The SailChecker Story

We look at the journey so far and ask – why SailChecker?

You Have Nothing to Lose!

SailChecker was set up when founder, Chris Lait, tried to book a yacht and found the whole market to be fragmented and difficult to search effectively.  There were digital agents and agent who had some access to searches, but no one who was offering the same customer service levels of an old fashioned agent, combined with a search capability that covered the whole market.  Across the agents, standards and options varied wildly from supplier to supplier.

What’s changed?

We now have a range of options that standardise the offering of all the suppliers.  For example, if the charter company does not offer a damage waiver system, we can.  If there is a difference between the provisioning in Marina Alimos in Athens, we can arrange for your victual to be provided. A sailchecker customer can be reassured that we can iron out the variations and weed out poor practice.

Stronger Together

Good practice in an industry breed more good practice, especially when it is publicised. If a customer experiences any issue with an operator, the operator is already aware that we will effectively arbitrate. We therefore see disputes resolved without our involvement, because the operator does not want the public scrutiny that goes with poor practice. The rare occasions we do get involved, we have a 100% record of finding an agreeable solution.

Yacht Charter Evolution.

Compared to other travel sectors, the yacht charter market is still in the early stages of digital development. We soon saw the technological challenges facing the market and saw an opportunity.

Our staff now have access to every yacht on the broker market.  On top of that we have independent suppliers who can offer their boats to you you too.

Other Brokers and Agent

At the time SailChecker gained access to every boat, there were others making similar claims, but there were subtle differences. Most were trying to completely automate the process and remove consultants from the process entirely; something we thought the market was not really looking for.  Often the age of the yacht was not shown (something critical in the buying decision) or payment was required before the yacht had been properly confirmed.

Some companies did react and now supply the age of the boat.  We feel proud that we encouraged others to make the market better for consumers.

SailChecker Go Transparent

From day one, we have displaced the age and location of the boat – now for the first time, we are now revealing the name of the yacht charter operator.  This is a big development for the market.  Most agents carefully guarded the operator details until the deal is binding.

We found two difficulties with this.  First that the deal can’t be properly binding until the customer has seen and agreed the charter contract. This was a flaw in the automated systems.  What if you paid only to find a glaring hole in the charter agreement – we have certainly found a few.  You are straight into a dispute.

The second reason sailchecker chose to break with convention, is that we don’t think that winning business through secrecy is a good thing.  We prefer the idea that we can be transparent and still win your business.

If we cannot persuade the customer of the benefits of using us as an agent, then we should not be winning your business.

So here is where SailChecker.com are Different

We alter from the other booking portals in three important ways:

1. Independent. Unlike the other online systems, the results are not limited to any one supplier or any one database. Humans with market experience guide the process, not computers.

2. Whole Market. We not only deal with the 7 largest yacht Charter Booking platforms, we also have relationships with independent and individual yachts to offer you the widest possible choice and best possible value.

3. Price Promise. It is reasonable to believe that going direct will save you money, but we guarantee it won’t! If you have a quote, we promise to beat it and add value.

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