd June 2020

Dear SailChecker,

Update - SailChecker Anti Fraud Measures

Vigilance is Key

Thank you for trusting SailChecker with your sailing memories, yet we understand that there are many ways we need to act to ensure total peace of mind. Recently we have noticed increased attempts to defraud our customers, and although they have been thwarted by our control measures, we believe that vigilance and education is the key.

Our Standards

We maintain at all times the highest standards of protection using the most secure method available for online card payments. To date we have never had a client payment go missing. This is no reason for complacency, we have noticed increased fraudulent activity in recent weeks and we want to alert all of our customers, whether transacting with us, or others, to be extra vigilant.

Look and Feel

This is a great deterrent. Fraudsters are often in parts of the world where English is not spoken as a first language. If at any time an email doesn’t have the sound and feel you are used to, do not hesitate to call us. Or you spot a suspicious address, or just don’t like what you see, don’t reply to the email, call us.

Our Key Information and Policies

The policy for payment of SailChecker Ltd. are as follows:

  1. Geographic Location. All our bank accounts are located in London, United Kingdom.
  2. Financial Institutions. We only conducted all business and financial transactions through:
    1. Principal Bankers. National Westminster Bank Plc.
    2. Card Merchant. Worldpay Ltd.
    3. Foreign Exchange Partner. Revolut Ltd.
  1. Beneficiary. The only beneficiary name for the bank accounts is SailChecker Ltd. We will never ask you to pay a third party.
  2. Payment Details. We only supply our bank details in a secure PDF Invoice. We will never ask you for money via email.

We use 2 email services:

  1. Sailchecker Domain. Several emails that always end Hosted securely on our own servers.
  2. Google.

Mutual trust and reliability are fundamental to providing a strong service to our clients. You should receive only honesty and dependable information. We will make sure you are fully informed and expect our full support managing any associated risks.

Please keep this information for further references, and please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have further inquiries at or

Yours faithfully,

C J Lait
For and on behalf of
Sailchecker Ltd.

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