French Riviera Sailing Itinerary

Our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary explores the world-class resorts along with the quiet and tranquil sites.

French Riviera Sailing Itinerary 


The French Riviera is an area of coastline in the South of France that stretches 560 miles from the Italian border to Saint Tropez. The French Riviera is one of the world’s most luxurious sailing destinations, filled with history, culture, colorful buildings, turquoise oceans, sandy beaches, and vibrant resort towns.

Our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary explores the world-class resorts along with the quiet and tranquil sites. The French Riviera is the perfect sailing destination for everyone with its luxury towns and villages, world-class marinas, and charming destinations.

Our Guide to a French Riviera Sailing Itinerary

Our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary begins at Port Pin Rolland Marina, then heads towards the protected island of Embiez, then back to Cassis and Calanque de Morgiou, then onto the vibrant and popular Old Harbour of Marseille, La Ciotat, and Bandol before heading back. 

Sailing our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary is a once in a lifetime experience, with historic sites, beaches to relax on, caves to explore, vibrant harbours, natural wonders, and turquoise waters waiting to be discovered. 

  • Getting There

    There are a number of options on how to reach the starting point of our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary: there are two airports located close to the starting point, Toulon-Hyeres Airport and Marseille Provence Airport. Toulon-Hyeres Airport is located 23 miles or 40 minutes from the marina and serves a number of locations including Amsterdam, Paris, Southampton, Geneva, Copenhagen, and Strasbourg. Marseille Provence Airport is located 1 hour 20 minutes or 57 miles from the marina and has daily flights to/from Greece, Ireland, France, UK, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, and Portugal.

  • Weather

    The weather in the French Riviera Sailing Itinerary is a Mediterranean climate, with mild wet winters and an average temperature of 5c. The summers are warm and sunny with an average temperature of 28c.

  • Mooring

    Mooring in the French Riviera is a mixture of world-class marinas, with all the best facilities, and quiet bays perfect for dropping anchor and relaxing.

French Riviera Sailing Itinerary

Enjoy world-class restaurants, beautiful beaches, and luxury marinas

Day 1

Port Pin Rolland → Embiez Island (20NM)

Embiez Island

Our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary begins at Port Pin Rolland marina and heads 20NM towards Embiez Island. The whole island is a protected area and a large number of species of birds inhabit the island. The island has pine forests, seven beaches, an abundance of natural trails and vineyards, and is a tranquil environment with no motorized vehicles allowed, only bicycles and walking. 

An ideal overnight mooring location is at the St Pierre des Embiez marina, which has 750 berths. Alternatively, overnight anchorage is available at the Island Grand Rouveau, a 6km stretch of coastline, on the west of the island.

Book In Advance: Port de Saint Pierre des Embiez, Capitairiene île des Embiez, 83140 Six Foursles Plages, VHF Channel 9.

Day 2

Embiez Island → Cassis (16NM)


Day two of our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary departs from Embiez Island and heads back to the mainland and the ancient fishing port of Cassis. Cassis is an old city with colorful houses, narrow roads, and ancient architecture to discover. All of these are located in the midst of natural wonders such as beautiful pine trees and natural areas.

Overnight Anchorage: Puerto de Cassis is a great place to moor overnight with over 400 berths and state of the art facilities. Puerto de Cassis, Quai des Moulins, 3260 Cassis, VHF Channel 9.

Day 3

Cassis → Calanque de Morgiou

Calanque de Morgiou

Located just 5NM from Cassis, the small island of Calanque de Morgiou is the perfect place to bask in the clear turquoise water and explore above and underwater caves and the underwater grotto, which has a large number of ancient cave drawings, dating back to 27.000BP. Calanque de Morgiou is also a great place to go rock climbing with over 2,500 different climbing routes, which are a great stop on our French Riviera sailing itinerary.

Day 4

Calanque de Morgiou → Marseille Old Town (6NM)

Marseille Old Town

One of the most famous locations on our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary is the old town of Marseille. Marseille is a large city with lots to do and explore, but if staying at sea is more your idea of fun, there is a beach encircled with pine trees, which is a great place to swim and relax. The area also has a number of attractions including Phare de Sainte Marie (a lighthouse), Roman Dock museum, a ferry crossing, Canebiere (a famous shopping street), St Victor’s Abbey (one of the oldest Christian places of worship in France), and the port is the ideal location to watch the sunset. 

Overnight Anchorage: Vieux Port is one of the oldest harbors in the area, dating back to the 15th century. The harbour has 3,200 berths and mooring should be done bow or stern-to. VHF Channel 9. 

French Riviera Sailing Itinerary

Day 5

Marseille  → La Ciotat (13NM)

La Ciotat

On day 5 of our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary, we depart from thriving Marseille and proceed towards the smaller town of La Ciotat. La Ciotat is an artifactual village with lots to see and explore. In the mornings there is a fish stall market called La Rue des Poilus as well as a local market where you can stock up on fresh produce and souvenirs. The village has an artificial sandy beach due to its rocky nature, and the beach has a beautiful view of the Alps mountain range behind it. The area also has beautiful botanical gardens called Parc de Mugel, which is home to tropical plants. La Ciotat has a small number of cafes, historic shipbuilding sites, and the world’s oldest cinema (Eden Theatre). 

Overnight Anchorage: Anchor 0.3miles offshore to avoid the winds, alternatively 0.3miles Northeast of the harbour where the seabed is 14 metres deep.  

Day 6

La Ciotat → Bandol (7NM)


From La Ciotat, day 6 of our French Riviera sailing itinerary takes us on a short journey to Bandol. Bandol is home to some of the most prestigious wines in France, with a large number of vineyards producing red and rose wine. Bandol is a traditional village, with ancient architecture, sandy beaches, rocky bays, and creeks. One of the nicest beaches in the area is Anse de Renecros, an almost enclosed circular beach, which is great for swimming and relaxing.

Overnight Mooring: A vibrant harbour with 1,650 moorings. Bandol Marina, Capitainerie du Port, 83150 Bandol, VHF Channel 9

Day 7

Bandol → Port Pin Rolland (13NM)

Port Pin Rolland

The final day of our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary proceeds back towards Port Pin Rolland. A great stop on the way back to the harbour is at the island of Bendor, a 7 minute boat journey from Bandol. The island has beaches, restaurants, a promenade, and a wine museum, making it the perfect place to stop on the way back to the marina.

Overnight Mooring: Port Pin Rolland, Chemin Departemental 18, 83430 Saint-Mandrier-Sur-Mer, France, +33 4 9494 2782.

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