Luxury Yacht Charters are the ultimate luxurious charter experience and can be tailored to your own individual needs, requirements and dreams. Luxury Yacht Charters are usually crewed and can be on catamarans, sailing yachts, motorboats or even super-yachts (large luxurious motor yachts). Many luxury yachts are privately owned, over 24 meters long and come complete with a professional crew. 

Luxury Yacht Charters can have professional crews of between 3 to 60 staff, depending on the size of the boat and the requirements of the guests. Professional crews include at a minimum skippers, hostesses, chefs, deck hands and engineers, but can also include specialty crew members such as sports instructors, service providers and other highly qualified individuals. 

Luxury Yacht Charter Boats

These types of Luxury Yacht Charters can be taken all over the world at any time of year depending on the desires of the guests. You can find pristine and luxury boats suitable for Luxury Yacht Charters in every corner of the world, with every possible request imaginable. Boats can vary from luxury yachts, motor yachts, super yachts sailing or motor yachts- the possibilities are endless. These types of yachts, depending on their size, have tenders, which can be used to go ashore for a day trip or to a restaurant. In addition to this, luxury yachts can have water toys for guests to use when at anchor, these vary depending on the boat but can include water skis, jet skis, wakeboards, scuba diving equipment, SUP’s, inflatables and any other water toys desired. SailChecker has a fleet of boats all over the world, so everyone’s criteria can be met (every budget, size required, standard); there is a boat to satisfy everyones tastes. A professional crew is normally a crew of three, but can be between two plus guests. 

Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations 

A luxury yacht charter can be undertaken at any destination around the world, as these boats are considered 5 star luxury on the water that can be driven to any island or destination required. Guests can decide where they wish to travel to and the skipper will take them there. Luxury Charter Destinations usually start from a given location and proceed from there, normally in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Asia, and the USA, among others. 

Life Onboard a Luxury Yacht Charter

A typical day aboard a luxury yacht charter doesn’t exist as you have the freedom to spend each day as you wish on the ultimate luxurious break. The professional crew will take care of everything, with a minimum of two fully prepared meals a day by a superb chef, warm clean towels after a dip in the ocean, and the skipper can drive the boat to wherever desired. The efficient and hard working crew are willing to help with world class service 24/7, yet remain invisible. 

Luxury Yacht Charter Events 

There are a large number of events all around the world that are best watched or visited by boat. From the Monaco Grand Prix to the Cannes Film Festival, Luxury Yacht Charters can incorporate these once in a life time events into a charter. SailChecker can advise and arrange everything for your ideal Luxury Yacht Charter.