Why a Yacht Charter in Italy?

With all that Italy has to offer in the way of dreamy landscapes and a sense of rich and vibrant history, it is no wonder it has remained one of the world’s most enduring vacation destinations.

The food is absolutely superb. Italy is both social and romantic, so whether you’re planning to sail with a group of friends or family members, or with your partner, your Italian yacht charter guarantees a vacation that will meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Where to sail?

Italy offers some of the best sailing grounds in the Mediterranean. The lack of natural harbours and the limited numbers of places in the man-made marinas can make it challenging to find a berth during the summer months. However, with careful preparation, a few key words in Italian and a little patience and understanding, the rewards will be well worth it.

The strength of the wind varies greatly depending on the location and time of year. The islands of Sardinia and Sicily tend to enjoy more wind than the Bay of Naples and the Riviera but, in general, there is a lot less during the summer months than other times of the year and yachts tend to have to motor more here than elsewhere in the Mediterranean. However, when the sun shines, and there is a warm, steady breeze, most yachtsmen would feel that the wait had been worth it. In the meantime, the variety of scenery, the fabulous climate, the beautifully clear water and Italian food and wine certainly go some way to make up for the lack of wind!