5 Best Sailing Destinations at Easter

From the Caribbean to the Greek Islands; something for everyone

Stay Home or Explore New Destinations?

For many people, the Easter time is the ideal period to spend more time with their family and relatives, whilst for some others, it’s the perfect break from everything.
Whether you belong to the former or the latter group, a sailing holiday can offer you amazing moments, fun, new experiences and relaxation. Sailchecker have compiled the 5 best sailing destinations over Easter for you and your loved ones and we present them to you below.

1) The Caribbean

The Caribbean has always been in the top sailing destinations around the world and for a good reason. Long sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, great sailing conditions, luxury resorts and numerous islands to explore.

Spending Easter in the Caribbean islands, of course, puts the emphasis on the family, but can also be a warm and welcoming experience for visitors and, as with most things in the Caribbean, local traditions put a unique tropical spin on the holiday’s religious and secular celebrations.

There’s something about Easter and sailing that seems to go together in the Caribbean, as evidenced by the annual events that take place there. The Easter Regatta on Bequia in the Grenadines is a combination of local boat racing, yacht racing and traditional Bequia hospitality, with beach games, a sandcastle competition, model boat races, barbecues and music.  The Royal Bahamas Defense Force Challenge Cup, which is held on Easter weekend on Montague Beach on Paradise Island features races and onshore activities including an Easter Egg hunt, coconut-tree climbing, dominoes and whist tournaments, and a Rake n’ Scrape Band.

For an alternative holiday, you can try yoga on board! You can easily find yoga instructors to hire for a couple of days and make your stay in the Caribbean an unforgettable and relaxing experience.

2) Seychelles

A slice of paradise beckons in this Indian Ocean idyll, where average temperatures hover around 29°C. Lap up the rays and you’ll return home with a sun-kissed glow that will last you throughout the summer. What will definitely surprise you in Seychelles is the uniqueness of the places you will visit, the wild beauty of nature and the hospitality of the locals. Relaxation, beautiful sandy beaches and new islands on your itinerary each day. You can charter a catamaran and sail from Mahé to Praslin and drop anchor by the islands in between. You will visit the amazing Cocchi di Mare, Curieuse, the island from the red earth, La Digue and Barren, the wildest of these islands in this wonderful place.

You will also find a wide selection of 5-star beach resorts that will leave you gasping in delight. The crystal clear waters are ideal for divers and snorkellers while the land lovers can enjoy bird watching, dazzling white beaches and tropical forests. Wildlife lovers should visit the Aldabra atoll, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to see giant land tortoises. Around 150,000 of these incredible creatures live here, reputedly five times more than on the Galapagos Islands.

Throughout the Easter week there are a number of local processions, festivities and religious ceremonies. There are also fun activities offered for the young visitors and special menus at the great restaurants. For the art lovers, there is an art festival held that attracts visitors from across the islands. It’s a lively and vibrant celebration of the arts with performances, exhibitions, forums, workshops and a huge range of other activities for all the family. Local and international artists showcase their work.

3) Italy

There are many different areas to visit in Italy, however, Tuscany seems to be one of the best choices for your Easter sailing trip, and can be easily accessed. The visitors’ favourite destination in Tuscany is the Island of Elba; there are many good reasons for it and will definitely be an unforgettable experience. The Island of Elba has six big gulfs with  wonderful anchorages lined up with white beaches. Small fishing villages, lush vegetation and crystal-clear water are the main features of this unique place. Elba is also an ideal starting point for cruises to Corsica, Sardinia or any of the other islands which are part of the Tuscan archipelago.

Italy is very famous for its spectacular celebrations surrounding Pasqua (Easter) as Italians head to church and take to the streets in parades to honour the most important week in the Christian calendar. Festivities continue throughout the Holy Week, culminating on Easter Sunday when families enjoy a lunch based on roast lamb and specially-prepared cakes. Pasquetta (Easter Monday) is traditionally the first chance for a spring outing in the year, when Italians head for parks, woods and nature reserves to have a picnic.

Wherever you will be sailing in Italy, remember that you will find some great special restaurant menus and the bakeries will be full of traditional Easter sweets.

Palma De Mallorca
Palma De Mallorca in Spring
Spa Resort in Mallorca
Palma De Mallorca

4) Balearic Islands

One of the top sailing destinations, the Balearics, offer an abundance of sandy beaches, wonderful sun and buzzing nightlife. The weather starts to brighten and improve in the Balearics when the spring season is underway. The average temperature you should expect  is 15-16°C, but it can go slightly higher during the day.

You can charter a yacht and start sailing from Mallorca, the largest yacht base in the Balearics and either do a round-trip of the island or visit the other islands as well. Ibiza is famous for its nightlife, but it’s quieter at this time of the year, so you can enjoy the beaches and landscape.

At your stay in the Balearics, you can also visit a Spa Resort – there are quite a few of them – select the treatment of your liking and relax. With popular resorts in each of Mallorca’s four corners, take your pick from idyllic villages such as the picturesque Puerto De Soller, nestled along the coastline, or holiday hotspots including infamous party place Magalluf. Even the capital has something different to offer. Steeped in rich history, Palma is a treasure-trove of tapas bars, boutiques and of course, the notable Gothic Cathedral, La Seu, which is a magnificent Catalonian landmark.

5) Greece

The Easter in Greece is a really unique experience and it is celebrated approximately a month after the Catholic Easter. The celebrations are exciting all over the country; some of the most famous destinations to celebrate Easter are considered to be Corfu, Skiathos, Patmos, Chios, Leonidio and Monemvasia. There you can have the one-of-a-kind opportunity to delve into an overwhelming spiritual atmosphere and participate into sacred rituals, ancient traditions and joyful celebrations!

Spending Easter on Skiathos, for instance, the island of “the saint of the Greek literature” Alexandre Papadiamantis, is definitely a spiritual experience, as the locals observe the monastery ritual of Mount Athos, and live the Passion Week in devoutness and deep contemplation. The sound of the funeral bells ringing, and the scents of nature in blossom blend harmoniously in sweet melancholy.

The weather in Greece is mostly sunny in April and the average temperature is 15C. You will find gentle breezes and great sailing conditions to accompany you.

Do it like a Greek – On Easter Sunday morning, as the 40-day period of fasting finally comes to an end, in most areas of the country, the lamb is cooked on the spit. In other regions, the meat for the Easter table – lamb or kid – is roasted in the oven. The atmosphere is festive- full of joy and excitement! The Easter tables are set and people merrily rejoice, eat and drink with their family until late at night.

Easter in Sifnos
Easter in Sifnos Island
Easter in Corfu - Tradition
Easter in Corfu - The custom of throwing the ceramic pots

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