Chris is veteran in the Yacht Charter industry and founder of; an independent scan of the Yacht Charter, sailing events and holidays. He gives his view on whether you should consider the Flotilla format over a simple Yacht Charter.


Whether your a seasoned sailor, or sailing for the first time, the idea of a flotilla sailing holiday might just suit you. So exactly what is a flotilla and what goes on?

As you might imagine, they come in all shapes and sizes. But typically they are 2 to 10 yachts sailing “in-company”. This has a few advantages:

1. Support. If you are sailing the yacht <> yourself (you don’t have to – skippers/captains are available to hire everywhere), it can be a daunting experience in a new location or for the first trips. Having a “lead-Baat”, with an experienced skipper who knows the water, in invaluable. If you are a captain, or have your own skipper, you are then in the position where you can dip-in or dip-out of proceedings as you wish which does add a layer of flexibility.

2. Ready Made Parties. Because the yachts turn up at the same place each evening, you have a group that you can begin to get to know and relax with. Many companies will rovide optional games and watersports at destinations, others are more genteel providing cocktail parities or barbecues.

This style of yachting is great for those who want a little more comapny and still take advantage of the great opportunities sailing provides. Sheltered anchorages on stunning islands, Authentic brach bars and tavernas accessing places that in some cases would be nigh on imposible by land.


Flotillas are not for everyone, well more accurately, all flotillas are not for everyone and some not at all.

If your not one for partying the night away, or prefer your own company, then a simple yacht charter

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