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Job Progressions


Three Steps

Step One - Training Acedemy

We offer some free places to candidates who are seeking full time emplyment with us. Anyone accepting a free place would have to agree to not work for a competitor for 12 months

Step Two - Probation

You will be assigned a consultant and you will shaddow and learn form them until you are in a position to have your own

Step Three - Junior Consultant

You've started! Your wages can now be added to by signifcant commission on the advice you give that leads to a charter with us.

Record a Loom


Loom is a free Video Recording App - Please record in around 30 seconds, why you should be considered for the role.

Step One - Understand Loom

Understand Loom. Take a look at the platrom and understand it's purpoose

Step Two - Record

Create a fmabuous video - we are not expecting a masterpeice, and appriciate a prompt response over a perfect one.

Step Three - Upload!

Once you are happy, upload your video to us. Tip: 80% on time is better than 100% late.

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