5 Benefits Of Sailing In Croatia In May or June

May and June Are Perfect Months To Go Sailing In Croatia, Find Out Why Here

5 Benefits Of Sailing In Croatia In May or June

Croatia is one of the best places to sail in the world with its steady winds and line of sight sailing. On a Croatia yacht charter, you can experience the ancient sites of Split or Dubrovnik, visit beautiful fishing towns, discover deserted islands, all while experiencing the utmost luxury sailing on a catamaran.

Croatia can be reached from anywhere in the world. There are a number of main coastal airports in Split, Zadar, and Dubrovnik, which connect the country to many European countries, from there you can connect to the rest of the world.

The weather in Croatia is perfect for sailing with warm dry summers, averaging into the low 90s (30c). The wind varies between force 2 and 5, normally prevailing from the northwest. The sailing season in Croatia begins in May and lasts until October.

The best time to go sailing in Croatia in May or June or September in order to avoid the crowds of people in the marinas and tourist hot spots. Although this being said, anytime throughout the summer is great just beware of the crowds.

1) The Temperature

Warm Temperatures. May is the beginning of the summer season in Croatia, with the temperature starting to rise. The average temperature for sailing in Croatia in May is between 22c and 27c. While the weather temperature increases so does the sea temperature and the sea averages 18c through May and becomes warmer by the end of June.

Inside The Boat. This makes the sea and air temperature pleasant for sailing and swimming, without it being too hot. In the summer Croatia reaches high temperatures which make the sea feel very warm and in many boats without air con, fans maybe require to keep cool. But when sailing Croatia in May or June the sea feels refreshing and you can get a good nights sleep and be comfortable in the boat without air conditioning.

Hours Of Daylight. When sailing in Croatia in May or June the average hours of sunlight is 15, and during both months the rainfall is very little, so you will get plenty of hours of sunshine and daylight to undertake activities and be sail around different places.

2) The Wind When Sailing In Croatia In May

Light To Moderate Winds. When sailing in Croatia in May or June the winds tend to be light to moderate ranging between 10 and 20 knots. But during this period the winds tend to be more unpredictable than during the summer.

Changing Winds. Croatia is well known for its dramatically changing weather, one minute it can be sunny and the next a big wind can occur.

Maestral. Croatia’s typical wind in called Maestral (Mistral) which blows in a northwest direction, it is a thermal wind. The typical pattern of this wind type is that it picks up around midday, an lasts until 5 pm, which is ideal for afternoon sailing in Croatia in May or June.

Bura. One of the most common wind occurrences in called the Bura, it blows in a northeast direction and is often cold. The Bura is typically a winter wind but can occur in the summertime, it comes from the mountains and can go from 0-100 in an instant.

Burin. Burin is an offset of the Bura, which typically occurs during the night. This thermal wind is created by the land cooling faster than the sea. Typically it blows strong throughout the night, so it is always advised to check the overnight weather forecast before anchoring for the night.

3) Fewer Crowds

Things Begin To Open. Small Croatian towns and villages on islands tend to particularly or fully close down during the winter months, as the main source of income in these destinations is from tourists. At the end of April and beginning of May, the areas start to open up again ready for the tourist season to arrive once again.

Experience Everything Without The Crowds. So sailing in Croatia in May will give you the opportunity to experience everything Croatia has to offer, in terms of tourist attractions, restaurants and national parks, without all the tourists they receive in the summer. Marinas also tend to be quieter, which allows for easy access for mooring without a large number of boats looking to dock at the same port.

4) The Events

Throughout the year, Croatia has a large number of events and festivals all over the country. May and June are no different, with summer just around the corner.

May Events. In May there are a number of events throughout the month, including the Split Festival of Flowers, Saint Domnius (Sueti Duje) which occurs on May 7th and is a feast day in the city. Marco Polo is an event which happens at the end of May when the streets of Korcula Town are decorated like they were in the 13th century.

June Events. In June the ‘Porec Summer’ occurs in Istria and from mid-June events, music and dancing occur all over the country in preparation for summer.

5) The Price

Charter Prices. Sailing in Croatia in May or June can be significantly cheaper than sailing during the peak summer months of July and August. Charters can be anything from 20-50% less than in the summer months, depending on the week and boat chosen. You can find some good last minute sailing in Croatia in May deals.

Have you ever been sailing in Croatia in May or June? Let us know your tips and experiences in the comments below.

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