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The Marketing, Communication and Event Planning (MCEP) internship is designed to provide real-world experience to students pursuing a career in event marketing, planning, and communications.

We are seeking outgoing, young-hearted, go-getters who have a passion for event planning and people relations. The SailChecker internship is a resume builder that enables students to develop strong entrepreneurial skills including problem-solving, timeline management, content creation, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and promotion.

Virtual Programme

The programme lasts anywhere between 4  weeks and 4 months. You can have a look at the module list here. It is designed to teach you the holistic and interconnectedness of digital marketing, from the ethical bribe to content marketing, and from SEO to Pay per Click. You will learn how to create and promote content utilising Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing Techniques. Best of all you will learn what is meant by a unicorn by marketers.

Our Philosophy

We believe that specialist should be generalists too. So that if someone is not around – you can support them. This mutual support not only helps cover operational requirement, it helps breed a culture of support, helpfulness, and comradeship. Once you have a basic grounding in everything, you will be allocated a specialist position, where you will join a sub-team and begin to learn your specialism (phase 2).


Your time completing phase one internship is given in exchange for the training you receive. In certain circumstances, you made receive pay for employable skills you bring with you.

For most, you start earning money in Phase 2. It is usually a mix of paid hours, commission and training time.

At the end of Phase 2, you will be offered a full-time position

Phase 1 – Approximately 40 – 80 hours.

Phase 2 – Approximately 40 – 80 hours.

Frequently Ask Questions.

Perks of the job:

  • Opportunity to travel & participate in flotillas & regattas worldwide
  • Collaborate & communicate with international teams
  • Build your resume & sharpen your marketing skills
  • Gain real-life event management experience

You might be a good fit if…

You are a people’s person. You are the person your friends turn to when they want to know what the plan is for the weekend. You are the leader of the group. You have strong communication skills. You are extremely social and active on social media. YOU.MAKE.IT.HAPPEN. You are an outgoing person with a passion for travel and adventure!

Q. Why SailChecker?

A. We hope that you have done a bit of research on our exciting brand. We offer a holistic internship where all parts of our tech start-up are open for you to learn about. We operate at the very cutting edge of SMM, SEO, SEM (if you don’t know these terms you should!) and have a very special process to deliver ROI.

The internship is slightly flexible in how we arrange it. Depending on your current skills and your own priorities and strengths, we will adopt an appropriate strategy. It might be that you want to focus on the sales funnel or run a project taking advantage of cost price yacht charter. We may ask you to run a social media channel and challenge you to beat what has gone before.

Q. What is expected of me?

A. We do expect you to challenge yourself and those around you. We will ask you to try your best and be prepared to make mistakes and accept criticism – and also be prepared to give your honest views. We will ask you to fill out a calendar of availability and ask you to keep to it. You would be expected to do whatever needs doing outside of your core ours to make your projects as successful as you can. Sending or answering emails, carrying out some research or self-learning may be good examples

Q. How much time do I have to commit?

A. We don’t accept less than 10 hours a week core hours (these are London Office hours (8am – 6pm) and we expect you to spend the same core hours doing stuff unsupervised outside of these times.

Q. Can I use this on My CV?

A. Yes – we would expect this and anyone who works for more than 4 weeks can use their experience and ask for a reference. We would expect you to update your LinkedIn profile from day one.

Q. What do I get at the end of it?

A. There is no formal qualification awarded. Every person is looking for something slightly different. We think the flowing: You must see the reward in the training, coaching and experience you gain to be at least equal or greater than the time investment you will give us.

Q. Is it a paid internship?

A. No – it is unpaid. However, if you project involved any kind of revenue generation fro the company, you will be paid commission.

Q. What happens at the end of the internship?

A. Our internships are open ended. We have 10 modules – once you have completed them you can decide whether to continue – normally on projects to increase your experience.

Q. Is there any job prospects?

A. Yes. However we normally only offer permanent jobs to those beyond their studies. These inside their studies can be offered freelance work, for instance, creating blogs or running competitions. For those interested in a career – we have full-time positions and share options available.

Q. Is there any travel/sailing involved?

A. Yes. If your project needs it, you can travel if you wish. Those that have been with us more than 6 months can get invites to go on free sailing trips, or attend trade shows, etc.

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