Croatia Sailing Flotillas

A Croatian flotilla has something for everyone, the young, the young at heart, singles, couples, families, the experienced and the first-timers.

 Why Go On One Of Our Croatia Sailing Flotillas?

There are lots of Croatia sailing flotillas. All have different features and locations, but there are common elements to each in every package. Croatia sailing flotillas give you the chance to be with like-minded people, with the help and support of the lead crew. A chance to relax, a chance to get active and a chance to immerse and indulge yourself in the amazing Croatian culture.

Wherever you start your Croatia sailing flotillas holiday from, you will find superb sailing conditions in stunning surroundings, reliable winds, pristine seas, excellent food, a sunny Mediterranean climate, and a welcome to match.

When a country has over 1,000 islands and one of the richest archipelagos in the world, don’t miss your chance to sail along the coast. Spending any time at sea is a must on your Croatian vacation, even if it’s for just a few days.

You can combine the best of sea and land by spending your time sailing the Adriatic Coast, making stops along your route to explore the mainland.

Explore Croatia’s National Parks

Croatia has a total of eight National Parks, and you should make sure you see at least one of these during your holidays in Croatia. The National Parks will surely satisfy the whole family. Many people say that the most stunning of all the parks is Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There, you can meander along the wooden plank trails and admire the glistening waterfalls crashing into the ever-changing colours of the 16 interconnected lakes below.

Not far from Split, you can take a day trip to the Krka National Park. Krka is complete with medieval fortresses, waterfalls and boat excursions. The other six national parks also make great additions to your what to do in on your Croatia sailing flotillas.

Tick off the UNESCO Sites

For a small country of just over 56,000 square kilometres, you may be surprised to know that there are seven, Croatian UNESCO World Heritage sites you can experience on one of our Croatia sailing flotillas.

  • Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the Historic Centre of Poreč
  • The historic city of Trogir
  • Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian
  • Old City of Dubrovnik
  • Stari Grad Plain, Hvar
  • The Cathedral of St James in Šibenik 

Croatia's Adriatic Coast

The Adriatic coast of Croatia is known as ‘The Coast of A Thousand Islands’ and its idyllic sailing conditions and easy line-of-sight navigation mean that it has long been a favourite flotilla holiday destination. This historic coastline has it all: majestic walled cities with Medieval cobbled streets, ancient ruins, romantic cities, vineyard-covered hillsides and national parks offering pine forests with deserted coves and crystal clear turquoise waters – one stunning sight after another. The islands also offer charming fishing villages and historical marina ports to visit on Croatia sailing flotillas.

Whether you are looking for the culture, history, and the wonderful architecture of a cosmopolitan city as well as the best of the Adriatic’s sandy beaches from Dubrovnik, or the tiny island towns, modern marinas, and Kornati National Park within Kremiks sailing area, you won’t be disappointed on a Croatia sailing flotillas.

Find a Konoba

While on one of our Croatia sailing flotillas, you need to be on the lookout for small, often family-run local restaurants called konobas. No matter where you are, you’ll find something to treat your taste buds. Make sure you order any fresh fish that you see on offer. A Dalmatian chef knows how to grill a fish to perfection, so it’s something well worth tasting.

A unique Croatian dish you’ll want to try is a black risotto made from cuttlefish called crni rižot. If you are not a fan of seafood, be sure to order pašticada, a traditional beef dish, which is marinated for 24 hours in garlic, wine and herbs. Pašticada has a rich dark sauce and is served with homemade gnocchi, and best enjoyed with a glass of the Dalmatian Plavac Mali red wine. Other must-try foods while on one of our Croatia sailing flotillas are krafne and burek.

8 Must-See Locations on Croatia sailing flotillas

From Dubrovnik, the jewel of the Adriatic to the Island of Hvar where many of our favourite Croatia Sailing Flotillas start.


Popular Destination. Split is the second-largest city in Croatia. It lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, centred on the Roman Palace of Emperor Diocletian. It is a popular tourist destination, and a link to numerous Adriatic islands and the Apennine peninsula.

History. Split is one of the oldest cities in the area. While it is traditionally considered just over 1,700 years old counting from the construction of Diocletian’s Palace in AD 305.

Things to do. Split has a large amount of things to do and explore. On one of our Croatia sailing flotillas, you can either begin your flotilla in Split or you may visit the city on your itinerary. Split has a large number of superb restaurants, shops, beautiful beaches, ruins to explore and much more.


