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SailChecker has been trading for 12 months  now and not before time we have elected to showcase what we do on our very own facebook fan page.  We hope that you will join in sharing your favorite sailing moments and interact with our growing community.

Our aim

We believe that social media is the future. No longer is it enough to get a great product and service from a brand, we now wish to interact, share and engage with them like a trusted friend.  We want our community to feel welcome at all times. You do not have to be a customer to be very welcome here, we want to encourage everything sailing – from learning new about new destinations, to where the best cocktails in the British Virgin Islands are to be found to the best regatta for a party!

For Better or for worse

The best relationships are for better and for worse. Whilst it’s natural to want to hide from negative experiences, we believe is better to learn from them. Social media will be a way for us to learn and do better.

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