Hvar’s Location. Hvar is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, located off the Dalmatian coast, lying between the islands of Brač, Vis and Korčula. Its hillsides are covered in pine forests, with vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards and lavender fields in the agricultural areas. The climate is characterized by mild winters and warm summers with many hours of sunshine.

Sailing Base. Hvar’s location at the center of the Adriatic sailing routes has long made this island an important base for commanding trade up and down the Adriatic, across to Italy and throughout the wider Mediterranean.

Things To Do. On one of our Croatia sailing flotillas, a stop in Hvar is a must o, with numerous restaurants, bars, cobbled streets and beaches to explore.


Location. Makarska is a small city on the Adriatic coastline of Croatia, about 60 km southeast of Split and 140 km northwest of Dubrovnik. It is a tourist centre, located on a horseshoe shaped bay between the Biokovo mountains and the Adriatic Sea. The city is noted for its palm-fringed promenade, where fashionable cafes, bars and boutiques overlook the pretty harbour where many pleasure crafts are moored. Adjacent to the beach is several large capacity hotels as well as a camping ground.

Old Town. The center of Makarska is an old town with narrow stone-paved streets, a main church square where there is a flower and fruit market, and a Franciscan monastery that houses a sea shell collection featuring a giant clam shell. Makarska is the center of the Makarska Riviera, a popular tourist destination under the Biokovo mountain.


Location. Mljet is the most southerly and easterly of the larger Adriatic islands of the Dalmatia region of Croatia. The National Park includes the western part of the island, Veliko jezero, Malo jezero, Soline Bay and a sea belt 500 m wide. The central parts of the park are Veliko jezero with the Isle of St. Mary, Malo jezero and the villages of Goveđari, Polače and Pomena. This is a great place to visit on one of our Croatia sailing flotillas.


Location. Omiš is a town and port in the Dalmatia region of Croatia and is a municipality in the Split-Dalmatia County. The town is situated approximately 25 kilometres south-east of Croatia’s second largest city, Split. Its location is where the emerald-green Cetina River meets the Adriatic Sea.

Activities. The Cetina River is a great place for those who would like to do activities while on one of our Croatia sailing flotillas (white water rafting, canoeing and kayaking). Recreational activities, in Omiš, also include free climbing, cycling, tennis, football, basketball, 9-pin bowling, bocce, paragliding, beach volleyball, windsurfing, water-skiing, sea kayaking, water polo and scuba diving. On one of our Croatia sailing flotillas you can pick and choose which activities you would like to do.

Star Grad

Location. Stari Grad is a town on the northern side of the island of Hvar in Dalmatia, Croatia. One of the oldest towns in Europe, its position at the end of a long, protected bay and next to prime agricultural land, has long made it attractive for human settlement.

Ruins. The most ancient part of Stari Grad falls within the UNESCO Protected World Heritage Site of the Stari Grad Plain, while the entire municipality lies within the surrounding buffer zone. These are unique sites to see on one of our Croatia sailing flotillas.


Location. Korčula is an island in the Adriatic Sea, in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County of Croatia and lies just off the Dalmatian coast. It is the second most populous Adriatic island after Krk and the most populous Croatian island not connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is a great place to visit and explore on one of our Croatia sailing flotillas.


Dubrovnik. A stay in Dubrovnik may well be the highlight of your Croatia sailing flotillas. Dubrovnik is Croatia’s top sight and its most visited destination.

Things To Do. The gleaming marble streets of Dubrovnik are lined with baroque buildings punctuated by beautifully sculpted Renaissance fountains and facades. Dubrovnik’s walls are the most intact and impressive in the Adriatic and clearly, head the long list of Dubrovnik’s sights. No wonder UNESCO named Dubrovnik a World Heritage Site!

Old Town. Dubrovnik is more than a fascinating Old Town with an ancient history. It’s also a first-class Adriatic resort. Stretching out from the historical centre is a network of beaches to laze away the day in the sun. Offshore, the crystal-clear sea is littered with wooded islands that make easy day trips. The array of cafes, bars and clubs in and around the Old Town ensure that Dubrovnik at night is never dull, to experience on a Croatia sailing flotillas.

Have you ever been on one of the many Croatia sailing flotillas? Let us know your tips and experiences in the comments below.

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